Bellelily Reviews: The Untold Truth About Bellelliy

Bellelily Reviews

You might have seen various budget fashion sites on the internet. Indeed, pocket-friendly online shopping is the best form of retail therapy. But sometimes, this retail therapy backfires on you. Why is that so? You bought the fake brand and ruined all your hard-earned money. So, online shopping makes it a little tricky for users to exchange or return items. Sometimes it costs you more than the actual item. So what do you do in such cases? Reading reviews about the specific brand and what users say about it is vital. So, today we are going to review the Bellelily.

Bellelily is an American-based store, but some people say it is China-based. As per their website, it deals with women’s dresses and accessories. The name tries to cover each fashion need of today’s lady at the best rate. On this platform, you can find everything from party dresses to casual tops, from shoes to accessories.

But is this brand legit or just another scam? Today on this blog, we will review this item in great depth. Here we will study the user reviews, prices, and much more.

About Bellelily

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It is an online store that deals with the fashion needs of today’s women. Here you can find your favorite tops, dresses, and much more at the best prices. What makes people buy from this website is its alluring rates. This brand claims that its trendy designs, best prints, and quality products make them the best among others in the sector.

The motto of their brand is women’s empowerment. They focus on making something that reflects the true power of women. This brand mainly focuses on quality, prints, and prices. Many brands sell quality items, but their prices are far too high.

Another quality of the brand is that it focuses on nature. They try to use stuff that does not cause any harm to nature and the environment. Besides that, they focus on shipping and delivery. Per their team, they do not want their buyers to wait for ages to get the items. They usually ship the item within two business days after receiving confirmation. As per their team, they keep the buyers in the loop about the shipping delivery.

So, this brand has so much to offer you, but is it all true or just a game of words? So let us dig into it and find out more about this brand.

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Items at Bellelily

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As the brand claims, it offers the best and the most amazing variety of women’s clothing. It covers every corner of their fashion needs. 


Whether you want a dress for the summer or a fancy dress for the party, they have it. They have a summer collection and a huge range of winter attire. You can find sweatshirts, hoodies, and much more on their brand site.


Many fashion brands ignore a woman’s swimwear to look trendy. So, this brand offers beautiful swimwear to its buyers.

Sleepwear and lingerie

They have a separate section for sleepwear and lingerie where you can find comfortable yet sexy items. Are you searching for matching outfits or two pieces? If so, can you rely on this label? 

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Maternity Clothing

Many online fashion brands ignore the most valuable section of women’s attire: maternity clothing. Today, women like to look good and be comfortable in their clothing.

Plus Sizes

They make shopping easy for women with plus-sized bodies. You can find the plus-size section on their website, where they display a stunning clothing range.

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So, these brands focus on notable occasions and events and customize the tees and dresses per tit. You can find anything in the Halloween theme, from your tees to the bottom.

Shoes and accessories

Bellelily Reviews4

No look is complete without the right accessories and shoes. Why look for another website for it? It has covered all your fashion needs. So, pick the right one from their shoe collection and complete your look with the best price. 

Bellelily Reviews: What are buyers saying?

Bellelily Reviews legit or scam

You might be planning to buy this brand, but before that, we advise you to read the buyer’s reviews.

User Feedback on the Website and Social Handle

This brand has no reviews from users on its official website or Instagram.

Feedback on the Site Jabber

Happy Buyers

Here are the reviews from the happy buyers. “Every item in my order (5 shirts + 2 bracelets) is amazing and is good quality. “Shipping was fast (order came six days after I ordered)!.”

Another buyer stated, “The most artistic styles around.” But the larger sizes do not consider what makes a woman larger; they need to be longer to account for the hike up from additional body mass. I ordered three dresses. They were nice, a bit shorter than I had hoped. “

Unhappy buyers

Some buyers are not happy with their services. She complained about the quality of the dresses. So she states that “It took over a month for my items to arrive.” “They sent me incorrect items in the wrong size and print. Other screen prints were blurry. The maxi dress looked like something made in a high school home.

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Feedback on Trust Pilot

Unhappy Buyers

One of the users stated that it is an awful firm. The sizes of their clothes were not right. 

Another buyer mentioned that they have Poor Customer Service.

He dared the sunhat, and it came with a hole. The buyer asked them to return it and refund it. The brand asked her to get it fixed and offered her a discount! She refused and requested to return the item, but they. They refused.

Happy buyers

There are good reviews for this product on Trust Pilot, but not many. 

One of the buyers stated, “I have a swimsuit and earrings. The Swimsuit was exactly as pictured and fit true to size medium.

Feedback on Resell Rating

There is not great feedback from the users on this website. One of the buyers mentioned that “Just Don’t Do It!“I ordered 11 items that cost me over $200. I only got four correct items, and I have no idea where the other seven random items came from or why they even sent them to me. “



  • Cover all the fashion needs of the women
  • Offer the plus sizes
  • It has a maternity clothing section
  • Separate section for shoes and accessories
  • There are great discounts on the items


  • The prices are a little high as compared to other online clothing stores


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Is Bellelily a Chinese brand?

The ‘Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co. Ltd’ is registered by this firm. This firm is in Chengdu, China. It presents the idea that it is an American brand with USD prices.

What shipping methods do they offer?

  1. Standard Shipping
  2. Expedited Shipping

Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, they offer free standard shipping on orders over US$119.

Do they offer free return shipping?

No, customers need to pay the fee.

Do they offer a refund or exchange?

Yes, they do; you can email them an image of the item within seven days of receiving it.

Is there any discount?

  1. They offer 5% discounts to students.
  2. Ten percent discount on the order of 99 dollars or more.
  3. Twenty percent discount on orders of 149 dollars or more.
  4. Use Code FALL for discounts.

Which sizes do they offer?

You’ll find the size ranges from small to XL.

Are they selling the dresses at a low rate?

We have come up with the dress rates with items on Shien. The dress on the Bellelily is 13.59 dollars after a discount, and the same dress on the Shien is 9 dollars after a discount.