Noene Reviews-What You Need to Know Before You Order

Noene reviews

The shoe’s fit depends on various factors, one of which is the insole. It is a piece of material that offers the users the perfect and most comfortable shoes. Sometimes the wrong insole damages your foot muscles and causes foot aches. You may be searching the various sites to get one for yourself, but getting the right one is not an easy thing to do. While searching on the internet, we came across the name Noene. It is the brand that claims to make you move comfortably.

The noene Undersole is a famous kind of insert. It is not like other traditional shoe inserts, which are bulky. The best thing about them is that they are super thin and not very comfortable. Don’t Miss: Is Ugglockers Legit

Today, our novel reviews contain various factors like user feedback, uses, and more. But before that, it is necessary to learn about this famous insole.

About Noene

You might have heard about this brand on ABC’s Shark Tank. The NOENE® SOLES are a highly popular kind of insert for your shoes. The thing that makes it best among the others is the weight. Unlike other shoe inserts, it is not bulky and weightless. It is very thin and can go under any existing shoe.

What is a Shark tank? It is a famous business show where newbies and startups pitch their items to a panel of judges. If the judges love the things and see the growth potential, they offer an amazing deal to the owner. 

This time he appears in the 6th season of Shark Tank and impresses the judges with his soles. The shock-absorbing features make them the best among the other insoles accessible in the sector. It claims it can withstand harmful shock vibration, so you need to order it today. It never closed the deal with Shark Tank; I have worked with Foot Solutions and grown since that day. Would Like: Sanapie Reviews

What is Noene made of?

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noene legit or scam

It consists of noene, a sort of rubber with a great internal structure. This material has special specifications and specific features that make this material unique from traditional elastomers. Read More: Ballenmarcus Reviews

Noene’s Red Sole Insoles Review

This item was featured on Shark Tank. This sole is best for flat feet. You can opt for these shoe inserts if you stand all day. It is the best pick for someone who likes to keep a healthy and active lifestyle. Why is it so? It is because it offers great high-tech joint support. The best thing is washable, and you can buy it from their website (59.99.

Noene NO2 Insoles Review

Its firmest, earliest shock-absorbing inserts. It is the item that the firm featured on Shark Tank. These insoles are light in weight and thin. It is the perfect pick for running, walking, standing, and hiking. You can use it for any shoe, from work boots to sneakers. You can get it from their official website for $54.99.

Why Should You Choose Noene Insoles?

  • It protects the joints and improves the quality of life.
  • This thing also keeps shoes comfortably fitted.
  • It offers smooth integration.

Noene Insole Shipping Policy

  • All orders take 2 to 3 working days to process before shipping.
  • $6.99 is the standard cost; it takes 4–8 working days after the shipping date arrives.
  • It is free if the order is over $75.

Noene’s Insolestore Return Policy

This firm offers a “happy feet guarantee,” which means 100 percent money back.

Return it in its original packing within thirty days.

The shipping charges are non-refundable.

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How Much Do They Cost?

  • The shipping is free for over 75 dollars.
  • They do charge shipping for the refund.
  • The standard shipping cost is about $6.99.


  • It is light in weight.
  • It is not bulky.
  • They offer many styles of insoles to offer all foot solutions.
  • Their refund policy is great.
  • There is good feedback from the users.


  • There is some lousy feedback from the users.
  • Rates are a little high.

Noene Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

So you are impressed with the judges on Shark Tank. But is it impressing the users? So let us study some of the responses from the users.

Let us start with the customer reviews on their official website. One of the users stated that he is looking for something like this that is thin and offers the best cushion. He reviewed this item on March 6th, 2018. Other users left feedback on the 9th, 2017. He was happy with the items. He stated that they are better than the gel insole and offer all-day comfort.

Now let us check the buyer’s reviews on Amazon. One of the buyers purchased the inserts for his wife. His wife loved it and could notice the difference it offered to her knees, feet, and back. The best thing about these resources is that many people find them helpful. Another user stated that it never offers shock absorption or cushioning to the feet. So, five users find it useful. One of the users is ranked 5.0 out of 5 stars, and the site offers a great impact reducer. So if we review the Amazon feedback, it is mostly good, and a few are bad. 

The Facebook page says the athlete has pain and aches in his back and shoulders. These insoles work like a game changer for him. One of the runners states that Noene is the new wave! 

On Instagram, it has 13k followers with many reives from customers in customer highlights. Explore More: Usatimberland Com

Did Noene get a deal on Shark Tank?

So, this firm never closed the deal with Daymond and Mark. This firm added NO2, the thicker inserts, to its line, So in September 2020, Foot Solution acquired this film for an undisclosed amount.

How To Contact?

They have shared the contact submission form. You need to fill them out to approach them. This store also has a social media presence, which is another good thing in today’s world.