Slabway Foot Massager – Multiple Area Massager, Remote Control, Compact & Portable

slabway foot massager review

Slabway shiatsu foot massager review – treat your feet with a relaxing massage at your home. Take a look at this unbiased, well-researched review to choose your foot massager wisely.

If you always remain on your feet, just like me, then the foot massage should be a part of your daily life routine.

While writing this, I’m having a relaxing foot massage not by any person but by the machine. The foot massager has become an integral part of my daily self-care routine.

While conducting regular training at the gym, my feet get sore arches and knots. The soreness increases as I get back to my sleepers from the sneakers. I needed an appropriate remedy to relieve the soreness – but couldn’t go with it regularly because of the tiring routine.

Later I tried to visit masseuses – which proved economically unfriendly. So, I had to choose even a better option to treat myself at home, and this is where I found the foot massager handy and comfy.

The right foot massager can give you a relaxing effect after a long tiring day.

Choosing a suitable foot massager means reading the reviews, product specifications, pros and cons, and configurations.

Today in this article, we will hit the popped-up daily care product, Slabway foot massager, which you can buy directly from the online stores.

Following our pattern, this reading will initiate with the product introduction and specifications. Succeeding that you will know the products’ ins and outs will help you decide if it is worth buying. To understand the detailed information regarding this product and knowing what the valued customers are saying about it, give it a thorough read.

Introduction of Company – The Slabway

Slabway is a highly customer-centric company that endorses its product after in-depth checks and evaluating the predicted customers’ response.

It aims to market top-notch quality products to retain the customers’ trust. The dedication of the team and their exceptional services led the company to legitimacy.

Counting on the standards of e-shopping and providing uncompromisable products are their top specialty.

In the online business, where it is tough to gauge the product’s quality – you aim to buy- Slabway has been recognized as a trustworthy and straightforward online provider. The company introduced a foot and calf massager after thorough experimentation and monitoring its after-effects.

Before knowing about the Slabway foot massager, our readers must understand the significance of having regular massage. 

How regular massage helps in releasing the tiredness?

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Unlike the old times, a vast majority of people today are having the stress of modern life. Everyone knows that massage helps relieve the soreness and aches. Still, out of curiosity, we dived into the ocean of main reasons to understand how it makes a miraculous impact on the aches and soreness.

Massage increases the blood circulation

Our muscles always remain in the quest for oxygenated blood, which gives a refreshing feel. In a hasty working environment, body muscles get restless and start to damage. During exercise and even in a tiring work routine, lactose generates in the muscles because of a deficiency of oxygen, and muscles take more time to heal. Regular massage helps to restructure the muscles by increasing blood circulation. It provides a tool to restore strength.

Massage combats inflammation

Inflammation is a natural alarm of serious injury. Thankfully the regular massage fight against the inflammation and decreases the pain. While massage reduces the inflammation caused by any muscular damage, mitochondria start producing and growing in response to the stimulation. These mitochondria help to convert the stored nutrients into energy and make the muscles more efficient.

If you are standing at the border to know about Slabway shiatsu foot massager,with the questions about how it operates, what benefits does it give, and most importantly, if it is legit to buy; then we think you’ll get the answer to all your hesitations in a single read.Slabway foot massager puts you on the straight path of muscles’ relaxing journey with the customized control of heat, rollers, and programs.

About Slabway Shiatsu Foot Massager

Slabway has a specially designed kneading foot massager for giving you reflexology therapy at your home without paying any charges.

If you want to sit back and ease off all the stress, then slabway shiatsu foot massager is one for you. It does not encompass your feet thoroughly, but the pressuring system implies a significant amount of thrust and gives a palpation effect.

The manufacturers have designed it to balance the implemented pressure equally on the feet, soles, and sides. It increases blood circulation by deep rolling and pushing to relieve the legs, knees, feet, and calf from swallowing and nerve pain.

The remote control system makes it easy to handle – controls the speed, massage direction, and adjusts the mode setting quickly. When you pop your feet inside, the warm air compression and rollers provide a deep shiatsu massage.

To know more about this machine have a look at its specifications.


  • Manufacturer: slabway
  • ASIN: B081J6X94F
  • Body area: feet
  • Type of machine: foot massager
  • Massage function: shiatsu massage
  • Mechanism: kneading and rolling to relieve the tension and stress
  • Therapy: Reflexology
  • Portable: Yes, it is
  • Wireless: Yes, it is wireless
  • Modes: 3 different ways of relaxation
  • Massage areas: Heel, toe, arch, sole, and calves
  • Positions: different- can be changed according to need
  • Control: remote control to handle speed, power, massage direction, and modes adjustment
  • Design: compact to allow easy storage
  • Money-back Guarantee: 100% guarantee of refund on slabway official website
  • Dimensions: 22″ Length × 12″ Width × 10″ height
  • Touch panel: available

How to use Slabway foot massager?

The foot massager got simple input buttons on the machine along with remote control. On the top, there is a power button that turns on the device.

Following the power button, here is a scale of auto-selection for message type, categorized as p1, p2, p3, and p4. The custom selection of massage area- toe, arch, and sole – makes it more precise in working. However, you can do the “manual” settings by pressing on the button below the “auto button“.

There are a speed selector and direction monitor to control the motion at the bottom of the machine.

To start it, you merely plugin the wire and turn it on. According to your suited bearing, you can choose the speed, custom area, massage type, and direction. After that, it is all set, and you can enjoy your relaxing massage.

Important to know:

Some people have various tolerance to the massager pressure, so it is recommended to operate it for 5 to 10 minutes to get used to the vibration force.Please do not use it for more than 30 minutes. Contact Customer services if you feel pain after using it.

Power consumptions?

  • Rated time: 15 minutes
  • Rated Power: 40 Watts
  • Rated Voltage: 110


  • Heavy duty product quality made
  • Compact and portable
  • Remote-controlled handling
  • Modes can be set according to the need


  • No heat or air pressure setting
  • Unable to moderate the side squeezing

Is the product safe to use?

Yes, this slabway foot massager is entirely safe for everyone.

What customers say about it?

Our research found it on the top rating with useful customers review.

The rolling and kneading mechanism squeezes the feet firmly and imposes equal pressure to release the stress. Although the customers have a few complaints in delivery, the quality of product and working is remarkable.

According to the customers, it is convenient in handling and has substantial quality. The look of the massager is sleek.

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The tired and ached feet need something more than a regular massage, and this slabway foot massager fulfills the need properly. It is recommended to use.

The rolling mechanism of a highly controlled, intense foot massager gently releases the muscular tension. I use this to have reflexology therapy at home – in which the rollers induces pain releasing hormone, endorphins, and increase the blood circulation.