Entherg.com Reviews: Are You Planning To Buy Dresses?

Entherg.com Reviews

The gorgeous dresses on entherg.com make you buy one for yourself and another for your BFF. Before placing the order, we advise you to read the Entherg.com reviews written by us. It is an online store that deals with women’s wear. The main focus of this brand is to offer women a lovely collection of dresses at the best rates. It has a huge variety of long, short, and medium-length dresses for every woman. The dress has a separate section for the summer. So they have a complete collection for women to look gorgeous in summer.

But the main query is: Can you buy from any random store? Remember, many fake websites claim to offer consumers high-quality things at cheap rates. All glitter is not gold. There are many things that you need to consider before placing the order.

In this review, we have tried to cover each aspect of the brand. We will listen to customer feedback and read the shipping and return policies. So let us dive into the details and find out about this website, whether legit or not.

What are the things that you need to remember while shopping online?

Indeed, online shopping offers many benefits, but it is best to be safe. While buying anything online or trying a new brand, we advise you to follow the tips below.

Here are the top 6 Things To Remember When You are shopping Online

  1. Always Examine Item details. You are making a grave mistake if you are not reading the item detail. 
  2. Always check the Shipping Costs. 
  3. Compare rates of Similar things. 
  4. Read article Reviews.
  5. Understand the Rights. 
  6. Be Wary of Frauds and scams.

So, now you have the list to determine whether the website is legit. Now, can you trust this brand or the website? Let us look closely at it while keeping these points in mind.

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About Entherg.com 

Entherg.com Reviews1

When we viewed the website, it had many things and separate sections for each category. As per the website’s appearance, it looks great, but all that glitters is not gold. This online store has a separate section for “about us.” Let us take a look at its About Us section.

Under the “About Us” section, they mention that they love each other’s interests and passions on earth at this stage. Why is that so? It is because they refer to the uniqueness of each of the buyers. So it is the brand’s motto and has become the business’s core. They are trying to offer each woman the piece she wants.

This board understands that each of the buyers wants something unique and customized. They want to shine among the others in the gathering. This store has an exclusive collection of dresses and slippers. This store further added that they had covered their bases with highly professional production houses and suppliers they keep in touch with. They help them to complete their selection processes.

It never mattered who you were, what you were doing, or where you were; this store wanted to offer you a bespoke item that helped buyers express themselves.

There is one thing that we can tell they copied the “about us” section from the other fake website that we reviewed earlier.

Summer Dresses at Entherg.com 

This store has a separate section for summer dresses. They have a lovely variety of dresses. Let us have a look at them.

  1. Summer Dress Women Vintage Dress Casual Polka Dot Print A-Line Party Dresses Sexy V-neck Short Sleeve Long Dress Fashion. The price of the dress is$25
  2. Women Summer Ruffles Cut Out Design Leopard Print Dress Elegant Fashion V-neck Ruffle Party Mini Dress Ladies Holiday Beach and the price of the dress is $23
  3. 2022 New Sexy Backless Dress Women Multiway Wrap Convertible Boho Maxi Club Dress Bandage Dress Party Bridesmaids Infinity Femme and the price is $32.

This site also has a separate section for the plus size women. They have tried to cover each body shape and offer exclusive pieces.

If you plan to buy from this site, please read the next section to learn about discounts, shipping, and return policies. We have also missed the deferred payment.


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Entherg.com Reviews2

Is there a discount?

Yes, there is a great discount on the dresses.

What is their return policy?

There is 14 days return policy.

Do they offer free shipping?

They are offering free worldwide shipping.

How do they help nature?

It is carbon neutral.

Is it a U.S.-based brand?

There is no data about it.

How do you contact them?


Which items you CANNOT return?

Custom-ordered and personalized items never have a right to fourteen days refunds.

Do they offer a free return?

They are offering free returns.

What is their mode of payment?

They are offering up to 12 months in installments.

You can pay via:

  • VISA
  • MORE

Entherg.com reviews: What are buyers saying about it?

Entherg.com Reviews legit or scam

We cannot find any feedback from the buyers on their official website. This store has a Facebook page, but there are no reviews from buyers. On websites like SiteJabber and Trust Pilot, there is no customer feedback.

Pros and Cons



  • They are offering free return
  • Entherg has plus sizes of dresses
  • They are offering a 14-day return policy.


  • They are offering free worldwide shipping,
  • There is no feedback from the buyers.

The Final Verdict

We have tried to cover all aspects of our website and brand. We have determined that this store is not legitimate. The shipping policy is too good to be true. No one will have to pay any shipping charges. There is no feedback from the band on their official website or any other place. Also, they copied their “about us” page from any other fake website.