Is Legit? Think Twice Before You Buy

So, you might have stumbled upon and wondered if it’s a legitimate website or not. Well, let’s break it down for you. isn’t a place you want to be spending your money. Despite claiming to offer amazing deals on clothing, it’s actually a scam site. You might end up with fake products, low-quality items, or nothing at all.

Is Legit?

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What Is presents itself as a paradise for those seeking bargains, promising significant discounts on clothing. Initially, the offers appear incredibly tempting, with promotions boasting discounts of up to 90% off the regular retail prices.

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  1. Newly Established Website: The domain for was registered recently in 2024-02-05, which is often a red flag for scam websites that pop up quickly and disappear just as fast.
  2. Dubious Ownership: The company behind doesn’t inspire confidence. It’s associated with several other scam online stores, raising suspicions about its legitimacy.
  3. Lack of Physical Address and Contact Details: Legitimate businesses usually provide their physical address and contact number for transparency. However, fails to do so, making it difficult to reach out for assistance if needed.
  4. Unrealistic Discounts and Promotions: While hefty discounts may seem tempting, they’re often a tactic used by scammers to lure unsuspecting shoppers into buying low-quality or counterfeit goods.
  5. Copied Content: The website’s content and product images appear to be copied from other legitimate online stores, indicating a lack of originality and credibility.
  6. Absence of Social Media Presence: Legitimate businesses typically engage with customers on social media platforms. The fact that lacks any social media presence raises suspicions about its legitimacy.
  7. Lack of Genuine Customer Feedback: Reviews on the website are overwhelmingly positive, which is suspicious. Additionally, there are no reviews on external platforms like Facebook or Instagram, and customers have reported unauthorized charges on their credit cards.

Customers Reviews And Ratings lacks any reviews across various platforms, indicating a lack of feedback from customers on their shopping experiences. This absence of reviews makes it challenging for potential buyers to gauge the reliability and quality of products offered on the website. Without any external feedback or testimonials, customers may find it difficult to make informed decisions about purchasing from

Pros And Cons



  • None


  • Recently created domain raises suspicions.
  • Owned by a company known for running scam websites.
  • No physical address provided.
  • Lack of legitimate contact details.
  • Unrealistic discounts and sales promotions.
  • Content stolen from other legitimate websites.
  • Absence of social media presence.

Is Legit Or a Scam?

It’s a scam, Based on the red flags, it’s clear that isn’t to be trusted. Customers have reported not receiving their orders or getting low-quality stuff. Plus, good luck trying to get a refund or reaching them.

What To Do If You’ve Been Scammed

  1. Call your bank: Get in touch with your bank ASAP and ask them to cancel the transaction and refund your money. Also, report as a scam.
  2. Change your passwords: If you’ve used the same password elsewhere, change it immediately. And enable two-factor authentication for extra security.
  3. Watch out for scams: Don’t fall for phishing emails pretending to be from Delete them and don’t click on any links.
  4. Don’t download anything: If they ask you to download an app, just say no. It’s probably malware in disguise.
  5. Report to FTC: Help others by reporting the scam to the FTC with evidence.

Final Thoughts

Avoid like the plague. Onrun is a scam website that you should avoid at all costs. It has many red flags that indicate that it is not trustworthy or reliable. Do not waste your time or money on this website, as you will likely end up disappointed or scammed.

Tips For Safe Online Shopping

  1. Do your research: Check the website’s reputation and customer reviews.
  2. Look for security: Make sure the website has HTTPS and a padlock symbol.
  3. Read reviews: See what other customers are saying about their experiences.
  4. Know the policies: Understand the return and refund policies before making a purchase.
  5. Use secure payment methods: Stick to credit cards or trusted online payment services.
  6. Protect your info: Only give out necessary details during checkout.

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