Reviews: Think Twice Before You Order From This Hyped Store

Beambead is a scam website that you should avoid at all costs. It claims to sell it is a clothing store that sells woman clothing, halloween costume, gothic shirts and more at very low prices, but it is actually a fraudulent online store that will either send you counterfeit or inferior products, or nothing at all. Is it true? Let us find this out in the reviews blog post. reviews reviews

Table of contents

  1. What is
  2. Customer Reviews
  3. Pros and Cons
  4. Red Flags
  5. Is Legit

What is presents an array of themed clothing items that cater to various tastes, particularly those who appreciate all things Halloween and gothic. The website showcases clothing items and accessories with designs ranging from ghosts and witches to vintage art and more.

Women’s lace stitching jacket plus size retro long trench coat

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It’s quite concerning to find that the dress on Beambead is listed at $39.9 when you can easily discover similar dresses on AliExpress for a mere $19, coupled with positive reviews. What raises even more suspicion is the fact that the images used by Beambead seem to be directly taken from AliExpress. Moreover, a closer examination reveals that the description and content surrounding this lovely dress appear to have been copied, further eroding the credibility of Beambead as a reliable online shopping destination.

In situations like these, where there’s a stark contrast in prices and evident content duplication, it’s important to exercise caution. Engaging in thorough research and opting for reputable platforms can significantly reduce the risk of falling prey to misleading websites. Always prioritize your security and satisfaction when making online purchases. Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Negative Reviews

I was very disappointed with the service I received at this store. The gothic shrit was if poor quality rude. By Jane

This product is a complete rip-off. It doesn’t work as advertised and the customer service is terrible. By Alice.

Postive Reviews

Wehave not found any positive reviews

No Positive Reviews

The absence of positive reviews and social media validation raises doubts about this brand’s legitimacy. A lack of any positive feedback and a complete absence of social media presence cast a shadow of suspicion on the credibility of this brand. I

t’s crucial to be cautious when encountering such indicators, as they could signal potential scams or untrustworthy businesses. Prioritize brands with genuine customer engagement and a proven track record to ensure a secure and satisfying shopping experience.



  • Unique Halloween-themed fashion.
  • Diverse selection of ghostly and witchy styles.
  • Appealing discounts on various clothing items.


  • Suspiciously generous discounts.
  • Lack of genuine social media presence.
  • Mixed and questionable customer reviews.

Red Flags: Reviews

  1. Recent Domain Creation: The domain for Beambead was registered on October 28, 2022. A short-lived domain registration is often a telltale sign of a scam website designed to trick customers temporarily before vanishing.
  2. Shady Ownership: The company behind Beambead is identified as “beambead!” This entity has a reputation for operating various scam online stores that prey on unsuspecting shoppers.
  3. No Physical Address: Legitimate companies typically provide a physical address for transparency and trust. The absence of a physical address raises suspicion about Beambead’s authenticity.
  4. Lack of Contact Details: Genuine companies usually display a contact number for customer assistance. Beambead opts for only email communication, using as the sole contact method.
  5. Unrealistic Discounts: Beambead flaunts eye-popping discounts and sales promotions, such as items marked down by 50%, 70%, or even 80%. While tempting, such steep discounts are a tactic used by scammers to lure in customers with subpar or counterfeit products.
  6. Content Theft: The website’s content and product images appear to be copied from legitimate sources like Alibaba, Amazon, and AliExpress. This lack of originality and credibility hints at a deceptive intent.
  7. Lacking Social Media Presence: Unlike reputable online stores, Beambead doesn’t engage with customers on social media platforms. This absence of interaction raises concerns about the store’s legitimacy and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  8. Absence of Genuine Feedback: Genuine customer feedback is crucial for establishing trust. However, Beambead lacks authentic testimonials, and complaints from customers include unauthorized charges on credit cards and dissatisfaction with products.
  9. Dubious Shipping and Refund Policies: Beambead’s shipping and refund policies mirror those of other dubious online stores. The lack of reviews regarding shipping and refunds casts doubt on their accuracy and reliability.

Is Legit?

Considering the multitude of red flags discussed above, it’s reasonable to conclude that Beambead is indeed a scam website. The evidence suggests that this platform doesn’t prioritize delivering quality products or services to customers.

Reports from shoppers who’ve dealt with Beambead confirm the scam’s reality. Many customers either received inferior products, incorrect items, or nothing at all. Attempts to seek refunds or assistance were often met with unresponsiveness, highlighting the store’s disregard for customer satisfaction.

What to Do If You’ve Shopped on Beambead

If you’ve fallen victim to Beambead or similar scams, follow these steps to mitigate the damage:

  1. Contact Your Financial Institution: Reach out to your bank or credit card company to cancel the transaction and request a refund. Alert them to the fraudulent site and request future charges to be blocked.
  2. Change Passwords: If you used the same password on multiple accounts, change them immediately to prevent further security breaches.
  3. Beware of Phishing Emails: Delete any emails from Beambead or unknown sources offering deals or refunds. They might contain harmful links or attachments.
  4. Avoid Untrusted Apps: Refrain from installing any apps suggested by Beambead, as they could be infected with malware.
  5. Report the Scam: Report your experience to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with evidence and communication records to help others avoid falling victim to the same scam

Tips for Safe Online Shopping on New Websites

  1. Research website reputation and feedback.
  2. Check for secure “https” connection and padlock symbol.
  3. Read reviews for reliability and quality.
  4. Understand return and refund policies.
  5. Use secure payment methods for protection.
  6. Provide minimal personal info during checkout.