Reviews: Beware of This Scam Website

If you’re considering purchasing sportswear from, this blog post will be essential for you. We will thoroughly analyze all the relevant details to help you make an informed decision before considering any sportswear purchases from MLBCap. (Alprazolam) com. Reviews Reviews

What is

The website offers a variety of customizable sports apparel and accessories. Here are some of the categories and products available on the website:

  1. Baseball: This section likely contains customizable baseball jerseys and related apparel.
  2. Basketball: This section probably offers customizable basketball jerseys and gear.
  3. Custom: This category appears to allow customers to design and customize their own sports apparel, such as jerseys.
  4. Football: This section likely contains customizable football jerseys and gear.
  5. Hockey: This section offers customizable hockey jerseys and possibly other hockey-related apparel.
  6. Soccer: This section probably contains customizable soccer jerseys and gear.
  7. Sports Accessory: This category might include various sports accessories that can be customized.
  8. Women: This section likely offers customizable sports apparel for women.
  9. Youth: This category appears to contain customizable sports apparel for youth.

In each category, there are specific product listings with the option to “Design Online” or “Buy It Blank.” Customers can customize the design of the listed items, and the prices vary depending on the product. The website seems to cater to various sports and customization needs, making it a one-stop shop for sports enthusiasts looking for personalized apparel. Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

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What are the Red Flags of

  • Recent Creation Date: Registered on April 3, 2023, indicating a potential short-lived scam.
  • Suspicious Ownership: Linked to “Wuhan Jinda Yongxin Electromechanical Materials Co., Ltd.,” a company known for running scam online stores.
  • Lack of Physical Address: Fails to provide a physical address, a common practice for legitimate businesses.
  • Fake Contact Number: Lists a dubious contact number, with the only contact option being an email address.
  • Copied Content: Copies content and images from established online stores, signaling a lack of credibility.
  • Lack of Social Media Presence: Odd for a business claiming to offer trendy products, with no activity on social platforms.
  • Customer Complaints: Absence of genuine customer feedback. 
  • Dubious Shipping and Refund Policies: Policies mirror those of suspicious online stores, with no reviews to verify their accuracy.

What are the Pros and Cons of



  • Convenient online shopping experience.
  • Customizable sports apparel at low prices.


  • Poor Product Quality
  • Sizing issues
  • Invalid email address.
  • Lack of genuine customer reviews

Is Legit or a Scam?

Due to its recent establishment, it’s difficult to determine the legitimacy of However, multiple red flags associated with the website strongly suggest that it may be a scam. There is a lack of credible evidence to support as a trustworthy platform offering reliable products or services.

What To Do If You’ve Shopped On

If you’ve been scammed by, take these steps:

  • Contact Your Bank or Credit card: Cancel the transaction, seek a refund, and block future charges from
  • Change Passwords: Secure your accounts by changing passwords and enabling two-factor authentication.
  • Watch for Phishing Emails: Delete suspicious emails related to to avoid potential malware or data theft.
  • Avoid Unverified Apps: Don’t download any apps recommended by to protect your data.
  • Report to FTC: Help others by reporting the scam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with evidence.

Tips for Secure Online Shopping on New Websites

Here are some quick tips for safe online shopping on new websites:

  • Research the website’s reputation and customer feedback.
  • Check for a secure “https” connection with a padlock symbol.
  • Read customer reviews for reliability and product quality.
  • Understand return and refund policies.
  • Use secure payment methods like credit cards or trusted online services.
  • Only provide essential personal information during checkout to protect your data.

Conclusion seems suspicious, and it’s wise to hold off from engaging with it until you can find feedback from other customers. This precaution will help you steer clear of potential issues or scams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do they offer free Shipping?

Shipping options are available, but there is no mention of free shipping.

Q: Is it a U.S. brand?

There is no specific mention of being a U.S. brand, but they do mention delivering to the U.S.

Q: How do you contact them?

You can contact them via telephone at 16525599745 or via email at

Q: Do they offer a free return?

They do not offer a free return; you need to pay for the return shipping.