Fiercepulse Leggings Reviews: Is Fiercepulse Leggings Legit? Must Read

fiercepulse leggings reviews

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October 10, 2023
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With an overall score of 72, FIERCEPULSE receives an average rating. Customers seem to have mixed experiences with their purchases. Some find the brand’s products satisfying, while others have expressed concerns. If you’re considering FIERCEPULSE, it might be worth exploring further and reading both positive and negative reviews to make an informed decision about trying this brand.

Brand Info:

  • Brand Name: Fiercepulse leggings
  • Offering Products: Leggings, Tops, Shorts, Swimwear, Accessories
  • Prices: Leggings and other products are priced at $88.99 (sale price)
  • Sale: 20% back on the first order during the spooky season
  • Brand Owner: Not Found
  • Established in: Not Found
  • Phone: (561) 569-8377
  • E-mail:
  • Address: Not Found

Trustpilot Score: 84

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  • Trustpilot URL: Trustpilot Link
  • Trustpilot Reviews: 21
  • Trustpilot Rating Level: Great
  • Trustpilot Rating: 4.2
  • Trustpilot is Claimed: Claimed
5 Star Reviews
4 Star Reviews
3 Star Reviews
2 Star Reviews
1 Star Reviews

Top 5 Star Review on Trustpilot:

by: Sean Bailey

Not Found

Top 4 Star Review on Trustpilot:

by: Agnes O

Agnes O was happy with the optical illusion tights she purchased, noting the stretchiness and quality. However, she mentioned a slight loss in color intensity when worn and brought up currency exchange considerations, but overall recommended the product.

Top 3 Star Review on Trustpilot:

by: Erika Surma

Erika Surma appreciated FIERCEPULSE’s marketing efforts and fun designs but criticized the thin material of the leggings. She compared them to other brands and found them lacking, especially for the price point.

Top 2 Star Review on Trustpilot:

by: Decca Potter

Decca Potter found the leggings comfortable but criticized their transparency and complicated return process. She was disappointed in the quality and the strict exchange-only policy.

Top 1 Star Review on Trustpilot:

by: Sio

Sio believed that while FIERCEPULSE had attractive designs, the brand couldn’t match the quality of other renowned activewear brands.

FIERCEPULSE’s Trustpilot page showcases mixed reviews from its customers. While some praise the brand for its designs and comfort, others raise concerns about material quality and the brand’s return policy. The 4.2 “Great” rating indicates a generally positive reception, but the feedback suggests there are areas for improvement.

In summary, FIERCEPULSE’s Trustpilot profile highlights the brand’s strengths in design and fit but also underscores challenges related to product quality and customer service. The diverse feedback provides a comprehensive perspective for potential buyers and the brand itself to consider.

Sitejabber Score: 0

BBB Score: 0

Fiercepulse Leggings Red Signals

  • No Facebook Ratings or Reviews: The absence of Facebook ratings and reviews can be a red flag as it limits the ability to gauge customer satisfaction and the brand’s online reputation on this popular platform.
  • No Instagram Presence: The lack of an Instagram presence, including name, posts, followers, and following, raises concerns about the brand’s visibility and engagement with customers on a platform widely used for fashion and lifestyle brands.
  • No Sitejabber Information: The absence of Sitejabber data, including reviews, ratings, and claimed status, hinders the ability to access independent customer feedback and evaluate the brand’s reputation.
  • No BBB (Better Business Bureau) Information: The lack of BBB data, including ratings, reviews, and claimed status, makes it difficult to assess the brand’s trustworthiness and commitment to resolving customer issues through official channels.

These red flags, along with the missing information, may raise concerns about the transparency and credibility of the FIERCEPULSE leggings brand. It’s important for potential customers to exercise caution and conduct further research before making a purchase decision.

Final Thoughts

Based on the available data and the numerous missing details, it’s advisable to exercise caution when considering FIERCEPULSE leggings. The lack of essential information raises questions about the brand’s legitimacy, and further research may be needed to make an informed decision.

Tips for Secure Online Shopping on New Websites

  • Research the Website: Before making a purchase, thoroughly research the new website. Look for customer reviews, ratings, and any available contact information to verify its legitimacy.
  • Check for Secure Connections: Ensure that the website uses secure and encrypted connections. Look for “https://” in the URL and a padlock symbol in the address bar.
  • Read Return and Refund Policies: Familiarize yourself with the website’s return and refund policies. Ensure they are reasonable and offer protection in case of any issues with your order.
  • Use Trusted Payment Methods: Opt for trusted and secure payment methods, such as credit cards or reputable online payment services, which offer buyer protection in case of disputes.
  • Beware of Too-Good-to-Be-True Deals: Be cautious of websites offering extremely low prices or deals that seem too good to be true. These can be indicators of potential scams.
  • Check Contact Information: Verify that the website provides valid contact information, including a physical address and customer support email or phone number.
  • Avoid Sharing Excessive Personal Information: Be cautious when sharing personal information. Only provide necessary details for your purchase, and avoid websites that request excessive data.
  • Keep Software Updated: Ensure your computer or device’s operating system, browser, and antivirus software are up to date to protect against security vulnerabilities.
  • Monitor Your Accounts: Regularly review your bank and credit card statements for any unauthorized transactions, and report any suspicious activity immediately.

If you have experience with FIERCEPULSE leggings, please share it below to help others make informed decisions.