Nancy Cordes’s Weight Loss Journey (2022)

Nancy Cordes Weight Loss

It would be best to look good when you step out of your house daily. However, being overweight is not a good option. It affects not only your personality but your health as well. Only a healthy amount of fat is required for the proper functioning of your body. Extra fat may accumulate and result in various diseases. Cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks are mainly seen in obese people.

You can shed these extra calories in various ways. It can be achieved by a good diet plan, exercising, reducing sugar, and eating mindfully. These are an excellent way to loosen up that extra fat. However, such a change has also been seen in Nancy Cordes. Let us have a brief look at her life and weight loss journey. Related: Pocofly Detox Reviews

About Nancy Cordes

Nancy Cordes is an American journalist. She works as a regular contributor to all CBS News congressional programs she has achieved a pretty good status in life and has worked on good platforms. She has been an essential member of CBS for years.

Nancy Cordes Early Life

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Nancy Weiner is her actual birth name. She was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1970. Her childhood was spent growing up in the scenic areas of Kauai and Oahu, Hawaii. Her mother was a doctor and emphasized good education for girls.

Nancy Cordes Education

She attended school at Punahou School in Honolulu. She accomplished her graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in 1995. Then, she decided to obtain a Master’s degree.

Her Master’s degree is in public policy from Princeton University’s School of Public and international affairs. She was also a part of the varsity group.

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Nancy Cordes Professional Life

Nancy has worked hard all her life, beginning in 1995 with her first proper job. She started her career in Honolulu as a reporter for KHNL-TV. Nancy even covered the September 11th attack by terrorists on the Pentagon. She later reported peacekeeping in Bosnia, the D.C. sniper attacks, and the presidential race in 2000.

In 2003, she started working with a famous new channel known as ABC News and officially joined it later. In 2007, she then joined an NYC-based correspondent. She then moved to Washington, DC as a CBC correspondent.

Nancy Cordes Personal Life

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Nancy started dating Harald Cordes in 2003. This cute couple dated for three years and got married in 2006. They had their first child, a daughter, in 2008. Nancy and Harald had another baby in 2010. They are still married and are living a happy life with both their children. Don’t Forget: Cobratate.Com Reviews

Nancy Cordes’s Net Worth

Nancy Cordes has grown significantly over time. Her career has been rising with her efforts and hard work. It is seen that her estimated net worth is $2 million. It is a good one seeing her struggle throughout all these years.

Nancy Cordes Controversy

Nancy is a successful American journalist living a happy life with her family. Her successful career and happy life are all that someone can desire. Most people usually get caught in any rumor during their lives. However, Nancy has been saved from any rumor or controversy.

Latest On Twitter

Nancy Cordes Weight loss journey

Nancy Cordes Weight loss 3

People have observed a great deal of difference in Nancy Cordes’s weight. She seems to have lost about 20 pounds which is evident from her recent pictures. She has said nothing on this topic, so everyone has their own assumptions. Explore More: Alpine Ice Hack Reviews

A few think she has been sick, leading to a drastic weight loss. However, her glowing skin says the opposite. It doesn’t seem that she has been sick. It is possible that Nancy had a good workout routine.

Nancy had gained weight after children, but it was essential to loosen some of it. She wanted a healthy lifestyle as a mother, which was a good change in her life. Nancy is 52 years old and has put much effort into the shed of that extra fat.

Nancy Cordes Social Media handles

Nancy seems to be quite active on Facebook and Twitter. She has a good following on both platforms. Furthermore, she doesn’t seem to like Instagram, perhaps. She is inactive primarily there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Nancy Cordes now?

Nancy Cordes is happy with her husband and two children in Washington, DC.

What does Nancy Cordes weigh?

Nancy weighs about 63 kilograms. This is a healthy weight according to her age. See Also: Remi Bader Weight Loss

How did Nancy Cordes lose weight?

Nancy seems to be quite mindful of her diet and proper exercise, which was a consistent phase. That is why she was able to loosen up the fat.

Nancy Cordes’s Latest News

She has recently been rolling on the White House North Lawn. She has been working as usual and taking interviews with FLOTUS. A journalist never gets a day off, even during the summer. She is still working as her job is never resting.