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November 07, 2023
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With an overall score of 71, the brand’s performance can be considered above average. While some customers appear satisfied with their purchases, there are mixed reviews and concerns about sizing and the return process. If you’re interested in Saguaro Shoes, it’s worth exploring their products, but it’s advisable to pay attention to sizing and consider customer feedback when making your choice.

Brand Info:

  • Brand Name: SAGUARO
  • Offering Products: Barefoot Shoes, Casual Shoes, Water Shoes, Accessories
  • Prices: Varied prices for different shoe models
  • Sale: 10% off with code “SAGUARO” and various discounted footwear options available
  • Brand Owner: Not Found
  • Established in: Not Found
  • Phone: +86 17759232231
  • E-mail:
  • Address: Room A84, North side of 4F, Yifeng Building, Bayiqi Road, Houzhou Street, Taijiang District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province (Business Hosting) (This is not a returning address)

Trustpilot Score: 88

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  • Trustpilot URL: Trustpilot Link
  • Trustpilot Reviews: 544
  • Trustpilot Rating Level: Excellent
  • Trustpilot Rating: 4.4
  • Trustpilot is Claimed: Claimed
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Top 5 Star Review on Trustpilot:

by: Amy

“I purchased a pair of shoes and followed the sizing chart provided by the company. It was sorted in a matter of days. Things happen, especially with online shopping, but how a company handles those situations denotes the quality of the company. I’ll order again for sure.”

Top 4 Star Review on Trustpilot:

by: Jay

“The sole insert on the left shoe came loose, had to remove it to finish my walk, during my first 30-minute walk. I glued the insert into place when I got home and haven’t had any more problems.”

Top 3 Star Review on Trustpilot:

by: Allan Judge

“Shoe smell, odor treatment appears to be non-existent.”

Top 2 Star Review on Trustpilot:

by: e v

“Shipping, return/exchange process was a nightmare. My son was so excited for his shoes, but they took forever and almost didn’t come. I couldn’t submit my tracking number because the receipt got ruined accidentally. What’s up with that?”

Top 1 Star Review on Trustpilot:

by: unhappy buyer

“Shoe sizes are completely OFF. Return process is a nightmare and very difficult to just RETURN the shoes. They don’t even give you an option to send it back, instead they offer you a discount to get a different pair of shoes. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE service and process. I’d recommend other brands, even if it costs you $10 more dollars.”

Saguaro Shoes on Trustpilot has received mixed feedback, with a rating of 4.4, classified as “Excellent.” While some customers praise the company’s handling of issues and quality of products, others have expressed concerns about sizing discrepancies and the return process.

It’s important for Saguaro Shoes to address these issues to maintain their reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Sitejabber Score: 0

BBB Score: 0

Saguaro Shoes Red Flags

  • Missing Instagram Details: The absence of key Instagram information, such as name, posts, followers, and following, raises questions about the brand’s online presence and transparency.
  • Lack of Sitejabber Data: The unavailability of Sitejabber reviews, ratings, and related information makes it difficult to gauge customer feedback and satisfaction regarding Saguaro Shoes.
  • BBB Information Missing: The absence of data related to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), including ratings, reviews, and claims, hinders the assessment of the brand’s credibility and customer interactions.

These red flags, such as missing social media details, absence of reviews and ratings on trusted platforms like Sitejabber and BBB, can raise concerns when evaluating the legitimacy of Saguaro Shoes. To make an informed decision, it’s advisable to proceed with caution and conduct further research before making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

Saguaro Shoes appears to be a legitimate brand, with a strong online presence, positive customer feedback on Trustpilot, and active social media accounts. However, the absence of information on Sitejabber and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) suggests a lack of external validation. It’s advisable to exercise caution and conduct further research before making a purchase.

Tips for Secure Online Shopping on New Websites

  • Research the Website: Investigate the website’s legitimacy by checking for contact information, customer reviews, and the presence of social media accounts.
  • Secure Payment Methods: Use secure payment options like credit cards or trusted payment gateways to protect your financial information.
  • Look for HTTPS: Ensure the website has a secure connection (HTTPS) before entering any personal or payment details.
  • Read Reviews: Search for reviews and ratings of the website and its products on trusted review platforms to gauge customer satisfaction.
  • Check Return Policy: Review the return and refund policy to understand the terms and conditions in case you need to return a product.
  • Avoid Unbelievable Deals: Be cautious of websites offering deals that seem too good to be true, as they might be scams.
  • Keep Records: Save records of your transactions, including order confirmations and receipts.
  • Regularly Monitor Accounts: Keep an eye on your bank and credit card statements for any unauthorized charges.
  • Use Strong Passwords: Create strong and unique passwords for your online shopping accounts to protect your personal information.

If you have experience with Saguaro Shoes, please share it below to help others make informed decisions.