Amyla Cosmetics Reviews: Does It Work?Customers Experience Using Amyla

Have you stumbled upon Amyla Cosmetics and their amazing deals? It might seem tempting, but hold on! This website has some serious red flags that make it look like a scam. Let’s dive in and see why you should avoid Amyla Cosmetics.

Amyla Cosmetics Reviews

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What Is Amyla Cosmetics?

Amyla Cosmetics offers a diverse range of hair care products designed to cater to various hair needs. Here’s a list of some of their offerings:

  • Hair Growth Serums: Available in packs of 1 to 5, these serums are formulated to promote hair growth.
  • Hair Growth Sprays: Similar to the serums, these sprays come in multiple pack options and aim to support hair health.
  • Coconut Hair Growth Conditioner: A conditioner that nourishes the hair with the benefits of coconut.
  • Leave-In Hair Growth Conditioner: Designed to be left in the hair, this conditioner helps in strengthening hair strands.
  • Coconut Moisturizer: A hair moisturizer that uses coconut to hydrate and protect the hair.
  • Coconut Hair Growth Shampoo: A shampoo infused with coconut to aid in hair growth.
  • Curl Cream, Mousse, and Spray: Products specifically created for defining and maintaining curls.
  • Heat Protectant Spray: To shield hair from heat damage during styling.
  • Hair & Scalp Oil: A blend of oils to moisturize the scalp and hair.
  • Black Castor Oil Line: A series of products with Black Castor Oil for hair strength and growth.
  • Hair Thickening Shampoo: Currently out of stock, this shampoo is aimed at making hair appear thicker.
  • Mint Almond Oil: An oil treatment for nourishing the hair.
  • Scalp Scrub: To exfoliate and cleanse the scalp.
  • Gummies Healthy Hair Vitamins: Supplements to support hair health from within.
  • Various Hair Care Sets: Bundled products for different hair care routines.
  • Detangling Brush, Edge Brush, Root Comb Applicator, Scalp Massager, and Bonnet: Tools and accessories for hair care.

Domain Information

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  • Domain Name:
  • Registration Date: October 10, 2021
  • Owner Company: (notorious for running scam online stores)
  • Physical Address: Not provided
  • Contact Details: Only via email (
  • Website Security: Absence of “https” and padlock symbol
  • Pricing Tactics: Unrealistic discounts, “CLOSING SALE” promotions (up to 80% off)
  • Brand New Website: Amyla Cosmetics just popped up in October 2021. Scammers often create websites to disappear quickly after tricking people.
  • Shady Company Behind It: The website is linked to “,” a company known for scam stores. Not a good sign!
  • Missing Contact Info: No real address or phone number? That makes it nearly impossible to get help if something goes wrong.
  • Unbeatable Discounts? Too Good to Be True: Amyla Cosmetics offers crazy sales like “CLOSING SALE” and massive markdowns. This is a classic trick to lure you in with fake savings.
  • Borrowed Content: Their website content and product pictures seem lifted from other stores. Not exactly original, are they?
  • Social Media? Nope: No Facebook, Instagram, or anything! Legitimate businesses love showing off their products on social media.
  • Fake Reviews, Real Complaints: Amyla Cosmetics only has “positive” reviews on their own site (shocker!). But online searches show customers who never got orders or received junk instead.

Amyla Cosmetics Reviews: What Are Customers Saying About Amyla?

Positive Customers Reviews

  • Like the products I have been using for awhile, I see a little result. My hair grow slow. I will continue using this product. I recommend everyone use the product I love the smell of it.”-By Julia Green
  • I brought the rosemary and mint package which included a full size shampoo, conditioner , hair mask, and a spray leave in conditioner as well as a creamy leave in conditioner. I was a little skeptical because when I tried the oil it didn’t work for me but MY LORD does my hair LOVE LOVE LOVE the rosemary mint.. my hair is the softest it’s ever been. It maintains its nature oils and smells amazing.. I absolutely will purchase again and again.”-By Peyton James

Negative Customers Reviews

  • The products did not increase my hair growth after 2mos. When i tried to cancel my subscription in January i was still being charged. As of to date (3/9/2024) I was charged for a subscription that i canceled. It is very frustrating because it shows that my account is canceled and yet i continue to be charged and receive products. I have emailed numerous times to get this resolved.”-By Karla Oates
  • DO NOT SUBSCRIBE! They lure you in with false promises. First shipment is not free, it’s a commitment they won’t let you cancel until you pay for another shipment of a product you don’t want. The money back guarantee is not a refund. It’s a voucher toward more of their products only. Clearly they need these tricky business practices to sell products. It’s an oil, why call it a serum? Finding their site was a huge mistake on my part. Deeply regrettable transaction.”-By Amanda Robinson
  • They are completely ridiculous! If this is a black owned company they need to get some tips on customer service from white owned companies. Never tried their product and I definitely don’t want to start now! I never received my order it was free but I only paid for shipping! Since I never received it I didn’t even bother asking for my money back but the customer service is severely lacking! I rather go back to white owned companies! They know how to handle their customers! Pure stupidity if I never got it idk why I’m being told I have to pay for another month with no solution for the item I didn’t receive! Find another place.”-By Rhody Joseph.Source

Pros And Cons



  • Wide range of products


  • Very new website (Feb 2024).
  • Suspicious owner – known for running scam stores.
  • No contact info (address or phone number).
  • Unrealistic discounts to lure customers in.
  • Copied content from other sites – not original.
  • No social media presence – unusual for a clothing store.
  • Fake reviews – only positive ones on their own site.
  • Unclear shipping & refund policies – common with scams.

Is Amyla Cosmetics Legit Or a Scam?

Based on the numerous red flags identified, it’s evident that Amyla Cosmetics is a scam website. Customers have reported not receiving orders, receiving inferior products, and facing difficulties in seeking refunds or exchanges.

Trust Score And Ratings


  • Total Reviews: 580 reviews have been collected and considered for the overall assessment.
  • Average Score: The average score derived from these reviews is 3.7 stars, reflecting the collective sentiment of customers.
  • Review Sources: Reviews contributing to the total score are sourced from various platforms, with Trustpilot being one of them.
  • Trustpilot Score: Trustpilot, a specific review site, has provided a score of 3.7 out of 5 stars based on 580 reviews. This serves as one of the key contributors to the overall average score.


  • Average Score: 74%
  • Total Reviews: No reviews availible
  • Scamadviser Score: Scamadviser has provided a score of 74% out of 100

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amyla Cosmetics a legitimate website?

Based on our investigation and numerous red flags, Amyla Cosmetics appears to be a scam website. We advise against any interactions with it.

How can I contact Amyla Cosmetics?

Amyla Cosmetics only provides an email contact option: However, due to its questionable nature, reaching out may not yield reliable support.

Are the discounts offered by Amyla Cosmetics genuine?

The discounts offered by Amyla Cosmetics seem unrealistic and are often used as a tactic to lure unsuspecting customers. Exercise caution when considering purchases from such sites.

What should I do if I’ve already made a purchase from Amyla Cosmetics?

If you’ve made a purchase, contact your bank or credit card company immediately to report the transaction and request a refund. Change any passwords associated with the site and be wary of potential phishing attempts.

Can I trust the reviews on Amyla Cosmetics’ website?

The reviews on Amyla Cosmetics’ website may not be trustworthy, as they could be fabricated or manipulated. Lack of genuine feedback on external platforms further raises doubts about the site’s credibility.

What if I receive suspicious emails related to Amyla Cosmetics?

If you receive any suspicious emails, delete them immediately and refrain from clicking on any links or downloading attachments. These could be phishing attempts aimed at stealing personal information or infecting your device with malware.

Can I report Amyla Cosmetics as a scam?

Yes, you can report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with evidence and communication records to help prevent others from falling victim to the fraudulent activities of Amyla Cosmetics.

What To Do If You’ve Shopped On Amyla Cosmetics?

  1. Contact Your Bank or Credit Card Company: Inform your bank about the transaction, request a refund, and report Amyla Cosmetics as a fraudulent site.
  2. Change Your Passwords: Change passwords associated with Amyla Cosmetics and enable two-factor authentication for added security.
  3. Beware of Phishing Emails: Delete any suspicious emails related to Amyla Cosmetics and refrain from opening links or attachments.
  4. Avoid Installing Unverified Apps: Do not download any applications suggested by Amyla Cosmetics, as they may contain harmful software.
  5. Report the Scam: Report the scam to the FTC with evidence and communication records to help others avoid falling victim.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Amyla Cosmetics is a scam website, and we strongly advise against any interactions with it. The numerous red flags highlight its untrustworthiness, making it a risky endeavor for online shoppers.

Tips For Secure Online Shopping On New Websites

  1. Thorough Research: Investigate the website’s reputation and customer feedback.
  2. Secure Connections: Look for “https” and a padlock symbol in the website URL for secure connections.
  3. Customer Reviews: Rely on genuine customer reviews to assess the website’s reliability.
  4. Understand Policies: Familiarize yourself with the website’s return and refund policies before making a purchase.
  5. Use Secure Payment Methods: Opt for secure payment methods with buyer protection, such as credit cards or trusted online payment services.
  6. Protect Personal Information: Share only necessary details during the checkout process to safeguard your personal information.