Barksuds Reviews: Does It Offer The Best Spa To Dog?

Barksuds spa Reviews

Are you looking for some spa treats for your dog? If yes, then Barksuds is the name you can trust. But before making an appointment, we advise you to read the Barksuds reviews. So let’s take a closer look at it.

It is an online firm that offers monthly grooming to your fur ball. The cost per month is 45 dollars. There is a membership offer there for regular grooming. They claim to offer you a perfect and relaxing bubble bath. It is easy to get an appointment; all you need to do is visit the website, and all is done.

Indeed many names offer spa and grooming services to your pet. When it comes to the point, you can’t trust any domain name on the Internet. Here is some advice: read the firm’s reviews and then ask for the services. These types of grooming sessions and a trip to the spa are great luxury times for your pet. Modafinil

In barksuds reviews, we will work on the feedback from the buyers. How does this firm work? What are the means to get the application? Choose the best location and much more. Don’t Miss: Zipronty Reviews

About Barksuds 

Barksuds Review

BarkSuds™ was developed so each dog can be relaxed, clean, and comfortable, Particularly the lovable mutt. The vast majority of dogs don’t need fancy cuts or costly treatments. This name is not exactly like a car wash or all-you-can-eat buffet, but BarkSudsTM is an unlimited clean served up with passion and love.

What does it offer?

They offer all of the services on each visit.

The BarkSuds™ Bath S” paw” contains a:

  1. Luxurious bath
  2. Clean ears
  3. Express glands
  4. Teeth brushed
  5. Double towel dry
  6. Manicure
  7. Brush
  8. Blow out and fluff
  9. Anal Expression
  10. Deshedding
  11. Hot Spot Foam

Do they offer any memberships?

Skip this fancy groomer with the top price tag. Rather, join BarkSuds™ UNLIMITED Monthly Grooming Club.

What is the price of the membership?

Get a membership at only $45/mo and come as often as you like!

Can your pet enjoy weekly visits?

BarkSuds™ is ideal for weekly visits. So when you get your hair done, let Rover and Spot get their hair done too!

Do they offer any add-ons?

There is an add-on haircut.

Go ahead and splurge on your furbaby! You can get the BarkSudsTM Bath S’paw PLUS for a small additional cost. All these bonus haircuts and Add-on haircuts are charged per visit.

What exactly is BarkSudsTM Dapper Dog?

You can add the BarkSudsTM Dapper haircut to your visit here. So, spruce up the pup with a new haircut:

  • BarkSuds™ Bath S “paw.”
  • Tushy Trim.
  • Face Trim.
  • Paw Trim.

What is the dapper dog price?

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  • It is $30 for small.
  • $35 for medium.
  • Als o$40 for large.
  • $45 for extra large.

What is BarkSuds™ All-Over-Rover?

Include BarkSudsTM All-Over-Rover in your visit. Keep the baby’s coat how you want it. It is one length all over, with small customizations here and there.

  1. BarkSuds™ Bath S” paw.”
  2. Single Length Full Body Trim
  3. Customize Face & Ears
  4. Customize Tail & Paws

What is the cost of the All-Over-Rover?

  • $55 for small.
  • $65 for medium.
  • $75 for large. 
  • $90 for extra large.

Barksuds Reviews By Customers

Barksuds Reviews Legit Or Scam

There are many reviews from customers on Yelp.

One of the customers stated, “It is not clean, and I am afraid of what the back looks like. The barking is so loud. They should stagger the scheduling so that 8 people don’t show up at once and have to wait outside. “Scheduling is easy, but I’m thinking of canceling.”

Another customer mentioned that “Rich treats his groomers like crap.” Do not support this unprofessional owner.

Dish soap on dogs? Do you think customers know that’s what they are paying money for at a professional groomer? They sell high-end shampoos but will only spend money on them for their customers.

As seen on the bad boss subreddits, this will soon be available on the Bye Bye Job subreddit. “Corporate should take Rich L.’s franchise; what an unprofessional clown.”

We have one more review like, “This place is disgusting! The owner, Rich, treats the staff so poorly”. They don’t allow breaks, cut their pay, and threaten their jobs if they say anything. If your dog gets skin conditions here, it’s because he’s diluted all the products with Dawn dish soap. There will be 60+ dogs packed in at a time. This is dangerous for their safety and health. They are susceptible to kennel cough, parvo, giardia, and other diseases. “Stay far away!”

Here we have found the following points:

  • The reviews are bad.
  • It has a 2-star rating.

All reviews are from the same date, that is, 1/30/23.

Pros and Cons



  • There are many services.
  • It has a variety of pricing.


  • The reviews look fake.
  • The social media handle is not active.

The Final Verdict (Barksuds Reviews)

Here is our final verdict about the firm. As per the barksuds reviews by the customer, it has two stars. People are not happy with the cleanliness of the area. Also, all the reviews are on the same date. How is it possible? There is another flaw. Also, the social media handle for this firm needs to be made active.

Here we advise you to wait for a little and look for more feedback about the firm. The new actor needs time to mark its presence in the sector.