Luxelanellc Reviews: Scam Or Not? The Dark Side Of Luxelanellc Revealed

Luxelanellc is an online store that claims to sell a variety of products, such as home decor, kitchen tools, accessories, electronics, and more. But is it a trustworthy site or a scam? In this article, we will review some of the red flags and customer feedback about and help you decide if it is worth your time and money.

Luxelanellc Reviews

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What Is Luxelanellc?

Luxelanellc is an online platform that claims to sell home and kitchen items at low prices. The website boasts a diverse range of products designed to enhance your home and lifestyle. From exquisite furniture and home accents to high-quality linens, kitchen essentials, and more, their collection is curated to cater to the taste of those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Domain Information

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  • Domain Name: Luxelanellc
  • Creation Date: February 28, 2024
  • Registrar: Not specified in the provided information
  • Website:
  • Ownership: Linked to the suspicious company “”
  • Associated Company:, known for operating scam online stores
  • Physical Address: Not mentioned
  • Contact Details: Only provides an email address (
  • Social Media Presence: Absent on social media platforms
  1. Recent Creation Date: One of the initial red flags is Luxelanellc’s recent establishment, with the domain registered on February 28, 2024. This timeline often points to scam websites designed to operate temporarily before vanishing.
  2. Dubious Company Background: Luxelanellc is linked to the suspicious company “,” known for running multiple scam online stores, preying on unsuspecting customers.
  3. Unrealistic Discounts and Promotions: Luxelanellc offers enticing but unrealistic discounts, including free shipping for orders over $199. Such tactics are common among scammers trying to lure customers into purchasing low-quality or counterfeit goods.
  4. Copied Content: Luxelanellc’s lack of originality is evident through stolen content and product images from legitimate online stores like Alibaba, Amazon, and Aliexpress, eroding its credibility.
  5. Absence of Social Media Presence: Unlike reputable online stores, Luxelanellc lacks a social media presence, crucial for building customer trust and showcasing products. This absence suggests hidden motives or a disregard for customer satisfaction.
  6. Fake Positive Reviews: Luxelanellc’s official website showcases positive reviews, but their authenticity is questionable, especially when no reviews are available on external platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  7. Standard Shipping and Refund Policy: The shipping and refund policies on Luxelanellc’s website are generic, mirroring those commonly found on fraudulent online stores.

Luxelanellc Reviews: What Are Customers Saying About Luxelanellc?

We could not find any positive or neutral customer feedback on However, we did find some negative reviews and complaints on other platforms, such as Reddit and ProductReview. Here are some of the common issues that customers reported:

  • Shipping Delays or No Delivery: Many customers complained that they did not receive their orders even after waiting for several weeks or months. Some customers said that they received fake tracking numbers or no tracking information at all.
  • Poor Quality or Counterfeit Products: Some customers who did receive their orders said that they were disappointed with the quality or authenticity of the products. They said that the products did not match the descriptions or images on the website, and that they were either damaged, defective, or counterfeit. Some customers also said that the products had labels or tags from other brands or websites, such as Amazon, Wish, or AliExpress.
  • Unauthorized Charges or Refund Issues: Some customers said that they noticed unauthorized charges on their credit cards or bank accounts after they placed their orders on They said that they were charged more than the amount they agreed to pay, or that they were charged multiple times for the same order. Others said that they tried to cancel their orders or request refunds, but they were either ignored, denied, or offered only partial refunds.

Pros And Cons



  • None


  • Recent creation date.
  • Associated with a suspicious company notorious for running scam websites.
  • Lack of physical address and contact details.
  • Unrealistic discounts and promotions.
  • Copied content from legitimate online stores.
  • Absence of social media presence.
  • Presence of fake positive reviews on the website.
  • Generic shipping and refund policy.

Is Luxelanellc Legit Or a Scam?

Based on our research and analysis, we conclude that is a scam website that should be avoided by online shoppers. The website displays many suspicious signs, such as hiding the owner’s identity, having a low trust score, being part of a scam network, having a young domain age, and having no customer reviews. Moreover, the website has received many negative reviews and complaints from customers who have experienced shipping delays or no delivery, poor quality or counterfeit products, unauthorized charges or refund issues, or other problems.

Therefore, we advise you to not buy anything from or any of its related websites, and to report it to the authorities if you have been scammed by it.

Luxelanellc Trust Score

According to the web search results, has a very low trust score and no ratings from customers. Scamadviser rated the website as 0/100, indicating that it is likely to be a scam. Trustpilot, a platform for customer reviews, does not have any reviews for Therefore, I would not recommend buying anything from this website, as it may not be trustworthy or reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Luxelanellc?
Luxelanellc is an online platform that claims to sell home and kitchen items at low prices. However, it has been flagged as a scam website, and caution is advised against making any purchases.

How can I identify if Luxelanellc is a scam?
Luxelanellc exhibits several red flags, including a recent creation date, association with a suspicious company, lack of physical address and contact details, unrealistic discounts, copied content, absence of social media presence, and reports of non-receipt of orders.

Are Luxelanellc’s positive reviews genuine?
Luxelanellc showcases positive reviews only on its official website, with no reviews available on external platforms like Facebook or Instagram. The authenticity of these reviews is questionable.

How do I contact Luxelanellc?
Luxelanellc provides an email address for contact: However, customer reports suggest difficulties in reaching the company for refunds or exchanges.

Can I trust Luxelanellc’s shipping and refund policies?
Luxelanellc’s shipping and refund policies appear to be generic and similar to those found on scam websites. Customers have reported challenges in obtaining refunds or exchanges.

Is there any evidence of Luxelanellc being legitimate?
Based on the red flags and customer experiences, there is no evidence to suggest that Luxelanellc is a legitimate or reliable website.

Can I report Luxelanellc to any authorities?
Yes, you can report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with evidence and communication records to assist others who may fall victim to the same fraudulent company.

Should I trust Luxelanellc or similar websites?
No, based on the red flags and potential risks outlined, it is advised not to trust Luxelanellc or any similar websites displaying similar warning signs. Your money and personal information may be at risk.

What To Do If You’ve Shopped On Luxelanellc?

  1. Contact Your Bank: Notify your bank or credit card company, urging them to cancel the transaction, refund your money, and block any future charges from Luxelanellc.
  2. Change Passwords and Enable Two-Factor Authentication: Change Luxelanellc account passwords immediately and enable two-factor authentication on all accounts to prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Beware of Phishing Emails: Delete any emails related to Luxelanellc, as they may be phishing attempts aiming to compromise your device or steal personal information.
  4. Avoid App Downloads: Refrain from downloading any apps Luxelanellc suggests, as they may contain viruses or trojans designed to compromise your personal information.
  5. Report to the FTC: Report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with evidence to assist others who may be potential victims.

Final Thoughts

Luxelanellc is undeniably a scam website. Its numerous red flags and the experiences of dissatisfied customers highlight the importance of avoiding such platforms. To ensure a secure online shopping experience, follow the provided tips for researching new websites and safeguarding personal information. Remember, a little caution can go a long way in protecting yourself from scams like Luxelanellc.