Charix Shoes Reviews: Is It The Best Brand For Shoes?

Charix women Shoes Reviews

Are you looking forward to getting some stuff from the charix shoes store? If so, then you need to read the charix shoes reviews first. Indeed, this one-word name is getting hype on the internet, but not all that glitters are gold. It will help if you look for various aspects of online shopping. In this blog, we have covered each point of the website.

What is all the hype about? It is an online footwear site with many mules and classics. Also, the design of the website looks professional and user-friendly. The best part about this site is its separate sections for each category.

There are many stores from which you can buy shoes. Remember, only some stores are plentiful. You need to pick a store with excellent ratings and good customer feedback. There are many things to look for. It would be best if you searched for customer feedback about the brands. What rating does it have on Google? Does this store have excellent customer care services? What are the return policies? Are they offering any exchanges? These are the points that help you decide about the brand. 

In the charix shoes reviews, we will work on “do we recommend this band to you?” Can you trust the reviews from the buyers? Is the customer feedback legit or not?

What Are The Features Of An Online Shop?

Charix comfortable Shoes Reviews

So, what are the primary features of online shopping? What brand should be looking for while launching their website? Here are the top points that might help you.

The Must-Have Features For A Successful Online Store

  1. Detailed Product Description. 
  2. Product Customisation. 
  3. Cross-selling. 
  4. Promotions. 
  5. Social Marketing. 
  6. Payment System. 
  7. Integrated Shipping Solution. 
  8. Speed and Storage.

So, what about the new, hyped store? Are they following the point mentioned above? Each feature of online shopping plays a vital role in the brand’s legitimacy. So, what about the charix shoes? We will find out about it in a charix shoes reviews.

What Are The Ways To Spot Fake Websites?

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No now oyu ahve leanred what need to be thetop featuer of an online hop. The query is: how do you spot a fake site? Is there any hard-and-fast rule for it? So we’ve made your life easy by mentioning the top points. the following are the maximum mean by which you can spot whether the charix shoes is the store legit or not.

The Top Ways to Spot a Fake Website

  1. Check the domain name closely.
  2. Look for a padlock symbol.
  3. Use a website checker or safe browsing tools.
  4. Look for poor spelling, design issues, and other red flags.
  5. Check the domain’s age.
  6. Beware of deals that seem too good to be true.
  7. Look for user reviews and check for reports of scams.

These are the points that might help you make up your mind about the charix shoes Store. Now let us look at the charix shoe ads and decide on the brand.

Best Items On Amazon

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MUSSHOE Mules for Women Flats Comfortable Pointed Toe Women Mules
UIN Women's Mules Fashion Comfort Travel Art Painted Shoes Wide Toe Casual Slippers Slip On Loafers Malaga
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Skechers Sport Women's D'Lites Slip-On Mule Sneaker
Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites Slip-On Mule Sneaker

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About Charix Shoes 

Charix Shoes Reviews Legit or Scam

It is the talk of the town, and this online shoe store is all over social media and the internet. So. We have studied this tremendous online footwear store with the most valuable pieces! They contain everything one requires and offer consumers a great buying experience by delivering great shipping and other policies. 

Also, each piece has the complete info under its photos. Here, one will learn viatical details about the products. Now let’s move on to the rates. Their prices are unbeatable—never miss out on amazing deals! Is it too good to be true? We will find it out in the charix shoe reviews.

The best part is that they have shared their story with the buyers. Their journey started when they spotted the original pair of Charix tucked away in a shop in the old city of Istanbul. So, that was love at first sight for their eye-catching fashion, and they evolved into an everyday choice for comfort. Charix became their go-to place for every type of adventure, from the metropolis to the beach and the globe. Friends always ask: can you bring them a pair next time they visit? Well, they got the message! Now they want to share Charix with the globe. 


Charix mules Shoes Reviews

Where are charix shoes made?

Istanbul by Charix Atelier.

Their shoes are made at the Charix atelier in Istanbul with the care and love of their artisans. Their atelier is equipped with modern tools, skilled hands, and an abundance of creativity.

Is Charix comfortable?

Charix shoes are exceptionally comfortable for long working, traveling, or walking hours. Carry them with style and comfort from day to night, from drinks or meetings, city to seaside.

Who is the founder of Charix?

Thompson: It was Suley Ozbey, founder and president of Charix Shoes in Washington, D.C., importing the handcrafted slippers and shoes created in the newly identified land of Turkiye.

What is the shipping fee?

Free Shipping Both Ways.

How to contact them?


Charix Shoes Reviews By Customers

Here are the detailed reviews from the buyers on their official website. So let’s have a look at them.

“Lovely shoes

Lovely shoes, as comfortable as they are beautiful. Also, excellent customer service. I had problems with the PO tracking number when I returned the first pair for a size exchange. Instead of making me wait, they immediately sent my new team out. Overall a great experience.


Seriously! I felt like we were old friends when I stepped into my brand-new shoes. No pain, just comfort. With soft padding in the soles, I walk softly with no heel pain, pinching, slipping, tightness, or any of the many shoe issues. No socks, just sophisticated comfort. OMG! I’m saving up to buy more because I NEVER want to be without these shoes. The service & communication throughout my transaction was above & beyond professional. 

The Reviews on Facebook

Laurie Fleisher recommends Charix Shoes.

“They are so comfortable right out of the box! It is incredibly well-made and simply beautiful. The leather is buttery, and the shoe feels like you are walking on a cloud!! I am on my feet all day, 14 hours, and my feet feel great at the end of the day. I love them! It has fantastic customer service.

Judy Benson recommends Charix Shoes.

 These shoes are fabulous; they fit my foot like a soft glove. No break-in is required. Customer service is top-notch. I will be back for more.”

Pros and Cons



  • Great designs of shoes.
  • Great shipping and return policy.
  • There is excellent feedback from the buyers.
  • The details data about the owner f the brand.


  • We have not found any.

The Final Verdict(Charix Shoes Reviews)

Are you trying to find the ideal place for mules and classic shoes? We understand it can be tricky with all the alternatives available today. The research is critical, and we urge you to take a moment to look at Charix shoe reviews before making your final call! This brand has many great user comments on the official website and Facebook. 

There is a lot of detail about the brand’s owner and founder; one can read the full story on the website. Is this website secure? Yes, it is secure. So do we recommend this shoe website to you? Of course, we do recommend it to you.