Smilekit V34 Colour Corrector Reviews: Too Good To Be True?

SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector is a product that claims to use a purple pigment to neutralize yellow teeth and make them appear whiter. Online reviews of SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector are mixed. Some customers report positive results, while others say that the product did not work for them.

smilekit v34 colour corrector reviews
smilekit v34 colour corrector reviews

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of this innovative toothpaste and explore the experiences of users who have tried it. From its unique colour correcting technology to its application process, pricing, and customer reviews, we’ll cover it all.

About SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector

SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector is a toothpaste designed to counteract the yellow hues in your teeth, revealing a brighter, whiter smile. By utilizing colour correcting technology, this product conceals stains and enhances the overall brightness of your teeth.

The V34 series offers the highest concentration of colour correction in the SmileKit range, making it a powerful tool in achieving a radiant smile.

How does it work?

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You might be familiar with purple shampoo for hair, but have you ever thought about applying purple to your teeth?

SmileKit V34 uses the concept of complementary colors to neutralize the yellow undertones in your teeth. By applying the purple toothpaste, the yellow hues are canceled out, resulting in a perceptively brighter shade of white. It’s like magic happening on your toothbrush!

How to Use?

Using SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector is as simple as your regular brushing routine. Apply a pea-sized amount of the toothpaste to your toothbrush and brush your teeth as you normally would for two minutes. After brushing, rinse your mouth with clean water to complete the process.

Positive Reviews

“I’ve been using SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector for a few weeks now and I’m really happy with the results. My teeth look noticeably whiter and I haven’t had any sensitivity.” – Amazon reviewer

“I was skeptical about color correctors at first, but I’m so glad I gave SmileKit V34 a try. My teeth look so much brighter and I haven’t had any problems with sensitivity.” – Trustpilot reviewer

“I’ve tried a few different color correctors, but SmileKit V34 is by far the best. It really works to neutralize the yellow in my teeth and make them look whiter.” – Facebook reviewer

Negative Reviews

“I ordered the SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector and it didn’t work at all. I followed the instructions carefully, but my teeth didn’t look any whiter.” – Amazon reviewer

“I had a terrible experience with SmileKit’s customer service. I tried to contact them about a problem with my order and they never responded to my emails.” – Trustpilot reviewer

“I used SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector and it made my teeth feel really sensitive. I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.” – Facebook reviewer



  • Utilizes colour correcting technology to counterbalance yellow hues in teeth
  • Conceals stains and improves overall brightness
  • Highest concentration of V34 in the SmileKit range
  • Can be used after whitening treatment, daily, or as a brightening boost


  • Mixed reviews regarding effectiveness
  • Some users reported tooth sensitivity after use
  • Vague shipping and refund policies
  • Limited company contact information available

Should you buy smilekit v34 colour corrector?

Ultimately, the decision to purchase SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector depends on your personal preferences and needs. Here are three key points to consider:

  1. Effectiveness and Reviews: SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector has received both positive and negative reviews. While some users have seen noticeable improvements in the whiteness of their teeth, others have reported limited results or tooth sensitivity. Considering the mixed feedback, it’s important to weigh the potential benefits against the possible drawbacks before making a purchase.
  2. Limited Company Information: The lack of clear company information, including the physical address and limited contact details, raises concerns about the credibility and accessibility of the product. It’s advisable to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before buying from websites or sources with questionable legitimacy.
  3. Alternative Options: There are various teeth whitening products and solutions available in the market. Exploring alternative options, consulting with dental professionals, and reading reviews for different products can help you make a more informed decision and find the right solution for your specific needs.

In summary, it is recommended to carefully evaluate the pros and cons, consider individual preferences, and potentially explore alternative options before deciding whether or not to purchase SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector.

Pricing & Availability

SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector is priced at $28 and is available for purchase on various websites. You can find it on their official website, [website link], as well as other online platforms. However, it’s essential to be cautious while making a purchase, as some websites might have copied content and may not be legitimate.

Shipping & Refund Policies

The specific shipping and refund policies for SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector are unclear. It’s recommended to carefully review the policies of the website from which you choose to purchase the product to ensure a smooth buying experience.

Company Details

Unfortunately, information about the physical location of the SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector company is not available. The only contact method provided is via email at This limited contact information raises concerns about the accessibility and legitimacy of the company.

Promotions & Discounts

It’s worth noting that there are claims of promotions and discounts available for SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector, such as a 70% discount on all products. However, it’s advisable to approach such offers with caution and verify the authenticity of the sources before making a purchase.

Social Media Presence

SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector has a Facebook page called “Bigbicyclmn” with a considerable number of followers and ratings based on reviews. However, the absence of the product on platforms like Instagram and Trustpilot raises questions about its legitimacy and credibility.

Comparision: Hismile v34 Colour Corrector VS smilekit v34 colour corrector

Hismile V34 Colour Corrector and SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector are both color correctors that use a purple pigment to neutralize yellow teeth and make them appear whiter. However, there are some key differences between the two products.

  • Ingredients: Hismile V34 Colour Corrector contains papain, an enzyme that helps to break down stains on teeth. SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector does not contain any active ingredients other than the purple pigment.
  • Application: Hismile V34 Colour Corrector is applied to the teeth like a regular toothpaste. SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector is applied to the teeth with a small brush.
  • Duration of results: The results of using Hismile V34 Colour Corrector are said to last for up to 24 hours. The results of using SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector are said to last for up to 72 hours.
  • Price: Hismile V34 Colour Corrector is slightly more expensive than SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector.

Ultimately, the best color corrector for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for a product that contains active ingredients to help remove stains, then Hismile V34 Colour Corrector may be a better choice for you. If you are looking for a more affordable product, then SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector may be a better option.

Here is a table comparing the two products:

FeatureHismile V34 Colour CorrectorSmileKit V34 Colour Corrector
IngredientsPapain, purple pigmentPurple pigment
ApplicationBrushed on like toothpasteApplied with a small brush
Duration of resultsUp to 24 hoursUp to 72 hours
PriceMore expensiveLess expensive

It is important to note that both Hismile V34 Colour Corrector and SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector are color correctors, not teeth whitening products. They are not designed to whiten teeth, but to neutralize yellow tones and make them appear whiter. If you are looking for a product to whiten your teeth, you should consider using a traditional teeth whitening product, such as a whitening toothpaste or whitening strips.


SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector offers a unique approach to achieving a brighter smile by utilizing colour correcting technology. While it has received positive reviews from users, there are also negative experiences shared by some.

When purchasing SmileKit V34 Colour Corrector, it’s essential to exercise caution, as there are websites with copied content and unclear shipping and refund policies.