Lifevac Review: Choking Rescue Device that Saves Lives

Keep your loved ones safe from choking accidents. Read our LifeVac reviews and discover the life-saving device you need.

Lifevace is creating a wave on the internet. Does it deserve all the hype when it comes to saving lives? LifeVac is one of the popular anti-choking devices that declare to have saved around 481 lives and more when we are writing this blog. The tool is applied to the individual’s mouth, and a suction pressure dislodges whatever is stuck in the person’s throat. The best part is that you can use it for yourself or someone else. This lifevac reviews article will review a medical study on LifeVac to determine whether it is more than the classic Heimlich maneuver. 

Lifevac kit Reviews

Do anti-choking devices really work?

Here comes a main query. Do the anti-chocking tools work? The good news is that it works great and has, to date, saved many lives.

So, the widely used anti-choking tool is credited with saving hundreds of lives, including one in western Pennsylvania. But some medical officers have not concluded that anti-choking tools are effective.

What about the lifevac? Is it effective? We will find it out after reading the lifevac reviews. Now let’s have a closer look at it.

Lifevac Overviews

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Lifevac kids reviews

 The LifeVac is the patented, non-invasive rescue suction tool that can secure life in an airway block emergency. LifeVac consists of a patented valve to stop air from exiting via the mask. This patented-style valve prevents the air from pushing food and objects into the airway. Hence, it creates a one-way suction to pull the lodged food or any object.

The LifeVac is easy to use and simple enough that if one lives alone, one can use it on themselves in any choking emergency. The best part is that it does not require any prescriptions.

It is available in various kits that cater to both adults and children. Also, the suction duration is shorter, so lifevac is effective and safe. Now let us look at the lifevac reviews about the lifevac kits.

LifeVac – Choking Rescue Device Home Kit And LifeVac Travel Kit  For Adult and Children First Aid Kit.

 LifeVac home kit consists of a one-way valve that never permits air to penetrate a choking victim on the down motion. The LifeVac devices come with the following:

  1. An adult mask
  2. A pediatric mask
  3. A practiced mask.

 The suction time is less, making LifeVac secure and effective. LifeVac home kit is easy to operate in a blocked airway emergency.

Customer lifevac reviews about this item.

  • Suction power4.5  
  • Easy to use 4.5 
  • Comfort 4.4  
  • Value for money 4.3 

What is the price and where to buy it?

The price of the home and travel kit is about $69.95. You can buy it from their official website and Amazon.

  1. Buy one kit for $69.95 & shipping
  2. Buy three kits for $139.90 & shipping
  3. So, Buy five kits for $209.85 & shipping

Buyers will also have the choice of adding the travel kit for an extra fee at checkout. One can approach customer care if one has further questions regarding the LifeVac.

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 1-516-962-2554
  • Address: 120 Lake Avenue South, #26 Nesconset, NY 11767

Does the LifeVac work?

Lifevac Reviews legit or scam

A medical study published in 2020 analyzed data from 5 individual clinical tests on choking. Also, the researchers discovered that the LifeVac was the most well-studied and effective device. On its initial use, LifeVac successfully removed the object being choked on 94.3 percent of the time, as per the review.

After studying the research, these tools may be especially helpful given that Americans must be qualified to administer Heimlich maneuvers. It means they do not have a hold on the abdominal thrust motion suggested to aid choking victims. The LifeVac thus removes human error and improves results.

Does the LifeVac work better than Dechoker?

Hence, analyses and investigations show that LifeVac is more useful when saving a life. Why is that so? It is because the LifeVac tool efficiently removed any stuck object within 59 sec, 82.2 percent of the time. Now let us compare it with the Dechoker; the Dechoker removed the obstruction in 59 seconds or 44.4 percent of the time.

Can LifeVac collapse the user’s lung?

Indeed many queries emerge in one mind, like does it collapse the lungs?

There is a low-grade threat of lung collapse from the suction. Also, the risk of sensitivity to the stuff that makes up the gadget is low. To deter these risks, you must use the machine as per the instruction manual.

What is the success rate?

This research and study concluded that LifeVac has a 100% positive rate for removing blocked items in the blocked airway. Hence it has been given that a marked number of these shots are flourishing after a single plunge. So, scientists across the globe can confidently claim that LifeVac has saved multiple lives.

How many lives were saved with it?

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – One kid dies every 5 days from choking, but the tool known as LifeVac has saved about 700 individuals who were choking and probably would have passed. A lady in their area saved her child with it, and it was recorded on the security camera.

What is the lowest age for this device?

After all different choking rescue efforts were unsuccessful, the parent to the rescue tools of their choice as a last resort to save the child. LifeVac has proudly saved kids ranging in age from 3 weeks old to 13 years old.

In what position does one need to use the LifeVac?

Here comes the best part. One can use the LifeVac in any position.

Is LifeVac only for babies, and does it need any prescriptions?

Here is the best point about it. One does not require any prescription to use these devices. This kit covers adults and children. The time of suction is tiniest, so LifeVac is secure and effective.

LifeVac Reviews: How does LifeVac work?

Lifevac travel kit

Here are the following steps:

  1. Step 1: This item comes with a special mask. The mask is the first stage of using this item. Place its mask on the victim’s face.
  2. Step 2: Firmly grasp the mask and ensure a seal over the face of the victim to prevent any air leakage. Once you have a seal, you may move to the third step.
  3. Step 3: So there is the handle that permits users to depress the device’s plunger. While holding its mask in position with a single hand, push its handle down with the user’s other hand.
  4. Step 4: After firmly pushing its handle down, you are sure it is all down. So, quickly pull its handle up with a single hand to distend. Throughout the process, ensure your other hand is still on the mask.
  5. Step 5: Turn your choking victim’s head to the opposite side, roll the body to the other side, and you will find the stuck item popping out of the mouth. Remove the mask and the debris.

What are the features?

Effortless Grip

The pulling device ought to have a grip with a robust grasp if one can draw it out. Its ideal shape fits into the user’s palm without any wrinkles or gaps. Whatever is entangled in the victim’s throat may be dislodged. Why is that so? It is because of the tool’s ergonomic styling that full pressure can be applied.

Interchangeable Mask

One can use various masks with one suction tool, so they are marketed individually. There are mainly two sizes available for these masks: 

  • Adult 
  • LifeVac baby.

Unidirectional Valve: If the valve is a 2-mean, using pressure and making suction would prevent you from getting rid of any clump. Because of its suction, this q-way valve can extract the product from the throat.

Suction Part: It’s a see-through box consisting of flexible plastic. The clarity will make it clear whether or not one successfully pulled the impediment from its airway. 

What are the additional features?

  • Good grip
  • Both adult and baby-sized masks
  • Unidirectional valve
  • See-through suction
  • Portable

LifeVac Reviews: Benefits

  1. It is safe and effective.
  2. It is time-saving.
  3. General Use. 
  4. Flexibility.
  5. There is no prescription.
  6. It is latex-free.

LifeVac Reviews: Disadvantages

Indeed, this item is good. Several medical experts also use it, but still, there are various downsides to everything being wonderful. We have made a quick note of the downsides below.

  1. Complementary: The user needs to meet typical choking protocols before using it. What does it mean? The protocols mean it always remains the same as the Heimlich maneuver, for instance. It can only assist it.
  2. Human Not Humane: So, items are humane when they can secure both the lives of individuals and animals’ lives. Life Vac always works differently. You can use this item only on humans, not pets.
  3. Choking Not Drowning: The firm that sells the tool has exclusively noted that one can only use it on a choking person, not a drowning person.
  4. Has Restrictions: Like other medical items, Life Vac has some rules. You never use the items on children under 22 pounds.

Things To Look At While Using Lifevac

Here are a few points to be aware of when using this device:

  • Issues with the victim’s oral cavity.
  • Dropping the trapped item lower in an airways
  • Keeping the tongue within the mouth cavity
  • Poorly securing the device, rendering it useless
  • Vomiting and nausea can put the victim’s life in danger.

LifeVac Reviews: User Reviews

Customer feedback is a must to ensure this item is working effectively. Let us have a look at them.

The reviews on the official website

One buyer stated, “As a physician, I would only recommend quality items that work. This is an example! Well made and simple. Do not buy the low quality knockoffs (we bought a few to compare). Each knockoff had quality issues. Lifevac item is well made. I bought some for each of the households in the family. Currently, we are working on getting them on our local ambulance/firefighter vehicles. Excellent product.”

Also, another, “We carry our lifevac everywhere! Having children, I knew this would help give us peace of mind. We are so thankful we had the lifevac when a choking incident occurred with a marble. We were successfully able to dislodge the marble. I truly believe the outcome would not have been the same if we had not had one. We recommend them to everyone & can’t wait to be able to supply them to all of our family members. We also hope to get them for all our local schools.”

Another stated that “This device saved my son’s life.” It was easy to use under the stress of our choking incident. My son is 15 months old; he couldn’t breathe. After several back blows, my husband used the LifeVac on our baby, and his airway cleared. He is alive and well today because of this life-saving device. I will forever recommend LifeVac to every single person I know.” 

Joe Pauley


Rated 5 out of 5

“I’m hoping I never have to use this, but it gives me peace of mind knowing we have one in the house, one in each car, and one for each of my kids.”

Reviews on Amazon

Kathren W Staveskie

5.0 out of 5 stars Peace of mind

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 15, 2023

I bought both the home kit and the traveling kit for my grand daughter. She’s almost 9 months old, and I wanted her parents to have peace of mind with the kits. I’ll be buying a kit since I live alone and wouldn’t have anyone to help me if I started to choke. I hope they or I will never have to use it, but it’s worth having it around because you never know.


5.0 out of 5 stars Saved my friend’s kid’s life

We bought this when my daughter started eating solids about a year ago. After I bought it, I thought I was just being a crazy, neurotic mom and stored it in a super inconvenient place if it ever needs it in an emergency. Well, my friend texted last week and said that after having three kids and having one for several years, she had to use it the other day, which saved her kid’s life. Back blows weren’t working, but this did! I’ve moved to a handy location and will likely buy more to keep in our cars. You never know when you might need it. I recommend it to all the moms I know.


5.0 out of 5 stars Good to have

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 26, 2023

A friend recommended this after I told her my husband had been choking, and I couldn’t get my arms around him to do the Heimlich. He’s tall and somewhat hefty. He could cough up what he was choking on, but in the meantime, I was freaking out and calling 911. We haven’t had to use this, but I feel so much better with it around.

Overview of Pros and Cons



  • There is a prescription needed
  • It is safe to use
  • Latex-free
  • Good for general use on adults and children


  • Cannot save animals
  • Not used to rescue individuals from drowning
  • Only for a person heavier than 22 pounds.


 In a population of about 100,000 individuals, 1.6 deaths are because of choking. Now, you can prevent these deaths with a simple lifevac tool. Do we recommend this product to you? Yes, we suggest thumbing up and nudging one to have gone into their safety box and first-aid kit if one has not already done so.

LifeVac has set itself in the sector as a safety tool, especially for kids. Remember, the choking might be life-threatening, and each moment matters. When all other life-saving strategies fail in a choking crisis, LifeVac can protect lives.

It is the only airway clearance tools tech supported by medical testing, multiple peer-feedback medical journals, and medical research verifying its safety and effectiveness. So far, the lifevac tool has saved various lives and may come in convenient at any time in your life.

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