Is Cocolillys Legit? Uncover The Reality

Avoid Cocolillys at all costs! It’s a deceitful website pretending to sell cheap clothes but ends up sending you fake stuff or nothing at all. Here’s why you should steer clear.

Is Cocolillys Legit?

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The Quality Of Products

The quality of the dress is not good. Customers have also complained about the quality of the products they’ve received. Many find the items to be low-quality, feeling like they’ve paid too much for what they got. products, nothing like what was advertised online. It seems there’s a big gap between what they expected and what they actually received.

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  1. New Website: Cocolillys popped up recently in 2020-04-19, a classic move for scam sites aiming to vanish after tricking customers.
  2. Shady Ownership: The company behind Cocolillys is infamous for running scams.
  3. No Physical Address or Contact Details: Legit companies share their address and phone number, but Cocolillys doesn’t, only offering an email contact.
  4. Unrealistic Prices and Discounts: They lure you in with huge discounts, a common tactic of scammers.
  5. Copied Content: They stole content from legit stores like Alibaba, Amazon, and Aliexpress, showing they’re not genuine.
  6. Poor Social Media Presence: Their Trustpilot rating is low, and they’re absent from major platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  7. Customer Complaints: Customers report not receiving orders or getting poor quality items. Some even faced unauthorized credit card charges.
  8. Dodgy Shipping and Refund Policy: Their policies are generic, another sign of a scam.

Customer Experiences With Cocolillys

Customers are calling out the website as a scam. They’re upset because they paid for orders that never arrived, and when they tried to get their money back, the company ignored them.

Customer Reviews On Trustpilot

  • I paid for an order and never received it and got multiple text messages to my personal cell phone about my order saying it was running behind from someone named Tracie Storie? When I replied to it, she responded “I am with family “ . I have yet to see a refund for the order I never got and ordered over a month ago.”-By Andrea
  • First it took three month to receive the item that was totally off. Then after another three month negotiation – they usually reply in 1-2 weeks!!! – they were to issue 50% refund. And now they claim that they can’t do it because of the system error.”-By Neutral Customer
  • This website is fake. They stole my money and changed the website making my order impossible to trace! The spelling errors in the messaging system are proof. This website steals.”-By Shanell Nelson. Source

Pros And Cons



  • None


  • Site popped up recently
  • No Address or Contact Information
  • Quality issues have been reported
  • Delivery times can be excessively long

Is Cocolillys Legit Or a Scam?

Considering these warning signs, Cocolillys is undoubtedly a scam. Customers have faced issues with orders, refunds, and communication. If you’ve already shopped there.

  • Contact Your Bank: Cancel the transaction and report Cocolillys as fraudulent.
  • Change Your Passwords: Secure your accounts to prevent further risks.
  • Beware of Phishing Emails: Delete suspicious emails and don’t click on any links.
  • Don’t Download Any Apps: They could be harmful.
  • Report to Authorities: Inform the FTC with any evidence to help others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cocolillys a legitimate website?
No, The website is not a legitimate website. It has several red flags indicating that it may be a scam.

How can I identify if a website is a scam?
Look for signs such as recently created domains, lack of contact information, unrealistic discounts, copied content, limited social media presence, and customer complaints.

Are there any risks associated with shopping on Cocolillys?
Yes, shopping on poses risks such as receiving counterfeit or inferior products, unauthorized charges on your credit card, and potential loss of personal information.

Can I trust the positive reviews?
It’s advisable to be skeptical of positive reviews on the website, as they may be fabricated. Look for genuine customer feedback on independent platforms for a more accurate representation.

Why doesn’t provide a physical address or contact details?
The absence of a physical address and contact details raises suspicions about the legitimacy of Cocolillys. Legitimate companies typically provide such information for transparency and customer support.

What steps can I take to secure my online shopping experience?
Research the website’s reputation, ensure secure connections (HTTPS), read return policies carefully, use secure payment methods, and safeguard your personal information.

Is it possible to report Cocolillys to authorities if I suspect it’s a scam?
Yes, you can report suspicious websites like Cocolillys to relevant authorities such as the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) with evidence and communication records to help prevent others from falling victim to the scam.

Final Thoughts

In simple terms, we can say that Cocolillys is a scam website that online shoppers should steer clear of. There’s no proof that the website is trustworthy or provides good products or services to its customers.

Tips For Safe Online Shopping

  1. Research the website thoroughly.
  2. Check for secure connections.
  3. Read customer reviews.
  4. Understand return policies.
  5. Use secure payment methods.
  6. Share only necessary information.

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