Pampelone Clothing Reviews: What Do The Customers Think?

Pampelone Clothing has been making waves in the fashion industry with its promise of delivering the chic, elegant style reminiscent of the French Riviera. The brand’s offerings are inspired by the breathtaking beaches, colorful towns, and the stylish women of the Riviera, draped in elegant resort wear. But what do the customers think? Here’s a dive into the world of Pampelone through the eyes of those who don its apparel.

Pampelone Clothing Reviews

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What Is Pampelone?

Pampelone is a clothing brand that offers a collection of women’s resort wear, inspired by the chic and elegant style of the French Riviera. Their products are hand made and hand dyed in Bali by a team of artisans. The brand’s range includes dresses, jumpsuits, intimates, and more, designed to embody functional fashion with understated elegance.

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  • Suspicious Company: Pampelone is linked to other scam websites.
  • Missing Contact Info: No real address or phone number, only an email address.
  • Unrealistic Deals: Super low prices and huge discounts are often too good to be true.
  • Copied Content: Images and content stolen from other stores raise doubts.
  • Unreliable Social Media: Low engagement and suspicious reviews on Trustpilot.
  • Missing Customer Reviews: No real feedback anywhere except their own site (which is suspect).

Pampelone Clothing Reviews: Customer Experiences

Some customers have expressed satisfaction with their purchases and customer service, praising the quality of the clothing and the professionalism of the customer service team. However, others have reported issues such as poor customer service, problems with returns, and difficulties in getting refunds. It’s important to note that experiences vary, and while some customers have had positive interactions, others feel they have had fraudulent experiences with the company.

Some customers have faced issues with customer service, citing difficulties in reaching out and problems with returns. There are reports of orders not being received, refunds being issued as unusable gift cards, and a lack of response from the company’s side, leading to frustration and financial loss.

Positive And Negative Reviews On Trustpilot

Positive Reviews

  • I have bought a few pieces from Pampelone and absolutely love, love, love them all and have gotten complements even from total strangers. Also, the customer service is professional and timely with any concerns I have had. I will keep purchasing from Pampelone due to their items quality and outstanding customer service.“-By Angelique Abma
  • Pamplona clothes speak to me, my style, and my life. I have countless dresses from their collection and each one of them is a favorite. They are beautiful, well-made, feminine, and wonderful to wear.”-By Kete

Negative Reviews

  • This company has the absolute worst customer service. You can not reach them and they will take no returns. Do not buy from this company.”-By L Stefanson
  • Pampelone operates a fraudulent business. I returned clothing. Requested a refund because they sent me items that did not match the description. They gave me a gift card. It doesn’t work. I am out of pocket 300+ dollars and have attempted to contact them multiple times and no response. There is no number to call.”-By Sandra Mostacci
  • I used to love this company and thought they had amazing customer service until the last month. A $220 order I placed was returned to them by my post office since I was out of town during delivery and now they will not resend it, credit me back or respond to any of my emails or DMs so I guess that money is just gone.”-By Christina. Source

Pros And Cons



  • Wide range of products


  • No real address or phone number
  • Unrealistic discounts
  • Stolen content from other stores
  • Unreliable social media presence
  • Customers report not receiving orders or getting inferior products

Is Pampelone Legit Or a Scam?

The legitimacy of Pampelone seems to be a mixed bag based on customer reviews. There is no evidence to suggest that the website is a legitimate or reliable website that delivers quality products or services to its customers. The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity on WHOIS. According to Tranco this site has a low rank. Customers who have shopped from Pampelone have reported not receiving their orders or receiving inferior products.

Price Range Of Pampelone Products

The price range for Pampelone products varies, with items such as:

  • Apollo Pants for $150.00 USD
  • Ares Kimono on sale for $88.00 USD from $158.00 USD
  • Artemis Linen Shorts starting at $60.00 USD
  • Astrid Maxi Dress for $160.00 USD
  • Aurora Blazer at $197.00 USD

Final Toughts

Pampelone is a scam website with numerous red flags that indicate it is not trustworthy or reliable. It is advisable to avoid making any purchases on this site to prevent potential disappointment or being scammed.

Shop Safe Online

  • Research the Website: Look for reviews and see how long they’ve been around.
  • Secure Connection: Make sure the website has “https” and a lock symbol.
  • Read Reviews: See what other customers are saying about their experience.
  • Return Policy: Know your options before you buy.
  • Secure Payment: Use a credit card or trusted online payment service.
  • Protect Your Info: Only give the website what they absolutely need.

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