Arkget Shoes Reviews: The Perfect Shoes For Men Or Not?

Arkget Shoes Reviews

Online shopping is getting more popular day by day. It comforts the buyer because it offers the items at their doorstep. But sometimes, ease brings discomfort. Online shopping sometimes makes you buy faulty things. So, in such cases, you look for the return and exchange policy. So why put yourself in these things when you have reviews to learn about the items?

Besides clothing and gadgets, shoes also come into fashion when discussing online shopping. Many Facebook and Instagram pages offer their buyers quality and trendy shoes, but are they really good? The brand that we will review today is ARKGET SHOES.

Arkget is an online shoe brand that deals with men’s shoes and clothing. But their shoe section is highly focused on the internet. So, is it that good or not? Don’t Miss: Is Ugglockers Legit

How to buy the perfect shoes online?

Online shopping makes life easier and less hectic. It has become the best therapy; some scholars believe retail therapy is the best. But sometimes, retail therapy backfires when you order the wrong items. So, if you’re planning to buy shoes online, here are the points that help you buy from the online store.

Eight tips for purchasing shoes online

  1. shop on the website that permits the user to zoom in and out on images. 
  2. Look for photos of the shoes worn by models.
  3. Begin by measuring the feet. 
  4. Consult personal brand sizing charts.
  5. Buy labels that you have tested before. 
  6. Start with a fairly cheap pair.
  7. Make sure you are satisfied with the exchange and return policies.
  8. Read the user review. 

So, today we will review the shoes from the Arkget and give feedback about them. This blog will teach you about the features, quality, and user feedback.

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About Arkget

Arkget Shoes Reviews2

Arkget is an online store that deals with various items for women and men. It has a separate section for both of them. In the women’s section, they have tees but in the men’s part, you can find both shoes and shirts. In the shoe section, they have

  1. Loafers
  2. Slippers
  3. Casual driving shoes. 
  4. Casual loafers
  5. Open-top platform
  6. Flat driving sales
  7. Walking shoes 
  8. Joggers

These shoes are available in leather, rubber, and more. They are available in sizes from 35 to 48. (Alprazolam Bars) Some shoes are available with laces, and some are not.

Is it really good, and what makes it the best among the others? 

  • Their shoes are available in various colors.
  • It has all the sizes.
  • These shoes are for both women and men.
  • They have mentioned the details of each shoe item.
  • These shoes are available in various materials.

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Arkget Shoes Reviews1

Does Arkget have a size chart?

Yes, they have a detailed size chart for the shoe section.

Do they have UK and US numbers mentioned?

In the size chart, they have mentioned the UK and USA numbers.

What is the material of the shoes?




What is the price range of Arkget?

These shoes are within the price range of 40 to 55 USD.

Arkget Shoes Reviews3

Does Arkget offer free shipping?

Yes, they offer free shipping on orders of USD69. Don’t Forget: Cristianzerotre Reviews

What are the shipping charges?

The standard charge is $69 USD.

What if I receive a wrong or damaged item?

You can return and get a full refund for any shoes that are damaged or in bad condition on arrival. 

How to return?

You can return via contact:

Can I cancel Arkget’s item?

Yes, you can, but before shipping the shoes.

Do they have an easy return policy?

No, they have a strict return policy.



  • Avlaibole in various colors
  • There is a huge range of sizes.
  • It is accessible in various materials.
  • Offer free shipping.
  • Many shoes are on discount rates.


  • There is no response from the buyers.
  • On their website, there is no feedback.
  • The images look copied from another website.
  • On AliExpress, you can get the same item at a lower rate.

Arkget Shoes Reviews: The customer’s feedback

Arkget Shoes Reviews legit or scam

There is no review of the Arkget shoes on their official website. But some users have reviewed their items.

Review On Trust Pilot

Happy Buyers

Expected to get ripped off

I expected to get ripped off. I never expected to see the shoes again or get my money back, but they were such a good deal that I couldn’t resist. Imagine my surprise when they actually showed up and were exactly as they had been pictured in the ad. Then I realized they are sold on Amazon as well. So, just because something is reasonably priced does not necessarily mean it’s a fake fraud rip-off ad.

very pleased!

I have ordered from Arket a few times in the past month (I only discovered them recently), and I am very impressed. Explore More: Usatimberland Com

Unhappy buyers

Very poor standard of customer service

The very poor customer service standard, poor clothing quality, erratic sizing, and generally disappointing

Review On YouTube

One of the subscribers of the product review channel stated that “I just ran across your video today and wanted to let you know that I was very skeptical about this company, but I did order a pair and was actually shocked when they really did show up, and they were exactly as pictured and seemed to be a very nice quality. Often when prices seem unusually reasonable, we suspect it’s a fraud, but at least the pair I ordered were very nice.”

4 Reviews

  1. They will not reply to my emails, I want to return the shoes, the shoes are great slippers, not good for outdoor use.
    The leather seems to be too thin, the soles are not heavy enough to wear outdoors
    Would not recommend this company at all

  2. Sent me a pair of shoes a whole size to small. They said they would email return label, after two weeks they said they were having computer problems and I would receive a label on 11/5/2022 only got a message in Chinese?? Said they were going to send me a size larger, have not received any information on either the reorder or the label. I will never do this again. I have no confidence that I will ever receive either.


  4. Image of shoes were not the shoes I received. Image shows rich brown color while shoes I received are light tan. Color makes shoes look cheap. I am returning the shoes. So I paid shipping for shoes not matching the image on site, will company make me pay for return? Take a guess. I almost ordered another pair but thankfully waited for these to receive.
    Thankfull I did. Some of the other shoes look great but are they going to give off the same sense of cheap like these? Not taking the chance. I must have 20 pairs of Rask shoes and they reek of quality so guess I am a bit spoiled.

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