Rebelstork: The Best Place For All Your Baby Needs? Read Reviews

The rebelstork store is the talk of the town. Many mothers look forward to buying articles like feed, diapers, and strollers from this store. Indeed, the name is ruling the internet, but can you trust all the hyped brands? Some of them are too good to be true. If you plan to get your hands on the Rebelstork site, read rebelstork reviews.

rebelstork reviews

It is an online store that sells and buys baby items like car seats, high chairs, and much more. Here, you will find a lovely collection of used toys that will make you want to order one or two for the little angel. Indeed, this collection is to die for. Also, the rates are good. It is the place where you can sell and buy articles.

Indeed, many brands sell quality items at low prices. Websites like eBay, Amazon, and others offer the item at lower rates. The best thing about these e-commerce stores is their great shipping and return policies. They also have customer care services that are worth dying for. 

We worked on customer service, mother reviews, and much more in the rebelstork reviews. So, would you like to learn about this store? If yes, you are at the right place at the right time.

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About Rebelstork Store: Does It Has All Things For Baby?

rebelstork baby stroller

 We thoroughly researched this brand and discovered several issues. It is one of the most hyped names on the internet. Here you can buy and sell items like baby gear, toys, and many more. This website also has a large selection of gift items on rebelstork. 

This online store has all the details about policies. Right now, it offers its buyers 14 days of return privileges, which is great. If buyers face any issues, they should contact them via their contact information. 

Furthermore, they make sure to offer their customers a variety of payment modes. Here you can pay via Master Card, VISA, and much more.

The Emily Hosie is the CEO of Rebel Stork. Hosie told Retail that with baby gear such as cribs, toys, high chairs, and more. She knows safety is a leading priority for mothers. The firm raised about $5 M Series A round in 2022.

Is RebelStork Real?

Emily Hosie, millennial mother and rockstar, founded Rebelstork as a sustainable, reasonable, and reliable means to disrupt the sector. The online marketplace permits the selling and buying of overstock, open-box, and top-quality used baby gear at the best price.

Frequently Asked Questions

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rebelstork baby gear marketplace
rebelstork baby gear marketplace

How does Rebelstork function?

How their process works, Each article goes through a thorough, nine-point quality review. Their pricing algorithm delivers a fair value for each article. If one gets an item that never matches a listing, they guarantee a full refund.

Where is Rebelstork located?

Toronto, Canada.

Rebelstork is a Toronto-based website that allows you to sell and buy expertly crafted quality baby gear.

Is there a discount?

There is an approximate 80% discount.

Do they offer free shipping?

Shipping is free on orders of $99 or more. Under $99, a $20 flat fee 

Is it a U.S.-based brand?

It is a Canada-based name.

Does it have social media handle?

Yes, it has Facebook and Instagram.

Rebelstork Reviews By Buyers

Here are some great reviews abotu this name on Facebook. Let us have a look at them. One of the buyers stated that “I ordered multiple times from Rebelstork and had an amazing experience every time – from purchasing great quality products for a really good price (they also send coupons via email from time to time) to clear communication, super quick delivery and the best drivers who always help with heavy items.”

But Cabell Wendrick recommends something other than Rebelstork. He mentioned, ” I should have heeded the warning on most of these reviews.” Their customer service is horrible. I ordered 2 booster car seats. Simple, right? WRONG. They only shipped one of the two seats but marked the entire order as delivered. The seat that I did receive was missing cupholders & kid console (that the listing stated it had).”

The review has received a lot of positive feedback. One of the buyers stated, “I was skeptical when it came to ordering; I like to see and touch the product before purchasing, and I like to shop at large consumer companies.” I checked the return policies and verified the company. Well, my Nuna Leaf Curb came exactly as described! It arrived just a few days after I ordered it. “It was perfect!”



  • Many brands are available.
  • There is a great discount.
  • You can buy and sell articles.


  • Some customers face issues about customer care.


The Final Verdict (Rebelstork Reviews)

Here is our final verdict about the brand: It is an online store that buys and sells a wide range of baby gear, from strollers to toys. This site has a promising website with categorization for each section.

Furthermore, this online store has a separate shipping policy section. So this site has an “about us” section, where they share all the brand information. Do we recommend this name to you?

Of course, yes. Why is that so? It is because there is complete information about the brand and reliable shipping policies. Also, there are many great reviews, but the only issue that customers share is customer care. But the rate of such complaints is lower.