Andrea Iervolino’s Net Worth: The Investigation! Luxury Lifestyle, Bio & Wiki.


Here we are investigating Andrea Iervolino’s net worth because of its link with Selena Gomez. Since the fans discovered that Andrea is vacationing and dating Selena Gomez, they all want to know about Andrea. 

Andrea Iervolino is a filmmaker, businessman, and entrepreneur. He was born on December 1st, 1987, in Italy, and he released his debut movie in his hometown with the help of local investors. The investors were willing to sponsor the film for small help via crowdfunding. So, what is the worth of his famous Italian filmmakers, who are dating the Salen Gomex and ruling the news?

Who is Andrea Iervolino?

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So much hype about the net worth of the Italian producer and his date, Selena Gomez, So let us dig into him and learn something more about him in detail. Andrea was born in Italy in 1987. Andrea Iervolino got international acclaim because of his marvelous work. So, the luck is with him, and as per the astrologers, he is Sagittarius. So, is it to do with the stars? What is his net worth to him?

Does he have a million dollars of net worth?

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So, Andrea Iervolino is the SalenaGomez travel companion for this year. The Italian film producer is all over the internet because of his link with Gomex and his luxurious life.

Would you like to know the net worth of this famous businessman and the filmmakers? He has made around 69 films, short films, and shows since 2004, per his IMDB.

So, what makes him famous and rich? Eight of his films have hit the cinema in recent years, making notable income at the box office.

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Andrea, From Writer to Filmmaker

It would be best if you were surprised after hearing this that Andres stated he began as the writer in 2020. He added some thought to the various TV shows like Puffins. It is not the end. He also wrote “The Christmas Witch” and “Christmas Thieves.”

So, the famous Italian producer is a writer who mainly focuses on investing in motion pictures but is also a businessman. 

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Unveil the Andrea Net Worth

Andrea Iervolino

He has been serving the industry for two decades, so it might not surprise you that Iervolino, who is just 34 years old, has a notable net worth. At his age, for him, it is a huge achievement. How does he make this notable amount, and what is his net worth?

So, there is no exact figure for this net worth, but as per various sources, the net worth of the famous producer is about 1 to 1.9 million. Per the Net Worth Post, Andrea’s net worth is around 1.3 million. But as per the New Times, it is about 5 million dollars. So, there is not a clear figure for it. 

So, let us take some data from another source, The Ancestry Story. In 2022, the exact amount of the net worth is not clear to the public but is around or above 20 million dollars. Therefore, you can not ignore Andrea because he has made history in the filmmaking world regarding net worth.

So, as per the Comparable, the net salary of executives and co-producers is well above 70,000 dollars. If Iervolino had got the average income on seventy-seven credited productions, Andrea would have made around 6 million dollars from filmmaking alone.

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What More Does He Have to Offer?

The net worth that we have shared with the reader is 2022. But there is much more to come. Many projects are in the pipeline, and his luck is with him. So you can see him becoming more successful and richer in the coming years. 

So here is the sneak peek. William Baldwin and Alec are working on Kid Satna. They have signed Andrea as the producer. So there is much more. The Baldwin brothers have also signed Andrea as the producer for their upcoming project, Magic World.

But there is a big fish on which he is working and will make a considerable amount out of it. Christopher Nolan’s 2000 classic Memento, will work as the producer.

The Quick Round-Up

So, the famous producer is in the news because of Selena Gomez. The 34-year-old filmmaker, writer, and businessman has a notable amount of net worth. Here is a detailed review of him.

  1. The net worth is $850,000.
  2. Date Of Birth: 1987-12-01
  3. Place Of Birth: Italy
  4. His occupation is Film Producer – Businessman-Entrepreneur.
  5. The professions are producer, actor,
  6. residence in Toronto
  7. Nicknames is Andrea Iervolino, Iervolino, Andrea
  8. Years Active is 2002- present
  9. His mother’s name is Sonia Iervolino.
  10. Father is Giovanni Iervolino
  11. His marital status is unmarried.

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