Coluckor Bra Reviews: Does It Offers What It Claims? Read Before You Buy

The Coluckor bra is a strapless, seamless, and invisible bra that offers maximum push-up support and a natural-looking appearance. It is made of nylon and has removable pads and a wire-free design. But is it true to its claims? Let us find this out in the coluckor bra reviews blog post.

coluckor bra reviews
coluckor bra reviews

What is Coluckor Bra

Coluckor is a brand that sells various articles like pants, skirts, bras, and more. But their bras are getting hype on the internet because of their claims. In this coluckor bra reviews blog post we will focus on its bra section.

Ice Silk Non-slip Tube Top Bra: The Truth

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The “Ice Silk Non-slip Tube Top Bra” is a type of bra designed to provide support and comfort while also offering specific features. Here are some key characteristics and benefits typically associated with this type of bra:

  • Tube top design (strapless)
  • Made from ice silk material for breathability
  • Non-slip grip lining to prevent shifting
  • Provides push-up support
  • Removable pads for customization
  • Wire-free for comfort
  • Adjustable fit with front and back buckles
  • Seamless and invisible under clothing
  • Available in various sizes
  • Easy care: Hand wash cold, hang dry

Points to Consider

Price Discrepancy: The same Ice Silk Non-slip Tube Top Bra is priced at $27.99 USD on Coluckor but is available for $17 on Walmart after a discount. This raises questions about the pricing and whether there might be something unusual or potentially misleading about the Coluckor price.

 Coluckor Bra Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Positive reviews:

I love this bra! It’s so comfortable and supportive, and it’s perfect for wearing with low-cut or backless tops. By Lucy.

I was skeptical at first, but this bra is actually really good! It’s not as supportive as my wired bras, but it’s still comfortable to wear all day long. Alex.

Negative reviews:

The bra is not as invisible as I thought it would be. I can see the seams under my clothes. By Jennifer.

The bra is not as supportive as I need it to be. I would not recommend it for larger bust sizes. By Alice.

The bra is not very durable. The straps started to come undone after a few wears.By Diana.



  • None


  • New and unproven brand.
  • Limited sizing options.
  • Low trust index.

Red Flags: Coluckor Bra Reviews

All red flags that suggest that is a scam website, and so are their bras.

  • The price of the Ice Silk Non-slip Tube Top Bra on is significantly lower than the price on Walmart. This is often a sign of a scam, as scammers often offer products at prices that are too good to be true.
  • The website was only registered in February 2023 and will expire in February 2024. This is a very short lifespan for a website, which is another red flag.
  • has no social media presence and no reviews. This is unusual for a legitimate website, as most businesses have a presence on social media and solicit reviews from their customers.
  • The scam advisor website ScamAdviser has tagged as a fake website due to its low trust index.

Coluckor Bra VS  DotVol Women’s Underwire Bralette Non Padded Bandeau Tube Top Multiway Bra

FeatureColuckor BraDotVol Women’s Underwire Bralette
MaterialIce silkNylon, spandex
ClosureBack hook and eyeFront hook and eye
CoverageFull coverageMedium coverage
ComfortSoft and stretchyFirm and supportive

Here is a table summarizing the pros and cons of each bra:

Coluckor BraSoft and stretchy, multiway, affordableNot as supportive as underwired bras
DotVol Women’s Underwire BraletteFirm and supportive, underwire, affordableNot as comfortable as wireless bras

Is Coluckor Bra Right For You

In summary, whether the Coluckor bra is right for you depends on your individual preferences, needs, and willingness to take the risks associated with a relatively new and possibly unverified brand.

It’s important to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and consider your comfort, support, and budget requirements when making your decision. But do consider the red flags before making any decision.