Usinginsert Com Reviews: Is It A Trustworthy Site?


Do you love summer? Are you looking for some cute designs this summer? Summer has always been the season for long dresses. It is the best beach look that girls and women prefer. Thus, usinginsert brings you a beautiful collection of maxis. 

Usinginsert com is an online platform with a huge range of beautiful long and short dresses. However, their main specialty is maxis and sandals. But is the stuff good? Is it a reliable shopping store? COVID-19 has forced everyone to start an online business, but finding a good one is challenging. Let’s look at the reviews to see if it’s legit. 

We will list all the features of the website, followed by the pros and cons. In the end, we will conclude everything to see if you should prefer shopping from here or not. 

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About Usinginsert Com 

Usinginsert Com

Usinginsert com is a website that has recently launched some cute dresses and shoes for their beloved customers. They claim they want to bring uniqueness to this design with many beautiful colors. They are passionate about playing with pretty prints.

Usinginsert com can be a place to find your everyday wear at an economical price. However, customer satisfaction is their main priority. They ensure that you are always satisfied with the designs and quality.

What does Usinginsert com offer? 

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Long Dresses

They have different varieties of long dresses. Most cover you to the knees and are perfect for a beach party.

Small dresses

They even have a range of small dresses that reach your thighs. They also have mini short skirts and mini shorts.


You can look for flat sandals in different bright colors. You can also go for flip-flops and beaded shoes in many colors.

High wedge shoes

You can go for some high wedges if you want to look tall. Wedges are pretty these days, and they are available in black colors.

Lace-up shoes

Many pretty flat shoes with laces that reach your legs are also available. They are an excellent choice for your long dresses.

Website Details

Let us have a look at the details of the website.

  • The website got registered on July 11, 2022.
  • This website will expire on July 11, 2023.
  • The website will expire in less than a year.

Size and Color availability for dresses

Usinginsert Com Reviews legit or scam

You can get these pretty dresses in three sizes. They range in size from small to large. They even have more than one color, like green and rose red. Most dresses are in two colors; choose the one you like.

Size and Color availability for shoes

You can get shoes in sizes that range from 35 to 43. Furthermore, every shoe has about five colors from which you can choose. 

Price Range

The dresses most likely range from $35 to $42, which is hard to find anywhere else. Furthermore, the shoes are most likely priced up to $25. It is hard to find such reasonable shoes of such good quality.


The majority of gowns are made of synthetic fiber. It is a very comfortable and body-friendly material. On the other hand, the shirt and mini shorts are made of soft cotton. These materials are the best choice in the summer.

Shipment details

Your order is processed within 1-3 days and shipped immediately. The maximum delivery time for your parcel is 10 days. However, shipping charges are also not present. You can order the parcel from anywhere, as they offer free worldwide shipping.

Return policy

His orders can be canceled before shipment, but there is no cancellation after that. Moreover, returns are applicable for wrong packages, like if you have received the wrong size. Thus, there is a limit of 14 days for every order.

Customer Reviews: Are They Satisfied? 

We looked on the official website to find some reviews. Furthermore, we also checked on other websites like Trust Pilot. There are no comments or ratings present anywhere from recent buyers. The website is barely four months old, so perhaps it has few customers. The traffic on the website also seems to be pretty low. 

Copied Images

It has been seen that most of the images present on usinginsert com are copied from other sites like AliExpress. You can find the same dresses with the same models on other websites. This is a very big red flag for the customers.

Pros and Cons



  • The website has a good range of choices.
  • They offer good quality products.


  • The website has low traffic.
  • There are no reviews of it.
  • The images are copied from other websites.
  • They do not have any social media handles.

Final Verdict

We have presented you with usinginsert reviews to find its legitimacy. Although the prices, colors, and quality are good, many red flags are present. The website is pretty new and has very low traffic. The images are copied, and no reviews are present from recent buyers. Thus, we suggest you avoid ordering from this store unless you find some good comments.