5 Best Hidden & Free GPS Trackers For Car 2019

best hidden gps trackers

Curious to know who is using your car when you are not around? Or maybe you think someone is abusing your vehicle while you are away?

There is one simple solution to all these problems. Get yourself the best GPS tracker for car and stop worrying about the safety of your vehicle.

There are tons of reasons why you should not hesitate to invest in the best GPS tracker for car.For the Car owners who value and cherish their beloved vehicles -and worry about its security and safety, hidden GPS tracker for car is a blessing in disguise.

Apart from making your car hard-to-steal, these sneaky and hidden GPS trackers for car are ideal for you if you have a vehicle for commercial use. And they can also come in handy when you have multiple drivers in a family.

The unnoticeable tracker will help you solve many mysteries that otherwise go unnoticed in your car. They are small, lightweight, and sneaky which makes them a great tool to know the whereabouts of your vehicle at all times (and also observe the driving habits of other drivers).

But more on that later. (Check out our detailed buying guide below)

First, let’s take a look at some of the best hidden and free GPS trackers available in the market today and which one you should buy that will not only make your vehicle more secure but also provide great value for your money.

Keep in mind, and we have shortlisted only those tracker that comes with a no-monthly fee. This list is compiled after exhaustive and meticulous research as we, at forty reviews, put our users first, so we only come up with the best of the best products each time.

So, let dig in and see what all the fuss is about?

TOP 5 Best Hidden and Free GPS Trackers 2019

1# – TKSTAR Hidden and Waterproof Real-Time GPS Tracker

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tkstar hidden gps controller

Best Features

  1. Real Time Tracking
  2. 3 Month Extra-Long Standby
  3. No Installation Required
  4. Anti-Thieft Multi-Funtion
  5. $5/month

TKSTAR real-time GPS tracker for car is a well-known and reliable brand that is coveted by vehicle owners. TKSTAR makes real-time tracking incredibly easy by tracking the vehicle location and notifying you via web or android app.

Through the geo-fencing feature, TKSTAR tracker lets you know via SMS if your vehicle leaves the designated area. This excellent tracker adds multiple layers of security to your car safety by notifying you even if your car vibrates. Critical if you are parking your vehicle far away and worry about its safety.

Over speeding kills and to make things even safer, TKSTAR GPS tracker sends an over speeding notification to your phone to help you keep your loved ones safe.

With 5000 mAh ultra, the large capacity battery can last up to 90 days on standby mode. The water-proof design gives it an extra edge to perform efficiently, even in harsh weather conditions.

You have to buy a 2G SIM card for the tracker. SpeedTalk mobile SIM is recommended for just $5 per month. The setup is easy and hassle-free, you just have to follow the provided guideline, or you can call tech support who will help you set it up in no time.



  • Nominal monthly fee compared to other trackers
  • Location refreshes every 10 to 15 seconds
  • Records 3 months historical route
  • Strong magnet enables painless installation anywhere and everywhere
  • User-friendly app support
  • Can be used around the world with compatible SIM card
  • An affordable and reliable GPS tracker
  • Great customer support


  • Initial setup and procedure can be tricky

2# – Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker 

Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker

Best Features


This portable and sleek 4G enabled hidden GPS tracker for car is a high-quality and accurate tracker that can even track the tiniest movements. The compact design makes it pretty easy to install anywhere.

2G is old news now; Amcrest has up their game by providing ultra-fast 4G GPS tracker that provide updates every 5 seconds via real-time tracking.

Amcrest GPS smartphone app lets you track and manage your car activity, receive notifications, and share the links with your friends and family.  The app is quite user-friendly and lets you manage everything on the go by using your smartphone. AMCREST GPS tracker for car allows you to create multiple no-go and stay-in zones to maintain an optimum level of security. You will get an email, push notification or an SMS if the AMCREST GPS tracker leaves or enters the area.

Receive intelligent alerts like over speeding, harsh-breaking, or low battery on your phone via the smart app. This really helps when you are dealing with over-speeders or if you are worried about the potential misuse of your vehicle.

AMCREST GPS tracker has 2600 mAh battery capacity that lets it run for 10-14 days with 60-second update rotation cycle (of course, the more frequent updates drains the battery faster).

IPX5 water-proof housing material makes it a long-lasting and a heavy-duty gadget that can surely take the beating for years to come.

And to top it all off, the lifetime warranty and technical support by ARMCREST make it one of the best GPS tracker for car.

Talk about exceptional customer service, eh?



  • Records track history of 1 year
  • Conveniently manage and track your vehicle from a smartphone app
  • Liberty to choose from diverse payment plans
  • Lifetime warranty and customer support
  • Easy installation


  • Only works in the US and Mexico
  • The warranty period is low

3# – Hidden Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracker by Global View

Hidden Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracker by Global View

Best Features

  1. Easy 10 second installation
  2. 2 Month Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  3. Low Cost Service Plan Starting at $19.99/month – No Contracts, No Fee’s
  4. Automated Alerts

If you manage a fleet of vehicles or want to keep track of your loved ones, GlobalView magnetic GPS tracker is an ideal solution for you.

This Slap-on magnetic hidden GPS Tracker by the global view is a ready-made tracker that start tracking the minute it is activated.

It comes with a SIM card, all you have to do is register the tracking device on globalview’s website. After that, log into your account and start tracking your car. But don’t forget to slap-on the tracker onto your vehicle first. (It will only take 10 seconds, trust me).

The smart app is available for IOS and android and lets you manage the tracker efficiently. You will get email or text message if the device enters or exits your designated station or if the driver is over-speeding.

The battery game is strong with this tracker. A single charge can last up to 2 months (of course, that also depends on the frequency of usage).



  • Unique time machine feature lets you replay any trip you want to see
  • Great customer support and communication
  • Affordable monthly subscription plans
  • Functional in over 140 countries
  • Great battery life


  • Costly

4# – Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracking Device by Bolt2X

Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracking Device by Bolt2X

Best Features

  1. Easy installation
  2. As low as $19.95 a month NO Activation Fees | No Contracts | No Cancellation Fees
  3. Includes access to a Free APP

This hidden GPS tracker for a car by Bolt2x might just be the tracker you need to ensure your vehicle’s safety. It is a compact and a discreet GPS tracker that weighs 1.46 pounds. The exterior is black so it will blend in wherever you put it.

The durable magnet makes the installation process easy. You can install it literally anywhere on your vehicle. The device is IP67 water-proof which means even if you fully dip it in a body of water, no harm will be done.

Overall, the housing material is sturdy and durable so you will have peace of mind knowing that your GPS tracker won’t break down when you need it.

Pro-long battery life makes it one of the best GPS tracker for cars especially for the drivers who travel frequently. The battery can last up to 2 months on 3 minute update and for 1 month on 60 second update.

Real-time tracking lets you see the live location of your vehicle on Google maps. The smartphone app is used to customize and manage the alerts. You will get over-speed, vibration alert and even if your vehicle leaves the designated station (geo-fencing) via email and text message.

There are no activation charges and you can choose a reasonable monthly subscription plan conveniently.

Upon receiving the tracker, you have to charge the battery for several hours. After you turn on the device, you will get an email from their tech support team with instruction of your login account and a link to the tracking app.

After that, you are good to track whatever you want with your GPS tracker.



  • Excellent customer service and tech support
  • Long battery life
  • Works in over 200 countries
  • Easy to use the app
  • Ideal for business and personal fleet management


  • A bit costly

5# – Hidden GPS Tracker Lifetime Free by Famisafe

Hidden GPS Tracker Lifetime Free by Famisafe

Best Features

  1. LIFETIME FREE: Totally Free!

Most users hate monthly subscriptions and find them annoying. But with Femisafe Hidden free GPS tracker, you can track your vehicles, kids, pets, assets, anything and everything without any monthly fee.

FemiSafe is a pioneer GPS tracker that offers lifetime free service without any data plan. Just get a SIM card and track, track, track!

But this is not the only remarkable feature offered by FEMISAFE. The 10000 MAH powered heavy duty battery has a standby time of 180 days.

IP65 water-proof material ensures that the tracker performs to its full capacity even in extreme weather condition.

This device is 3G enabled that lets you track your assets in real-time with 10 seconds update. And the best part is there are no additional costs for that.

You can easily access the tracker via app, website or text messages. The tracker alerts about low battery status and if the tracker gets turned off. You also get a notification if a vehicle leaves or enters the customized area.



  • Lifetime free GPS tracking, no monthly subscriptions
  • Sim included
  • Works in over 170 countries
  • Great value for money
  • Great battery life
  • Easy magnetic installation


  • No specific cons

5 things to consider when buying a GPS tracker for car

1. Real-Time Tracking

Gone are the days of passive tracking, Real-time tracking is now all the rage. I mean, you want to know where your car is right at that moment, you need live updates to ensure the security of your car. With real-time tracking, you can take spontaneous action in case any accident happens or if your car gets stolen. This saves precious time which is not possible with a passive tracking system.

2. Small and sneaky

Compact and small is a new trend in GPS car trackers and the one which has numerous benefits. A compact tracker will be hard to spot, takes less space, can be installed everywhere. Moreover, they are portable and easy to carry.

3. Battery life

Understandably, you want a best GPS tracker that will have great battery timings. I mean you don’t want a tracker that dies on you every now and then, and if any mishap happens, you can’t track the vehicle because of miserable battery life. Don’t do this to your vehicle and get a tracker with exceptional battery life.

4. Water-proof and Weather-resistant

Your vehicle is a robust machine and it is often exposed to severe weather conditions. You need a GPS tracker that is equally tough and can withstand water, wind, and dust. All the trackers in the above-mentioned list are water-proof and long-lasting.

5. Monthly Subscription Plans

The real-time trackers require monthly subscription plans and if you are not careful about choosing your payment plan, you will end up paying hefty amount in terms of various fees. Check out the monthly plans and choose the reasonable one. In our list, all the tracker comes with a reasonable subscription plan with no hidden fees.

Wrap up

Your vehicle is a valued possession and you should not be casual about its security. Be on top of your game and install the best GPS tracker that will give you peace of mind. All the products on our list are well known and high quality that have great customer reviews. I highly recommend you to invest in a car tracker for your business or home and track and manage your vehicles conveniently through your cell phone and laptop.

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