Ondant.com Review: The Best Place to Buy High-Quality T-shirts?

ondant com reviews

Do you like to order some stuff from ondant.com? Would you like to learn whether it is a reliable name or not? Online businesses are getting more popular daily, and many stores offer their services at the best rates. They claim to provide quality things at reasonable rates. (https://tjc.org/)

Amongst all those stores, the Ondant is one of them. It is the online name that deals with t-shirts. This site offers its buyers quality and trendy shirts that are comfortable and make you look good. Before making any purchase from this online store, read ondant.com reviews. In this article, we will discuss pricing, quality, customer service, website authenticity, and more.

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About ondant.com 

Ondant is a USA-based store that deals in t-shirts, toasters, coolers, coat boards, inflators, strollers, handpiece cutters, and more.

They have categorized it as the following:

  • Melonologist Watermellons Novelty Gifts T-Shirt
  • Watermelon T-shirt 
  • USA Cuba T-shirt
  • Sister Saucers
  • All in one kid’s wakeboard
  • Zoe Stroller for 6 to 36 months
  • Shearing hand pique cutter
  • more

Ondant claims to search for trending and fantastic items that will make the life of the users simple they think if you buy for this store, you will enjoy the best shopping experience.

They mention that they strive to offer top-quality services to the buyers. Ondant team also says that they provide services as per the need of the customers. To them, client satisfaction is the priority. Because of this, their buyers feel happy and comfortable with the services.

The claims they are making are proper? Does this website bring ease and comfort to your life? Before making any decisions, let us find out whether this website is legit or not.

Is a Brand Legit or a Scam?

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is ondant legit-or-scam

In this part of writing, you will find all the vital data about the ondant site. So get ready to read all the data carefully and then make the right decisions about purchasing from this website. In ondant.com reviews, you will find information about the quality, pricing, customer service, and much more. 

We also recommend performing some research on Google before buying from any new site.

Price: The price of each item on the website seems excellent and alluring. We have compared the cost of their items with that of a similar article on various sites; it is more or less the same. As far as pricing goes, it is okay.

Product quality: There is no review of the customers on their official website. On other sites, there are no good reviews about the items and the website’s service. So here are some of the first red flags.

Website quality:

  • Domain Making Date is 14th April 2022, Thursday at 12:00 am
  • Site Popularity is 0 (Poor)
  • The blacklist engine misses the Domain Blacklist Level
  • The HTTPS link is valid.
  • The Proximity to the dubious site is 30/100.
  • Also, the threat profile is 35/100.
  • The phishing score is about 32/100.
  • The Malware Score is 35/100.
  • The spam score is 16/100.

As per the scam detector algorithm, the score is 47.6/100.

It shows that the website could be tagged as

  1. Questionable
  2. Controversial
  3. Flagged.

Founder: There is no data about the founder of this website, hence another red flag here.

Contact and Address:

  • 3179 South Grand Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63118, United States
  • +1(220)200-7089

Our research shows that this is the address of another store in that area. Even the phone number is not accurate. The email address is also fake and cosmetic mentions that the email ID is bouncing back. Hence, another red flag is here.

Shipping and Refund: They deliver the item to your place within three to five working days. The order processing period is about 1 business day.

They also offered thirty-day return choices, meaning buyers have 30 days to return the items.

Customer Reviews

No feedback and reviews are accessible on the website. The customer who purchased the item from this store has left reviews on the scamdoc that are not that great. Buyers have mentioned that they have received a total of different things from what they have ordered.

Promotions and Discounts

The discount prices in the store make it too good to be true. In other words, it is a suspicious website. There are no current sales, discounts, or promotions on the site.



  • SSL certificate
  • HTTPS for buyers’ safety.
  • It offers many payment options to buyers.
  • It provides a valid and accessible policy to the buyers.
  • Alluring rates


  • Poor website
  • No information about the founder
  • Fake email ID, phone number, and physical address
  • Bad customer reviews

Final Verdict

As per our ondant com reviews, we have concluded that the website is a scam because of various red flags. The address and other contact information they have mentioned it as fake. The discounts are too good to be true, and there are lousy customer reviews on various websites.