Awaken Cheerful Review: Best Place to Buy a Bra and Hair Eraser Item?

Awaken cheerful Reviews

As online shopping gains popularity with each passing day, it has become more important than ever to know which online stores are legit.

Knowing the details of these stores helps you better make a decision of whether or not an online retailer is trustworthy.

Today we’ll be presenting you with the details of another one of these online stores, Awaken Cheerful so you can better decide whether you’d like to make a purchase from them.

What is Awaken Cheerful?

Awaken Cheerful is an online retailer based in the US. They sell items such as outdoor décor, Christmas décor, and ornaments for other times of the year. They also sell hair trimmers. Also included in their catalog are leggings, bras, and hair removal tools.

Awaken Cheerful claims to be devoted to providing its customers with products of high quality at the lowest possible prices. They say that they think of their products as a gift to their customers. These are pretty big claims to make. Are they true, or just advertising? Let’s find out.

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Is Awaken Cheerful Legitimate or just another scam?

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Awaken cheerful legit or scam

One of the best ways to figure out whether an online store is trustworthy is by checking how old its web domain is. The older a domain is, the less likely it is that the business is a scam. Using the domain age checker tool, we were able to find out that the domain age for Awaken Cheerful is 1 year and almost 8 months old. This is relatively new. However, we can give Awaken Cheerful the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Another way to better know whether you should buy from an online retailer is to check their rating on platforms such as Awaken Cheerful has an extremely poor rating on, at just 3.97. This is a pretty big sign that this brand should not be trusted.

To add to this, using Google Lens, we were able to find out that some of the images used by this brand have been plagiarized from other websites such as Amazon. This is a common practice for scams to do and raises red flags regarding Awaken Cheerful’s legitimacy.

That said, Awaken Cheerful does have valid HTTPS. It has also not yet been blacklisted by any search engine. Additionally, the fact that this brand has maintained a social media presence reflects well on it.

What are the prices for Awaken Cheerful like?

Most of Awaken Cheerful’s bras retail in the $30-$40 range. While this is relatively cheap considering the prices go up, there are other bras with basically the same qualities as Awaken Cheerfuls that sell for an even lower price. 

For example, this deep cup bra on Awaken Cheerful’s website sells for $30. An essentially identical bra sells for – on Amazon. (  

Awaken Cheerful’s Bras Review

Awaken Cheerful offers a range of bras, from adhesives to shapewear bras. Most of their bras sell for $30-$40. They claim that all of their bras are made from fabric that provides heat and moisture management so that wearers do not feel uncomfortable.

They also explain that their bras allow for maximum breathability. This brand says that their bras are suitable for use by pregnant women, during yoga, and can even be worn while sleeping. Awaken Cheerful says that their bras help to sculpt the breasts and protect against sagging, helping to achieve a perkier cleavage.

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The Crystal Hair Eraser Review

Awaken Cheerful also includes a hair removal device in its catalog. They claim that these hair removal devices help provide an amazing shave. Their webpage states that this tool is reusable for up to 2 years. An even more impressive claim is that using the crystal hair eraser slows down hair regrowth wherever it is used.

According to statistics mentioned in the product description, 95% of users of the Crystal Hair Eraser said that it had improved the texture of their skin, while 94% noticed a reduction in ingrown hairs. Additionally, 90% of all users reported an improvement in skin firmness.

What do customers of Awaken Cheerful say?

Awaken Cheerful has received extremely poor customer reviews on According to these reviews, customers were disappointed with the quality of the bras. Some ladies said that the bras they purchased did not fit the description at all. 

With just 1.3 stars out of five on, it seems that customers have not had good experiences with this brand. Furthermore, Awaken Cheerful has also received negative reviews on its Facebook page. Although we tried searching for reviews of the Crystal Hair Eraser besides those already on their webpage, we could not find any.



  • Valid HTTPS
  • Has a Social Media Presence
  • Has provided appropriate contact information


  • Low Trust score on
  • Images have been plagiarized from other websites
  • Poor reviews

Should you buy from Awaken Cheerful?

In conclusion, it seems that Awaken Cheerful is not a legitimate brand. They have poor customer reviews across multiple platforms, such as Facebook and Trust Pilot. Their low trust score on also makes us hesitant about buying from them. To top it off, the fact that they have plagiarized photos is a dead giveaway that they should not be trusted.

We would advise you not to buy from this brand as there is no guarantee you will have a positive experience. Despite this, if somebody chooses to buy from Awaken Cheerful, they should do so at their own risk.