Tryfi Reviews: Track Your DOG?

Tryfi Reviews

Are you fond of dogs? If yes, then you must be very conscious about your pets. The most frustrating thing is when your beloved pet is lost somewhere, and you cannot find it. It is the digital era, and there are many means by which you can track down your lovely dog. One of them is the tryfi. What is tryfi? This product review gives you a full idea about this item. It is a GPS smart tracker that keeps you connected to your beloved pet. It is the dog collar; you only need to put it around the dog’s neck.

Indeed, losing a pet is the worst feeling. Most of the time, you cannot consider your life without them. Whether you are going out of town for a business meeting or hanging out with friends, get this collar, wrap it around your dog, and get all the details about the dog’s location on your mobile phone. Related: Mattibom Flashlight Reviews

Is this gadget as great as it looks? In this essay, we have discussed this remarkable gadget’s user feedback, specification, and features. Let us have a deep look at it.

What Are The Best GPS Dog Trackers For Your Pet?

So, there are many gadgets accessible in the market. But it would be best if you were very particular about your pet. Here we have made a list of the top GPS collar band for your pets. Here is the list of the top collars:

  1. Link My Pet — Check Amazon Price + Subscription. 
  2. Lynq Smart Compass — $409 (Two Devices) 
  3. Tractive GPS — Check Amazon Price + Subscription. 
  4. Whistle Health & GPS — Check Amazon Price + Subscription. 
  5. Apple AirTag — Check Amazon Price.

The query is can you trust the GPS feature of the collar by Tryfi? Let us have a look at it.

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About Tryfi Reviews

Tryfi Reviews1

It is a smart gadget that helps you to locate your dog via the tryfi collar and the app installed on your mobile phone. It is one of the smart and most demanding applications of today’s era.

What are the features of TRYFI?

Here are the top features of the TRYFI collar


  1. IP68 & IP66K certified
  2.  Series three has been tried for thirty minutes of immersion at 1.5m and the top-pressure jets. 
  3. It has a blast with the dog and never needs to worry about a thing.

Dirt and adventure proof

  • The Series three frame is twice as resistant as it was before.
  • It keeps the dog’s Fi collar looking fresh for years.

Industrial strength

  • Series three sports consist of a full stainless steel frame.
  • It can withstand 400 pounds of static pressure to oppose the most significant leash pullers.

How does it work?

Airtags use the around of iPhones mobile to track things. If the dog is not within about 200 feet of an iPhone mobile, its Airtag system would not be able to find it. The Airtags never had LTE or GPS to perform independently. So, without the phone, they never find anything. Don’t Forget: Exceptui Reviews


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Tryfi Reviews legit or scam

How much does Fi cost per month?

The subscription consists of $99 per year or USD 8.25 per month, and the dog’s collar is added as a gadget to the LTE-M low-power cellular network. It was specially designed for these devices, offering around 20 percent to 30 percent more cellular coverage in the United States than any 3G network.

Is whistle or Fi better?

Both are stable devices. However, Fi is the right choice. Why is that so? It is all because of its aluminum metal armor. Why? It is because it is more stable than Whistle’s rubber attachment and has a slightly better waterproof ranking. Explore More: Pocket Zoom HD Reviews

Do you know it has an advanced battery that lasts up to three months? On the other hand, the whistle lasts up to thirty days.

Is Fi collar safe for dogs?

Yes, the Fi Collar is secure, and it is Fi’s number one preference to keep the dog healthy and safe. However, this regulates radio frequency electromagnetic areas for humans. The Fi yields with those exact limits, and it has been permitted.

Does it have the app?

It association tells all the details about your dog, like:

  • Location
  • number of steps he has taken
  • Add more dogs by inviting your find on the app.

From where to download the app?

  • You can download it from the google play store 
  • Apple store

Tryfi Reviews: Is It A Useful Item?

There is much feedback from the users on their official website.

Never hiccupped once

I just experienced a three-dog jailbreak. And they had at least a fifteen-minute head start on me. Escape through three open doors. Massive failure on my part. I grabbed my phone and opened Fi, and initiated Lost Dog Mode I knew immediately in which direction to head. I was amazed at how far they’d gotten. Only our husky had a tracker, but the other two were behind her. Within minutes I had them in a sigh. See Also: Paoise.Com Reviews

Reviews on Trust Pilot

Customer service is awful.

Customer service is awful! The collar is under warranty and malfunctioning (I have two dogs, and one works fine, but the other doesn’t). I’ve been going back and forth in emails for a month and am still waiting for a resolution, even though it’s under warranty. They’re not helpful at all!

First, the FI 2 series is terrible.

First, the FI 2 series is a terrible battery that was good for the first month after that period, every day, and you need to charge it now; after 3 months, it holds for less than 24 hours.

But the worst part is the customer service texting and getting answers from a robot.

Pros and Cons



  • The latest tech
  • It is waterproof.
  • It offers many other functions than tracking.


  • There could be better reviews n the trust pilot.

Is a Dog Tracker Worth It?

So various ‘lost’ pets end up in animal shelters in the USA. If they are not chipped, their landlords cannot be found. Investing in the Tryfi GPS tracker might prevent one from being without their pet forever. So, it is certainly worth considering.