Ashoktimber Com legit: Is It A Trustworthy Site?

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Wooden furniture is a must in every household. We all like to have our homes decorated with small and cute pieces. Even the sofa, tables, and cupboards are crafted out of wood. However, finding good-quality wood takes a lot of work. Most likely, they are light and lose their shine early. Thus, you need to look for a company that is a good, reliable source of wood. 

We bring you today with Ashok timber company, which supplies good quality wood to different parts of the country because they have various kinds of wood that are even exported internationally. But where can we find them? Do they export globally? What are the charges? Are they reliable?

We are here today with ashoktimber com legit to answer all your queries. First, we will look at the details of this website. Moreover, we are going to shed light on every accessible aspect of this company. Must Read: The Fenwick Shop Reviews

About ashoktimber com 

ashoktimber com

The Ashok timber Production Company works hard to provide you with the best quality wood. It is a trustworthy source for purchasing wooden products because the company is situated in India and exports these various kinds of wood globally. 

Mr. Devji K. Patel is the CEO of this company. Their main aim is to have a positive impact on the wooden material and all the items used in the industry related to it. They have worked hard to be one of the most famous competitors in the market. 

What kind of wood is available at ashoktimber com?

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They have received recognition for providing wooden planks, pallets, logs, wood boards, blackboards, and cores. Moreover, you can get the following kind of wood on their website. Would Like: Bossnare Reviews

Pine Wood

They have a botanical garden of pines and offer you a variety of wood. This wood is exported to various European countries. They supply Radiata, Southern Yellow, South Africa, and spruce pine wood to various customers as per demand. 

Silver Oak

Silver oak is available near the Kodaikanal Hills in India. This wood is most likely used for construction purposes. It is one of the most flexible yet durable woods in the industry. This tree has further nail-holding and self-healing capacity. It is the best option for building.

Pine Block Board

This wood is most likely used to build tables, doors, shelves, and partition walls. Most people prefer it for internal decoration due to the use of glue. 

Silver Oak Block Board

This kind of wood is also preferred for internal decoration. It includes wooden furniture like tables, chairs, and doors.

G Melina Wood

G Melina Wood is well-known for its high durability. It also has high strength, and people usually use it for construction purposes. See More: Hubafe Reviews

Qualities of Ashoktimber Company

ashoktimber com legit or scam

You can choose Ashok timber for the following purposes.

  • They provide good quality wood.
  • Ashoktimber always abides by all government policies.
  • They have competitive pricing.
  • They provide all the material within the allotted time. 
  • Their utmost priority is customer satisfaction.

Dimensions of the wood

You can get the wood for the interior section in the following dimensions.

7X3, 7X4, 8X3, 8X4

These dimensions are for the pine block board.

Thus, the other boards are available in various dimensions, and thickness may vary according to your demand.

Contact details

The company is situated in India. The following is company address listed below.

Palani Bypass Road, M.N.Patty (P.O), Dindigul-624002.

Furthermore, they have also provided the email address and contact information on the official website.

Price Details

The prices should be listed on the official website. Instead, they have provided the contact information. Thus, you need to message them or call them to learn that. It is better to contact them directly and ask for the charges for these different wood kinds. Don’t Miss: Fitswatch Reviews

Customer Reviews: Are they Satisfied?

The official website has no reviews for this company. Even TrustPilot has no comments or ratings for it. However, justdial com shows some reviews. People are most likely happy with their services. Most people have rated it excellent. 

Trust score of Ashoktimber

The scam advisor shows that this web page has a trust score of 97. The trust rating is unbelievably high. It shows that the website is safe. 

Pros and Cons

Here we bring you with pros and cons



  • The website is well-managed.
  • The clients give good reviews.
  • They export it to several European countries.
  • The Google Map shows that the address detail is correct.


  • The official website has no price listing.

Bottom Line

We bring you today with ashoktimber com legit to find a good company. They are situated within India but provide their services globally. They have some amazing variety in various dimensions. You can get good quality wood to construct the building and manufacture internal housing materials. The trust score is really good, and the reviews are also satisfactory. Even Google Maps shows the exact location of the store. This confirms that the contact details are correct. Thus, we recommend you give it a try at least once.

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