Tluse Clothing Reviews: What You Need To Know Before You Order

Online shopping can be a great way to find stylish clothes at good prices, but some websites may not be trustworthy. One such website causing doubt is Tluse. In this blog post, we’ll investigate whether Tluse Clothing is a legitimate place to shop or a potential scam to avoid.

Tluse Clothing Reviews
Tluse Clothing Reviews

What is Tluse Clothing?

TLUSE is an online fashion store that provides a range of clothing options for customers, including various categories of dresses, swimwear, and more. Their specialty appears to be offering trendy fashion items, and they frequently update their product listings. Currently, they have a sitewide discount promotion and offer free returns and shipping for eligible orders.

What are the Products Tluse Clothing Offers?

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Tluse offers a range of fashion items, including:

  • Swimwear
  • Casual Dresses
  • Two-Piece Sets
  • Spring and Summer Clothing
  • Sweaters and Cardigans
  • Jumpsuits
  •  Outerwear

Tluse Clothing Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Customer feedback on Tluse clothing varies significantly. While the website displays exclusively 5-star reviews, its social media pages lack engagement and followers, prompting concerns about its legitimacy. On platforms like Trustpilot, there’s a 3.8 rating based on 77 reviews, highlighting a more balanced perspective.

Some customers commend the fast delivery, easy return process for ill-fitting items, and overall quality of the clothing. However, several complaints have arisen, including issues with customer service, subpar clothing quality, prolonged delivery times, sizing discrepancies, and the frustrating practice of offering just a 10% refund to customers covering return postage. Given this mixed feedback, exercising caution when considering purchases from Tluse Clothing is advisable.

Positive Reviews

“I received everything and found the clothing to be well-made. However, one top didn’t match my expectations, as the coloring at the bottom differed from the online image. On a positive note, the dress is absolutely beautiful.” By Sophia

“The delivery was fast! Plus, the return process for the dresses that didn’t fit was friendly and hassle-free.” By Laura

Negative Reviews

“After reading reviews and adhering to the measurements, I purchased three dresses, all in Medium size. One fit perfectly, but the other two were too snug around the chest and arms. It’s frustrating that they only accept returns for damaged items and not for items that simply don’t fit properly.” By John

“The website claims to be US-based, but I believe it’s not. Firstly, the order took an exceptionally long time to arrive. Secondly, the sizes are smaller, resembling Chinese-made clothing often advertised on Facebook. Thirdly, the colors and materials differ significantly from what’s shown on their website. Lastly, their return policy is questionable, offering only a 10% refund and suggesting you keep the items. They repeatedly offered more money to keep the clothes, even though I spent $132 and the highest offer was $58. This isn’t proper customer service; it’s likely not a legitimate US or Western shop.” By Alice

What are the Pros and Cons?



  • Wide Range of Collection
  • Trendy Fashion Items
  • Sitewide Discount Promotion
  • Frre Returns
  • Free Shipping
  • Positive Reviews


  • Mixed Customer Feedback
  • Sizing Issues
  • Customer Service Issues
  • Unrealistic Discounts
  • Suspicious Social Media Presence
  • Limited Return Responsibility

Is Tluse Clothing Legit or a Scam?

Let’s assess the legitimacy of Tluse Clothing

Positive Points:

  • Reviews Present on the website: Tluse features customer reviews on its website, providing potential buyers with some insights into the products and services.
  • Trustpilot Rating: The presence of a 3.8 rating on Trustpilot, along with reviews, suggests that some customers have had experiences with the company and have shared their feedback.
  • Active Social Media Pages: Tluse maintains social media pages, which can be a positive sign of engagement and communication with customers.

Negative Points:

  • Recent Creation: The Tluse website was registered in December 2021, which is relatively recent. Such a short history can raise concerns about the website’s longevity and trustworthiness.
  • Lack of Company Information: Despite thorough searching, no information about the company operating Tluse could be found. This lack of transparency is often indicative of potentially questionable websites.
  • Questionable Address and Contact Number: Tluse lists an address in London, England, and a contact number. However, these details are often used by scam websites, and their legitimacy may be questionable.
  • Unrealistic Discounts: Tluse Clothing offers discounts of up to 40%, which can be seen as a red flag. Such steep discounts are a common tactic employed by scammers to entice unsuspecting customers into purchasing subpar or counterfeit products.

Considering these factors, the legitimacy of Tluse Clothing remains uncertain. While it does have some positive indicators, such as reviews and a presence on Trustpilot, the website’s recent creation, lack of company information, and suspicious contact details raise concerns. It’s advisable to exercise caution and conduct further research before making any purchases from this website.

What are the Offers and Promotions?

Tluse Clothing is currently offering a fantastic 40% sitewide discount with code “SAVE5,” and you can stack savings with an extra 10% off by entering your email. Plus, enjoy 5% off one item (SAVE5), 10% off two items (SAVE10), 15% off orders over $139 (SAVE15), and a whopping 20% off orders over $169 (SAVE20). With free returns within 30 days and free shipping on orders over $79.00

What to Do If You’ve Shopped on Tluse?

If you have been scammed by Tluse Clothing, take these steps:

  • Contact Your Bank: Reach out to your bank or credit card company to cancel the transaction and request a refund. Ask them to block future Tluse charges.
  • Change Your Passwords: If you used Tluse or similar passwords elsewhere, change them immediately. Enable two-factor authentication for extra security.
  • Beware of Phishing Emails: Stay alert for phishing emails related to Tluse Clothing, order updates, or fake discounts. These can harm your device’s security.
  • Avoid App Downloads: Don’t install any apps Tluse suggests; they could contain malware.
  • Report the Scam: Help others by reporting Menalvin as a fraudulent site to the FTC, providing evidence and communication records.

Final Verdict

Tluse Clothing is an online fashion store that offers a wide range of clothing options, including swimwear, casual dresses, two-piece sets, spring and summer clothing, sweaters, cardigans, jumpsuits, and outerwear

However, the legitimacy of Tluse Clothing remains uncertain due to mixed customer feedback and certain red flags, such as the website’s recent creation, a lack of company information, and suspicious contact details. Given this feedback, potential buyers should exercise caution when considering purchases from Tluse. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is their return policy?

Tluse Clothing offers a 30-day return or exchange policy. You can return items within 30 days of receipt, but certain conditions must be met (unworn, with original tags, etc.).

Q: Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, they offer Free Shipping for orders over $79.00.

Q: Is it a U.S. brand?

Yes, it’s mentioned that the company is based in the USA, and their products are made and shipped from South Carolina.

Q: How do you contact them?

You can contact them at

Q: Which items can you return?

You can return items if they have quality problems or if there is a damaged, missing, or incorrect item in the package.

Q: Do they offer a free return?

Tluse Clothing offers a Free return within 30 days, but the responsibility for any lost or damaged items in transit is on the customer.

Tips for Safely Shopping on New Websites

  • Research First: Check for reviews and feedback to see if the website is trustworthy.
  • Look for https: Ensure the website has a padlock symbol and “https” in the address for secure transactions.
  • Read reviews: See what others say about product quality and reliability.
  • Know Return Policies: Understand the website’s return and refund policies before buying.
  • Choose Secure Payments: Use secure methods like credit cards or trusted online services.
  • Protect Your Information: Only share the necessary details during checkout to keep your information safe.