Modranstore Reviews: Are Modranstore Trustworthy? Get The Facts Here

Are you considering shopping at Modranstore? If so, you might want to hold off for a minute. This blog post will take a closer look at Modranstore and see if it’s a legitimate website or a scam.

Modranstore Reviews

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What Is Modranstore?

Modranstore is a website that was created in February 2024. Modranstore claims to sell a variety of products, such as clothing, accessories, electronics, home decor, and more. The site claims to offer “the best products at the best prices” and to have “a professional customer service team” that is “always ready to help”. The site also claims to have warehouses in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, and to ship worldwide.

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  1. Recent Establishment: Modranstore’s domain was registered on 2024-03-01, indicating a newly established website. This is a common trait of scam sites created to deceive customers temporarily before disappearing.
  2. Dubious Company Background: The company behind Modranstore, “,” is known for running multiple scam online stores, preying on unsuspecting customers.
  3. Lack of Physical Address and Contact Details: Legitimate companies typically share their physical address and contact numbers for trust-building. Modranstore provides neither, signaling a lack of transparency.
  4. Unrealistic Discounts and Promotions: Modranstore offers unbelievable discounts, such as “CLOSING SALE” with markdowns exceeding 70% or 80%. This tactic is commonly used by scammers to lure customers into purchasing subpar or counterfeit products.
  5. Copied Content: The website has lifted most of its content and product images from reputable online stores like Alibaba, Amazon, or Aliexpress, indicating a lack of originality and credibility.
  6. Absence of Social Media Presence: Modranstore lacks any social media links or engagement, an unusual trait for a supposedly trendy online store. This absence raises questions about the website’s legitimacy and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  7. Inauthentic Customer Reviews: The website displays only positive reviews on its official site, with no genuine customer feedback available on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Complaints include unauthorized credit card charges and the inability to contact the company.
  8. Uniform Shipping and Refund Policy: Modranstore’s shipping and refund policy mirrors those commonly found on scam websites, lacking specificity and uniqueness.

Pros And Cons



  • None


  • Brand new website
  • Suspicious ownership
  • Missing contact information
  • Unrealistically low prices
  • Copied content
  • No social media presence
  • Fake reviews
  • Unclear shipping and return policy

What Are Customers Saying About Modranstore?

Customers are saying mostly negative things about Modranstore, according to the web search results I found. Many customers have reported issues with the site, such as:

  • Receiving low-quality or wrong items
  • Not receiving their orders at all
  • Having difficulty getting a refund
  • Finding fake or copied product images
  • Encountering spelling and grammatical errors
  • Having no contact information or security certificates

Some of the customer reviews I found are:

  • Do not order anything from this site! The brands they carry are available in plenty of other places with competent and efficient shipping and delivery services, or go directly to the brand website.”-By Zirjin
  • Atrocious business. Blatant scam. Their return policy is insulting at best. Avoid at all costs.”-By Vena
  • Terrible return policy. I ordered a radio but wanted the blue tooth version. Difference on the site should have been more clearly labeled. Not only do I have to pay return shipping for the exchange they are deducting the equivalent amount of the free shipping from my refund even tough it is an exchange. Very pretentious service department, even just listening to the choices on the customer service line. Do not recommend. Wish I had seen these reviews before purchasing.”-By Hemly

Is Modranstore Legit Or a Scam?

Considering the plethora of red flags mentioned above, Modranstore is undoubtedly a scam website. Reports from customers indicate non-receipt of orders, receipt of inferior products, and difficulties in obtaining refunds or exchanges due to unresponsive contact details.

Modranstore Repotation On Social Media

Modranstore does not have a good reputation on social media, according to the web search results I found. In fact, Modranstore does not have any social media presence at all, which is unusual for an online store that claims to have thousands of customers. This is one of the red flags that suggest that Modranstore is not a trustworthy site.

The only social media account that I could find related to Modranstore is a Twitter account called @XSocialNetworks, which seems to be a bot that posts links to Modranstore products. However, this account has only 3 followers and no engagement, which indicates that it is not a legitimate or popular source of information.

Therefore, based on the lack of social media presence and the negative customer reviews, I would advise you to be careful and do your own research before buying anything from Modranstore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Modranstore, and why should I be concerned about it?

Modranstore is an online platform claiming to offer products at extremely low prices. However, it has been identified as a scam website that either sends counterfeit products or nothing at all. This FAQ aims to provide information to help you avoid falling victim to their deceptive practices.

How can I identify if Modranstore is a scam?

Look out for several red flags, including a recently created website (registered on March 1, 2024), association with a suspicious company, absence of a physical address, lack of contact details, unrealistic discounts, copied content from legitimate sites, no social media presence, absence of genuine customer feedback, and generic shipping and refund policies.

How do I check the legitimacy of an online store’s ownership?

Investigate the ownership details provided on the website. In the case of Modranstore, it is owned by “,” a company known for operating multiple scam online stores. Be wary of companies with dubious reputations.

Why is the absence of a physical address and contact details concerning?

Legitimate companies typically share their physical address and contact numbers to build trust. The lack of this information from Modranstore raises concerns about its authenticity and suggests a potential attempt to conceal its identity.

Can I trust the discounts and sales promotions offered by Modranstore?

Be cautious of unrealistic discounts and promotions, such as the “CLOSING SALE” on Modranstore. Scammers often use such tactics to lure customers into purchasing low-quality or counterfeit goods.

Why is the absence of social media presence a red flag?

Legitimate online stores use social media to engage with customers, showcase products, and build credibility. The absence of social media activity from Modranstore suggests a lack of commitment to customer satisfaction or an attempt to hide deceptive practices.

Are the positive reviews on Modranstore’s official website reliable?

Exercise skepticism regarding reviews solely present on the official website. Modranstore lacks genuine customer feedback on external platforms like Facebook and Instagram, indicating a potential manipulation of reviews to deceive customers.

How can I contact Modranstore for inquiries or assistance?

Modranstore provides only an email contact at However, customers have reported issues with the email being invalid or unresponsive, making it challenging to seek assistance or refunds.

Is it advisable to make purchases from Modranstore or similar websites?

Based on the identified red flags, we strongly advise against making any purchases from Modranstore or similar websites displaying similar warning signs. Doing so may result in financial loss and compromise your personal information. Stay informed and shop wisely to ensure a secure online shopping experience.

What To Do If You’ve Shopped On Modranstore

  1. Contact Your Bank or Credit Card Company: Request your financial institution to cancel the transaction and block any future charges from Modranstore.
  2. Change Your Passwords: Change passwords immediately, especially if they were used on multiple online accounts. Enable two-factor authentication for added security.
  3. Beware of Phishing Emails: Delete emails claiming to be from Modranstore, as they could be phishing attempts aiming to compromise your device or steal information.
  4. Avoid Installing Any Apps: Refrain from installing any applications recommended by Modranstore, as they may contain malware.
  5. Report the Scam to the FTC: Share evidence and communication records with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to assist others and raise awareness about the fraudulent company.

Final Thoughts

Modranstore is a scam that should be avoided. Its numerous red flags indicate a lack of trustworthiness and reliability. Protect your time and money by steering clear of this deceptive website.

Tips For Secure Online Shopping On New Websites

  1. Thorough Research: Investigate the website’s reputation and customer feedback.
  2. Secure Connections: Ensure the website has an “https” connection and a padlock symbol.
  3. Customer Reviews: Read reviews to assess reliability and product quality.
  4. Understand Return Policies: Familiarize yourself with the website’s return and refund policies.
  5. Secure Payment Methods: Use secure payment methods offering buyer protection, such as credit cards or trusted online payment services.
  6. Protect Personal Information: Provide only necessary details during the checkout process to safeguard your personal information.