Acroflex Shoes Reviews – Offering Most Stylish, Comfy, Aerodynamic Shoes or Another Scam Website!

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Acroflex Shoes Reviews – It is an online selling website that claims to provide various trendy and breathable shoes for both men and women. Is it a legitimate website? read below to know the details.

Are you looking to buy perfect, stylish pair of shoes? If yes, then Acroflex Shoes Reviews is the best place for you to stay and have a look. Whether you are going to the office, gym, or party it is necessary for you to have light, comfortable shoes with perfect designs.

When a pair of seemingly ordinary shoes is getting huge rounds over the internet for reviews, there’s got to be a reason. Such is the case with men’s and women’s Acroflex Shoes / Acroflex Sneakers as people in the United States eagerly wants to know the authenticity of this website. Whether this website is safe for shopping or not.

What is Acroflex Shoes Website? is an online selling web platform that claims to sell trendy, sleek designs and versatile pairs of shoes for men and women at reasonable prices as compared to the market. The Acroflex shoes/sneakers are breathable and easy to wear with 3 color options.

If is a safe option to buy men’s and women’s sneakers or shoes then kindly proceed with the reading to know more crucial facts.

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Specifications of Acroflex Shoes

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  • Web Portal URL:
  • Product Type on the Website: Shoes / Sneakers
  • Customer Support Email ID: is the 24/7 available mailing address as per the official website.
  • Contact Number: 1 (218) 414-8533
  • Office Hours: 9:00AM to 7:00PM EST
  • Refund: Available
  • Return Policy: According to Acroflex Shoes Reviews, you will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item.

Where is Acroflex Shoes Corporate Office?

As per the official website, the corporate offices are located in different countries:

  • CANADA: 1771 Robson Street
    Vancouver, BC V6G 1C9, Canada.
  • United Kingdom: 415 High Street, Stratford, London
    NWM E15 4QZ, United Kingdom
  • Australia: 131 Keylana Drive, Keysborough
    VIC 3173, Australia

Unfortunately, there is no corporate office of Acroflex Shoes available in the United States.

Let’s see some Pros & Cons of Acroflex Shoes while buying this item.



  • Valid HTTPS connection.
  • Valid SSL certificate.
  • Aerodynamic trendy shoes.
  • Breathability factor in shoes
  • 50 % OFF discount code is available
  • The customer Acroflex Shoes Reviews are available on the website.
  • No missing information.


  • Social media icons are missing.
  • No real buyer reviews.
  • newly launched website.
  • copied content and images.
  • The “About Us” page is missing.
  • Uncertain return and refund policy.

Is Acroflex Shoes Website Legit or Scam?

As per our detailed research, this website could be a possible scam because while doing our research we found another website called “” The content, information, and images provided on both websites are the same. This trick is mostly used by scammers. Furthermore, we have shortlisted some other facts to know the legitimacy of these Acroflex Shoes Reviews:

  • Domain Creation Date: This website domain was created on 2021-11-18 which makes this website just 66 days that is too new and can not be trusted.
  • Domain Expiration Date: This domain is registered for only one year and is going to expire on 2022-11-18 as per WHOIS data analysis. This is a scammer’s trick.
  • About Us Page: The About Us page and other important company details are missing regarding the legitimacy of
  • Social Media Presence: The social media presence is not available except for Facebook and that page too was created recently and has only 2 likes till now.
  • Alexa Rank: The has zero Alexa rank and that’s why can not be trusted.

Therefore, we have evaluated all the possible facts that we could and now it is up to you whether you want to shop from this website or not.

Acroflex Customer Shoes Reviews

When a newly launched store is open, customer reviews play a significant role in making up the mind of other customers to buy from that new store. In the case of Acroflex Shoes reviews we were unable to find a single REAL buyer review anywhere on the internet and also on the social media platforms as well. Although some reviews are mentioned on the official website, those reviews can not be trusted.

acroflex shoes reviews

Wrap Up

Wrapping up these Acroflex shoes reviews, we can say that this website’s characteristics are untrustworthy and a big risk for online shopping. So, we advise our readers to stay away from this website and choose a more reliable and big platform for online shopping.

16 Reviews

  1. I ordered these shoes for my husband in a size 11. Received size 8. Sometime later I requested a refund and sent shoes back at my expense. They promised to replace with correct size. Also asked for my mailing address and email as they could not find my order. I had prior message that they had found my order and was sending out replacement but could no longer give refund. That was months ago and—you guessed it, no shoes. I feel really stupid for giving them requested info. Who can we report them to? What is the risk to me?

  2. Please everyone DO NOT BUY THESE SHOES. It is a real scam, they send the wrong ones and then you have to pay to ship them back

  3. do not buy from this website I bought shoes and they were not what I ordered when I tried to return I had a terrible experience to begin with I called their telephone (844 470 9681) and got the ruddest person I have had contact with. I told her I simply wanted to return them but all she wanted to do was argue with me I had to hang up and call again to get someone different they then told me It would cost anywhere between $8 and $18 to return or they would give me 65% back which amounted to $45 for shoes I paid $70 for and I could keep the shoes so i took that option since it was apparent they did not want a return So i have shoes I can’t wear but will try to find someone I can give them to. This is a warning do not buy from this company

  4. I have received my part order of one pair of shoes but I have not received the other pair as of yet. I ordered one blue and one black the black are the ones missing.

  5. I ave received my part order of one pair of shoes but I jave not received the other pair as of yet. I ordered one blue and one black the black are the ones missing.

  6. I bought Acroflex shoes 1 month ago. I have plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. They are very comfortable for the former – soft to walk on cement. The only shoes I have found that are this soft. BUT — and this is a big criticism — They are very flat. People with Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis NEED an elevated heel. The company should offer a 1 /’2 ” heel for people who need that.

    1. I wish I had seen and read the remarks on here BEFORE I bought the shoes. I bought a pair of shoes and then at check-out a special light came on and offered another pair for half the price–stupid me!! I believed their add and purchased another pair–well I got one pair but never got the other–SOOO I called, the person that answered the phone was rude, talking so fast you would need a geiger counter to keep up with her. I found out FAST that I had been shamed and big time–well I have ;earned a big lesson on this one. This is a real sham–so all out there be carefull.

  7. Although I found them to be comfortable, they are cheaply made. The sides of the shoe were painted or a print that wore away easily with any use. I now designate them as a shoe to be worn when I don’t care how I appear.

  8. It is obvious that their website is setup purposely to take your money. I ordered a size 9 mens and when I got to the receipt page ( the only place you’ll see what was ordered ) the size was magically a size 8. I tried everything I could think of to go back to the order page but the website will not allow it. There is no order review page before buying, designed that way. I immediately sent them an email pointing out the error of their site. I did receive an email response that they were “reviewing”. Two days later I received an email stating the order is on the way. Confirmation of the size correction was not acknowledged. I sent another email asking for confirmation of the size shipped. This is what I received . . .
    Grace E. (AcroFlex Shoes)
    May 23, 2022, 7:40 AM PDT
    Thanks for your email. Unfortunately your order was shipped out already and we can no longer cancel orders while in transit.”

    It’s not like they didn’t have the time to make a correction. Either this is a poorly run organization or they simply don’t care. Be FOREWARNED before you give them your hard earned money.

    1. This the same case for me, I ordered a size 10 (for my wife and when I go to the order page it too offered a discount of $10. I ended up emailing them that it would not allow me to use the discount, and the size I wanted in a men’s size 12 was sold out. I received the shoes yesterday and they were a size 8. I must have gotten the same lady as she sent me a screen shot of the order which shows a size 8 but my email confirmation shows a size nothing! I now have to send them back at my expense, she claims the order was shipped based on what I submitted, yeah right. Not going to do this again with them. lesson learned

  9. The is a complete rip-off. My shoes arrived ( incorrect size) and when I called their “ excellent customer service” person I received no satisfaction for having RECEIVED THE INCORRECT SIZE other than to send them back at my expense BOTH WAYS!
    Also, just looking at the product, the shoes appear to be very poor quality.
    Do not buy these shoes!

  10. I do not know anything about the Acroflex shoes but I will try anything that does not have “NIKE” on it. Nike is proven to be an anti american company with their stance on political views and because of this I will only buy shoes and work out gear that is NOT alligned with NIKE for my family and children!

    Looking forward to try this shoe in the future

  11. I have Neuropathy. My feet hurt constantly. Certain Nikes are helpful when I play golf or walk my dog.
    However, I have recently discovered Acroflex sneakers, and I could not be more pleased. Their comfort is excellent,
    in all respects. I wish they would tone down the appearance! A bit too loud for me. But, comfort is what counts and they rate A +++.

    1. With all the negativity written about these shoes I find my pair to be comfortable. I have foot problems and have tried many sneakers and these are the best! They fit perfectly and I can wear them all day without any problems. I ordered a pair for my daughter who works at a university and uses a parking garage which is not very close to her office on campus. She said these shoes have been wonderful for that long walk and she could not be happier!

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