Flaxmaker Reviews: Read Before You Buy Their Swimsuits

Flaxmaker appears to be a brand that offers a variety of swimwear, clothing, and accessories. This store has many reviews on Reddit. But do we suggest it to you? Let us find this out in the flaxmaker reviews.

flaxmaker reviews
flaxmaker reviews

Table of contents

  1. What is Flaxmaker
  2. Customer Reviews
  3. Pros and Cons
  4. Is Flaxmaker legit

What is Flaxmaker

It is a women’s clothing brand that sells swimsuits, dresses, and much more. They offer a range of products, from one-piece swimsuits to bikinis, cover-ups, and dresses, with various designs, colors, and styles available.

Vintage Green Belt One Piece Swimsuit and Sarong by Flaxmaker

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flzxmaker swimsuit
flaxmaker swimsuit

The swimsuit features a vintage-inspired design with a charming green belt accent that adds a touch of elegance. The accompanying sarong complements the swimsuit perfectly, making it ideal for both lounging by the pool and strolling along the shoreline.

Customer Reviews:

immatravel82: Rated 5/5 “Very pretty and looks exactly like the picture. If you are thinking of buying, you should.Source.

olipope44: Rated 5/5 “Really good material. Very supportive. Double lined. carmelladomingo: Rated 5/5

There swimming suits are very good. I have bought two of them. Very happy. By Diana. Source.

Flaxmaker Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Positive Reviews

Their swimming suits are perfect. I have bought two of them. Very happy. By Diana. Source.

Negative Reviews

My girl ordered off this site, the stuff they sent looks nothing like the photos. The quality looks like a 3 year old made it. Everything is stitched crooked, cut crooked. It looks awful. They wrote all over the packaging if she wears it and posts on social it they’ll mail her $5 cash. Unethical business they’re buying customers. By Ad Creative. Source.

Reddit Discussion

Responses from the Reddit community unveiled a range of insights. One user, under the moniker Chazzyphant, provided an intriguing perspective.

They suspected that Flaxmaker might be a drop shipper, citing the use of certain terms like “hollow out” and “vintage” that often raise eyebrows in the world of online shopping. So, the user’s insight suggested a potential misalignment between marketed images and the actual delivered products.

Another user, priuspower91, expressed gratitude for Chazzyphant’s input. They acknowledged the value of being wary of descriptive language and found the tip about spotting “hollow out” quite enlightening.



  • Enhanced bust support
  • Smoother silhouette
  • Adjustable multiway straps
  • Posture improvement
  • Deep cup for smooth look


  • Limited customer reviews
  • Sizing concerns
  • Discount pricing caution

Is Flaxmaker Legit: Flaxmaker Reviews

Flaxmaker appears to be a legitimate brand. Here’s an elaboration of the points you mentioned:

  1. Registration Information: Flaxmaker is a registered brand, with its registration dating back to May 23, 2020. So this indicates that it is a legally recognized entity, and its registration status adds a level of credibility to the brand.
  2. Expiration Date: The fact that the brand’s registration is set to expire on May 23, 2025, suggests that it is a long-term commitment. Legitimate businesses typically have plans for continued operation, and having a future expiration date supports the notion of ongoing legitimacy.
  3. Active Social Media Presence: An active presence on social media platforms can positively indicate a legitimate brand. If Flaxmaker maintains active social media accounts, engages with customers, and provides updates about its products and promotions, it further adds to its legitimacy.
  4. Positive Reviews: Positive reviews from customers are a strong indicator of a legitimate brand. If Flaxmaker has garnered positive feedback regarding its products, quality, and customer service, it’s a good sign that they deliver on their promises and meet customer expectations.
  5. Reddit Discussions: The fact that there are discussions about Flaxmaker on Reddit can provide additional insights. Reddit is a platform where users share their experiences, opinions, and reviews. Positive discussions about the brand on such platforms can contribute to its overall legitimacy.