Kaotic Magic Tape Reviews: Does It Work? (What They Won’t Tell You)

Summary: Kaotic Magic Tape claims to reduce inches and aid in weight loss when used with the Body Melt Booster drink. Reviews are mixed, with some customers experiencing positive results such as sweating and progress in weight loss, while others report issues like rashes and discomfort. The website has a 4.2-star rating, but some customers mention slow shipping and ineffective products. It’s advisable to conduct further research before purchasing.

Kaotic Magic Tape Reviews
Kaotic Magic Tape Reviews


  • Some customers report sweating and progress in weight loss.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Customer service is praised for being excellent.
  • Positive reviews mention effectiveness and progress when combined with diet and exercise.


  • Negative reviews mention issues such as rashes, discomfort, and blistering.
  • Fit and sizing may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Shipping can be slow.
  • Some products may not be as effective as advertised.
  • Lack of presence on Trustpilot raises concerns about legitimacy.

Positive Kaotic Magic Tape Reviews:

  • “Just got mine today. Very excited to use it and see my results.” – Ebony
  • “This is a great purchase! I can see progress in only a week of using it along with diet and exercise!” – Jade
  • “It will make you sweat. You can feel it getting warm the longer you wear it. For the price, it’s worth it if you’re looking for a starter.” – Jessica

Negative Kaotic Magic Tape Reviews:

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  • “I got a bad rash on my back after using it two times. I don’t have sensitive skin.” – Kary
  • “Fits fine; however, I didn’t sweat in it, and by the end of my shift, the bottom part burned me. I blistered up all around one line exactly where this sat.” – Michele
  • “Looked nothing like the picture. This one is literally like a tube top and doesn’t even cover the midsection of my stomach.” – Amanda

Kaotic Magic Tape Social Media Presence

Kaotic Magic Tape has a presence on Facebook and Instagram. Here is an overview of its popularity on social media:


  • Kaotic Magic Tape has a Facebook page called “kaoticvonbox.”
  • The page has approximately 20,000 followers.
  • There are ratings based on 15 reviews.


  • Kaotic Magic Tape has an Instagram page called “kaotic_magictape.”
  • The page has around 1,714 followers.
  • The page features ratings and reviews, although the specific details are not provided.

It’s worth noting that the number of followers and reviews may have changed since the time of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. However, this information provides a general idea of the product’s social media presence.

Kaotic Magic Tape Red Flags

Here are a few potential red flags regarding the legitimacy of the Kaotic Magic Tape product:

  1. Lack of Trustpilot presence: The absence of the product on Trustpilot, a popular platform for customer reviews and ratings, raises questions about the product’s reputation and credibility.
  2. Negative reviews mentioning skin issues: Multiple negative reviews mention rashes, discomfort, and blistering after using the product. These adverse reactions can be concerning and indicate potential quality or safety issues.
  3. Inconsistent product performance: While some positive reviews highlight the effectiveness of the tape, negative reviews express disappointment in its fit, sizing, and overall performance. This inconsistency in customer experiences may indicate a lack of product reliability or standardization.
  4. Limited contact information: The absence of an email address for customer contact raises concerns about the accessibility and responsiveness of the company’s customer support.
  5. Slow shipping times: Some customers have complained about slow shipping, which can be frustrating and may indicate potential issues with order fulfillment and logistics.

It’s important to consider these red flags and conduct further research or seek additional information before making a purchase.

Should you buy kaotic magic tape?

Considering the mixed reviews, potential red flags, and the lack of Trustpilot presence, it is advisable to approach the purchase of Kaotic Magic Tape with caution.

While some customers have reported positive results, such as sweating and progress in weight loss, others have experienced issues like rashes and discomfort. The inconsistent product performance and negative feedback raise concerns about its reliability and effectiveness.

Additionally, the slow shipping times and limited contact information may contribute to a less-than-optimal customer experience.

It is important to prioritize your safety and satisfaction when considering any product purchase. It is recommended to thoroughly research and explore other options before deciding to buy Kaotic Magic Tape.

promotions and discounts

The current promotion mentioned is a 25% discount off the next purchase for customers who ordered during the recent promotion. The promotional code provided is “WESORRY.”

It’s worth noting that this information is based on the content provided, and promotions and discounts may change over time. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the official website of Kaotic Magic Tape, kaoticvon.com, to get the most up-to-date information on any current promotions or discounts available.

Comparing the Kaotic Magic Tape with the FeelinGirl Waist Trainer

Comparing the Kaotic Magic Tape with the FeelinGirl Waist Trainer for Women Snatch Bandage Tummy Wrap Plus Size Workout Waist Trimmer for Gym Sport available on Amazon, here are some points of comparison:

Design and Functionality:

  • Kaotic Magic Tape: The Kaotic Magic Tape is specifically marketed as a “magic tape” that aims to reduce inches and assist with weight loss when worn on the body. It is suggested to be worn for up to 10 days for optimal results.
  • FeelinGirl Waist Trainer: The FeelinGirl Waist Trainer is designed as a waist trimmer and tummy wrap for workouts and sports activities. It is intended to provide waist shaping and support during physical exercise.

Reviews and Ratings:

  • Kaotic Magic Tape: The provided information includes both positive and negative customer reviews. Positive reviews mention progress in weight loss, sweating, and effectiveness when combined with diet and exercise. However, negative reviews highlight issues like rashes and discomfort.
  • FeelinGirl Waist Trainer: Since the specific product page and reviews for the FeelinGirl Waist Trainer on Amazon were not mentioned, it is difficult to provide a direct comparison of reviews and ratings for this product.

Availability and Pricing:

  • Kaotic Magic Tape: The Kaotic Magic Tape is available for purchase on the KaoticVon.com website. The price mentioned is $56.99 for a package that includes two tape rolls and one Body Melt Booster, with the option to buy a single tape roll for $22.99.
  • FeelinGirl Waist Trainer: The pricing and availability of the FeelinGirl Waist Trainer can be found on the respective Amazon product page.

When making a purchasing decision, it is essential to consider factors such as customer reviews, product features, pricing, and personal preferences. Conducting thorough research on both products, reading reviews on trusted platforms, and comparing their specifications and benefits can help in determining which product may be a better fit for individual needs and goals.

Price and how to buy?

The price for the Kaotic Magic Tape package is $56.99, which includes two tape rolls and one Body Melt Booster. If you only want to purchase one tape roll, it is priced at $22.99.

To make a purchase, you can visit the official website of Kaotic Magic Tape, kaoticvon.com. The specific product page for the Kaotic Magic Tape set is mentioned as the place to buy. It is advisable to visit the website directly to verify the current prices and make a purchase following the instructions provided on the product page.