Is Dyemiss a Reliable Site? Customer Reviews And My Experience 2024

You might have come across Dyemiss, a website claiming to offer hair coloring shampoo at unbelievably low prices. But before you get excited about the deals, it’s crucial to dig deeper to ensure you’re not falling into a scam trap.

Let’s break down the signs pointing towards Dyemiss being a scam.

Is Dyemiss a Reliable Site?

What is Dyemiss?

Dyemiss is a type of hair coloring shampoo that’s been making waves on social media. It’s been hyped up with bold claims that it can change hair color without the usual step of pre-lightening, even for those with dark hair. Additionally, The website claims its effects can last for up to six months and that it’s good for the health of your hair.

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My Experience of Shopping at Dyemiss

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I recently decided to try out Dyemiss for some hair coloring shampoo. It seemed like a good deal with their discounted prices. However, my experience turned out to be a nightmare.

First off, the delivery took forever, way beyond the promised timeframe. When the package finally arrived, I was shocked to find that the product looked nothing like what was advertised on the website. The colors were off, and the packaging looked cheap and flimsy.

But the real disappointment came when I actually tried to use the product. The hair coloring shampoo I ordered was supposed to be vibrant and long-lasting, but it barely did anything to change the color of my hair. And to make matters worse, it left my hair feeling dry and damaged.

Overall, my experience with Dyemiss was a total letdown. The product quality was abysmal, and it’s clear that they have no regard for their customers’ satisfaction. I’ll definitely be steering clear of Dyemiss in the future, and I urge others to do the same.

Warning Signs

  • Dyemiss emerged on the scene not long ago, with its domain registered as recently as March 22, 2024. This rapid setup is a classic tactic among scam sites, designed to lure in customers before vanishing into thin air.
  • Delving deeper, we uncover the murky waters of Dyemiss’s ownership. The company behind it, “,” has a shady reputation, known for orchestrating numerous online scams.
  • A trustworthy company typically provides its physical address and contact number for customers to reach out. However, The website leaves these crucial details conspicuously absent, a glaring warning sign.

Customer Feedback

When you look up Dyemiss online, you’ll find a range of opinions. People on sites like Reddit have shared their doubts, saying that Dyemiss’s claims don’t usually hold up, especially for those with darker hair who typically need bleaching before coloring. Some users have even suggested that the pictures in the reviews might be deceptive, possibly enhanced with filters or taken from other hair dye brands. It’s important to consider these perspectives alongside the product’s claims.

Is Dyemiss Legit or a Scam?

Scam Detector, a site that’s all about spotting scams, has rated Dyemiss with a low trust score, highlighting possible dangers linked to the product. This suggests that Dyemiss isn’t a trustworthy online shop but rather a clever scam. Many people have been tricked by its misleading tactics, either getting low-quality items or nothing at all after making a purchase.

Absence of Social Media Presence

The absence of social media presence for Dyemiss is a notable red flag. Unlike many legitimate online businesses that actively engage with customers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, seems to be missing from these channels. The lack of presence on these platforms raises questions about Dyemiss’s legitimacy and transparency, leaving potential customers without the usual avenues for interaction and reassurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Dyemiss offer?

Dyemiss claims to offer hair coloring shampoo, but there are doubts about the quality and effectiveness of these products. It’s essential to be cautious when considering purchasing from Dyemiss.

Are there any risks associated with shopping on Dyemiss?

Yes, there are potential risks associated with shopping on Dyemiss. These include receiving inferior products, not receiving products at all, and potential unauthorized charges on your credit card.

How can I protect myself?

To protect yourself from scams like Dyemiss, it’s essential to conduct thorough research before making a purchase. Look for reviews from reliable sources, check the website’s legitimacy, and only use secure payment methods.

Is there any way to get a refund?

Getting a refund from Dyemiss may be challenging, given its dubious nature. However, you can try reaching out to their customer service via email ( and request a refund. If unsuccessful, you may need to contact your bank or credit card company for assistance.

Are there any alternatives to Dyemiss for hair coloring products?

Yes, there are many reputable brands and online stores that offer high-quality hair coloring products. It’s recommended to research and choose a trusted retailer with positive reviews and a solid reputation to ensure a satisfactory shopping experience.

How can I report Dyemiss as a scam?

You can report Dyemiss as a scam to various authorities, including the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and consumer protection agencies in your country. Provide evidence of your experience with Dyemiss, such as communication records and transaction details, to aid in their investigation.

Our Advice

Don’t take the risk. Avoid and similar sites like the plague. Your money and personal information are too valuable to gamble with on sketchy online stores. Stick to reputable retailers you can trust, and save yourself the headache.