Is Baseusclothing Legit? Save Your Mony And Time

So, there’s this website called Baseusclothing that’s been making some waves lately. They’re claiming to sell all sorts of clothes at super low prices. Sounds like a bargain, right? Well, hold onto your wallet because it’s not as rosy as it seems.

Is Baseusclothing Legit?

The domain was only registered in June 2021. That’s usually a bad sign – scammers often pop up, take your money, then disappear before you even realize what’s happened.

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Baseusclothing is all about fashion for women who care about style. They claim to offer a wide range of clothing options that promise to add flair to any wardrobe. They say they’re all about empowering women through fashion, striving to be a go-to spot for the latest trends and standout styles. They also talk a big game about sustainability and inclusivity, emphasizing their focus on customers and providing a selection of top-notch, trendy clothes that celebrate individuality and modern fashion.

They might send you items that don’t look like what you ordered. And if they mess up, they’ll only offer you a 20% refund! For instance, I ordered a blazer, but they sent me a cardigan instead. Their size chart isn’t accurate either; you’ll need to subtract 4-6 inches from the measurements listed on their website. Plus, the clothes aren’t well-made. I found visible stitches from the lining on one of the blazers. On top of all that, returning items is expensive; it cost me $65 because they made multiple mistakes.

Customers Reviews And Ratings

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Trustscore: The trust score for this website is 44 out of 100 on scamadviser, indicating a moderate level of trustworthiness. It suggests that while there may be some reliability, caution is advised when dealing with this site.

Rating: Customers have given Baseusclothing a one-star rating, indicating dissatisfaction with their experience. This suggests that many customers were not happy with the service or products offered by the company.

Some Customers Reviews

  • I have yet to receive an order that was expected weeks ago. I did get an email noting there would be a delay due to high volume. However, I have not heard another word and have been having difficulty trying to get further information on the status of my order. Extremely disappointing.
  • Buyer beware! This company will send you items that are not even close to the picture or description. Then will try to offer you a 20% refund for their mistake! I ordered a blazer and received a cardigan. And their size chart is a complete lie. Subtract 4-6 inches from what they have posted in their website. Also, the clothing isnt sewn correctly. One of the blazers had the stitch from lining showing on the outside. After their mistake on many items, it cost me $65 to ship items back.
  • DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!! I ordered on 2/24/24 and I have yet to receive my order. I’m currently fighting with the now to dispute my charges!!! THEY ARE A SCAM AND WILL NOT GIVE YOU ANY MONEY BACK. Source

Pros And Cons



  • Offers a wide variety of apparel choices.
  • Claims to empower women through fashion.


  • Lack of transparency regarding physical address and contact details
  • Unrealistic discounts and potentially misleading sales promotions
  • Alleged theft of content from other legitimate online stores
  • Concerns raised about legitimacy due to low Trustscore
  • Reports of customers receiving inferior or counterfeit products
  • Difficulties in contacting customer service for refunds or exchanges
  • Lack of genuine customer feedback or testimonials on independent platforms

Is Baseusclothing Legit Or a Scam? seems like a great deal with its low-priced clothing, but don’t be fooled – it’s actually a scam site. Created recently, it lacks transparency with no physical address or proper contact details. Offering unrealistic discounts and stealing content from other sites, it’s clear they’re not to be trusted.

Reviews on Trustpilot raise concerns, and customers report either receiving nothing or poor quality products. If you’ve been scammed, contact your bank immediately and change your passwords. And for future online shopping, do your research, stick to trusted sites, and safeguard your personal information.

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t received my order from Baseusclothing yet, what should I do?

If your order is delayed, reach out to Baseusclothing for updates. If they’re unresponsive, consider taking further action like disputing charges with your bank.

Are the items from the website as described in their pictures and descriptions?

Customers report receiving items different from what was advertised, including wrong sizes and poor quality.

How long does it take for Baseusclothing to ship orders?

Baseusclothing’s shipping times vary, with some customers experiencing delays of several weeks.

Is Baseusclothing’s customer service responsive to inquiries about orders?

Many customers report difficulties in getting a response from Baseusclothing’s customer service regarding order inquiries.

Can I trust Baseusclothing’s size chart for accurate sizing?

Baseusclothing’s size chart may not be reliable, as customers have received items that do not match the indicated sizes.

Does the website offer refunds for unsatisfactory purchases?

Some customers report challenges in obtaining refunds from Baseusclothing, despite receiving incorrect or poor-quality items.

Are Baseusclothing’s shipping costs transparent? shipping costs, particularly for returns, may not be clearly communicated to customers.

Final Verdict

Baseus clothing is a huge scam. If you’ve been tricked by them, don’t worry too much. Quickly get in touch with your bank to see if you can get your money back. Also, make sure to change your passwords and be cautious of any suspicious emails.