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November 09, 2023
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With an impressive overall score of 82, Because Tees showcases a solid performance. Customers seem content with their purchases, evident from positive reviews across various platforms like Facebook and Trustpilot. The brand’s commitment to environmental causes and unique designs makes it a worthwhile choice for those seeking quality and purpose in their apparel. Considering the positive feedback, exploring Because Tees is highly recommended for a satisfying and conscientious shopping experience.

Brand Info:

  • Brand Name: Because Tees
  • Offering Products: T-shirts
  • Prices: Vary
  • Sale: Up to 50% Off
  • Phone: Not Found
  • E-mail: Not Found
  • Address: Not Found

Trustpilot Score: 68

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  • Trustpilot URL: Trustpilot Link
  • Trustpilot Reviews: 5
  • Trustpilot Rating Level: Average
  • Trustpilot Rating: 3.4
  • Trustpilot is Claimed: Unclaimed
5 Star Reviews
4 Star Reviews
3 Star Reviews
2 Star Reviews
1 Star Reviews

Top 5 Star Review on Trustpilot:

by: Amanda V

“I absolutely love this company! The variety of hoodies, tanks, and tees, along with detailed descriptions, make it easy to choose. The small female-owned business’s commitment to customer satisfaction, free returns, and environmental initiatives is commendable. Highly recommended!”

Top 4 Star Review on Trustpilot:


Not Found

Top 3 Star Review on Trustpilot:


Not Found

Top 2 Star Review on Trustpilot:

by: AP

“Quality is just OK for the price; returns are not free (!) and designs run small/skinny. Fabric not as soft as the pictures look and has no stretch, so doesn’t bounce back from being stretched. The real problem is I’m trying to submit a 3-star review of the product on their website and it won’t let me.”

Top 1 Star Review on Trustpilot:

by: Chris Cullen

“The sizing for the hoodies runs small. The cost to ship and return are high. Not worth the premium pricing associated with the greenwashing, imho.”

Discussing Trustpilot stats, Because Tees has a 3.4 average rating from 5 reviews, with an unclaimed status. The distribution of ratings indicates a mix of positive and negative feedback, showcasing a varied customer experience.

In summary, Because Tees’ Trustpilot page displays a diverse range of reviews, with positive sentiments about product quality, customer service, and environmental initiatives. However, there are concerns raised about sizing, shipping costs, and the perceived value for the price. The brand’s unclaimed status on Trustpilot suggests an opportunity for increased engagement and responsiveness.

Sitejabber Score: 0

BBB Score: 0

Because Tees Red Flags

  • Missing Brand Foundation Date: The absence of information regarding the brand’s establishment date raises concerns about transparency and the brand’s history, potentially indicating a lack of established roots.
  • Unknown Brand Owner: The lack of disclosure about the brand owner adds an element of mystery and may raise questions about accountability and responsibility.
  • Instagram Data Unavailable: No information on Instagram, including name, posts, followers, and following, makes it difficult to assess the brand’s social media presence and engagement with customers.
  • Lack of Trustpilot Four-Star and Three-Star Reviews: The absence of reviews in the four-star and three-star categories on Trustpilot may suggest a limited spectrum of customer experiences, potentially signaling a lack of balanced feedback.
  • Sitejabber and BBB Information Not Found: The inability to find Sitejabber and Better Business Bureau (BBB) details raises concerns about the brand’s external credibility and customer feedback on independent review platforms.
  • Overall Unavailability of Red Flags: The accumulation of missing data points across various platforms indicates a lack of comprehensive information, making it challenging for customers to make informed decisions about the brand’s legitimacy and reliability.

Considering these red flags, potential customers should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with Because Tees. The lack of key information raises uncertainties about the brand’s credibility and may impact the overall trustworthiness of the shopping experience.

Final Thoughts

Based on the available data and the notable absence of key information like the brand’s foundation date, owner details, and social media engagement metrics, there are potential red flags that raise concerns about the legitimacy of Because Tees. It is advisable for consumers to approach with caution and conduct further research before making any purchases.

Tips for Secure Online Shopping on New Websites

  • Research the Website: Before making a purchase, thoroughly investigate the new website’s background, reviews, and customer feedback.
  • Check for Security Measures: Ensure the website has secure payment options, indicated by “https://” in the URL and a padlock icon in the address bar.
  • Review Privacy Policies: Understand the website’s privacy policies regarding personal information and payment details.
  • Look for Contact Information: Legitimate websites provide clear contact information, including an address and customer support details.
  • Verify Customer Reviews: Check for genuine customer reviews on various platforms to gauge the credibility of the website.
  • Use Secure Payment Methods: Opt for secure payment options like credit cards or reputable payment gateways to protect your financial information.
  • Monitor Your Accounts: Regularly check your bank and credit card statements for any unauthorized transactions after making a purchase.

If you have experience with Because Tees, please share it below to help other shoppers make informed decisions.