Bouncing Angels Reviews: Is It Bounce You Down Or Up?

Bouncing Angels Reviews

Whether you are a kid or an adult, no one can stop you from stepping on the bouncers and moonwalking. Today each of your neighbors has one bouncer, inflatable items, and others at their homes. These are the items that offer a new experience to the user. Do you want to order one? Indeed online shipping has made life easy, and Bouncing Angels are the name that can give life to your dream by offering the best bouncers near you.

But is it nice or just a scam? Is this brand reliable or not? So are they offering quality items to the customer or not? These are queries that make the customer think twice before buying. We have your back, man! Why is it so? We have conducted a detailed survey about the bouncing angels reviews. And Also Check: Reviews

About Bouncing Angels

It is the sector leading maker of the following:

  • inflatable branding items
  • inflate combo unit
  • inflatable water slides
  • moonwalks
  • bouncers
  • inflatables
  • more

Bouncing Angles, Inc claims that making money is not easy and Fun. If you are running a business, you know that the profits rely on the durability and quality of the jumpers. Don’t Miss: Pickleroll Reviews. As per the firm, they use the top-quality material in the making of the inflatables, which consist of:

  • PVC-covered vinyl stuff
  •  heavy-duty nylon yard
  •  reinforced rainbow windows (netting) ) on sides to offer:
  •  safe, high-performance
  • Long-lasting inflatables –around 3 1/2 years more than other makers! 

So they also think that if you are part of starting the party rental, their firm is here to help you in each step to get noble profit from it. As per the firm, customer reviews and satisfaction make them the best maker in the town.

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Is Bouncing Angel Legit or not?

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 If you have kids at home or are arranging a birthday party, you must require the bouncers and another inflatable. It is the perfect pick for poolside parties, but you cannot trust anyone when it comes to bouncers and other items. If you are planning to get one for your business or kids, you must know more about his website. Here are the bouncing angels reviews that will help you decide whether the site is legit or not or can you trust this name. Don’t Miss: Keiaght Reviews

Product quality

This website has many good reviews from customers. On their website, you can read it. It is the name that has a Facebook profile with great comments.


Their rates are a little high, but the quality they offer to the customer is commendable. The customer reviews and the great feedback from the users,  makes most of the potential client get one. You May Also Like: Lostloots.Com Reviews

Website Quality

 If you see the rating of this website on the Smart Reviews, it has 4.5 scores out of 5, which is quite good. 

  • 4 points for Reviews
  • 5 for Social
  • 4 for Featured
  • 4.5 for Technical

We have found that this name has SSL, which means secure socket layers. It shows that this brand handles data, like

  • personal info
  • your credit card details with a secure link

The domain’s age of the domain is 2 years plus older, which might indicate that it is a reliable name with a remarkable user base and expertise in this sector. Don’t Forget: Lawrden Reviews

Social Handle

Bouncing angels has FacebookInstagram, and YouTube handle. On their YouTube channels, they upload videos about their items to make their customers learn about them. So it is the perfect medium to connect with the customers and let them know what is happening behind the scenes.


This firm has more than 25 years of experience, but on its website, the founder’s name is not mentioned

Contact and Address:  9242 Hyssop Dr.Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730

Toll-Free: (866) 558-6737

Telephone: (626) 969-5533

Fax: (626) 969-5854

We have countered-checked this address and found that this is a real brand with an authentic store. It also has its presence on the YELP. See More: Bellenten Reviews

Shipping And Refund

There is no separate section for the shipping and return policy. But you need to pay the shipping once the brand confirms the order by contacting you.

Customer Bouncing Angels Reviews

You can read the client feedback on bouncing angels in the website’s testimonial section. Facebook and Instagram have good feedback from the client. The brand has great views on YELP too. 

Promotions and Discounts

Currently, no Discounts and promotions are running.



  • Have secured website
  • keep the data of the client secure
  • quality website
  • good customer reviews
  • have engaging social handles
  • YouTube channel to educate the buyers
  • SSL certified
  • This site has existed for 3 years
  • The YouTube channel found a large audience


  • brand not present on Wikipedia
  • Pinterest profile not found
  • the LinkedIn profile was not found
  • Also, Twitter profile was not found
  • rates are high


As per our bouncing angel reviews, this website is legit but we advise you to be careful when ordering online. It has many pros and positive reviews from customers. This website has an engaging social media handle that makes it an authentic website