Beckcora Reviews: Is It Too Good To Be True?

Beckcora Reviews

The beckcora store’s boots and handbags are becoming increasingly popular. Many people look forward to buying from this online store, but we advise you to read the beckcora reviews. It is the online store that has everything when it comes to women’s fashion. You will find shoes, handbags, and more here. This online store has separate shipping,

returning, exchanging, and refunding policies. The policies are musts when it comes to online shopping. Beckcora also has a “contact us” section. It enables the customer to approach the business with a query.

Online shopping is fun, but sometimes it involves risk. One must recognize the risk of getting trolled by writing or not getting trolled at all. In such cases, the return and exchange policies play a vital role. But sometimes, something else is needed, so we advise you to read the reviews before placing any order.  See Also: Burolga Reviews

Today is this reading, and we have tried to cover each aspect of this book. What is the feedback from the students? Do they offer free shipping? Is the contact information right? Are they sharing data about the owner of the brand? These are the queries that make you clear about the brand.

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Why is the contact us section important?

One section on the shopping website says, “contact us.” When you are looking for a brand, whether it is LG or not, we advise you to look for the CONTACT US section. Why is this vital?

Your “Contact Us” page is vital in turning site visitors into buyers by offering them a place where buyers can find all the contact details.

So, in case of any issues, the business can be approached. But sometimes, many brands need to send the right data. Other factors, like policies, reviews, and more, also play a vital role in such cases. Must Read: Unzye Clothing Reviews

About beckcora

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Beckcora Reviews1

When studying any brand, we advise you to read the “about us” section. It gives an idea about the brand’s owner and the business’s origin. Unfortunately, we need help finding information about the owners on the beckcora website. Furthermore, there is no data on the region of the businesses.  Explore More: Forlest Bra Reviews

Also, they have yet to mention the businesses’ missions or goals. No move toward the next part, the brand’s address, although the URL has the padlock sign in the bar. What does it mean? It indicates that this website is secure.

 If you study the layout of the site, it looks polished and professional. The last thing is politics. Indeed, this island has great shipping and return policies. But are these policies too good to be true? We will find it in the upcoming section.


Beckcora Reviews legit or scam

Is there a discount?

There is a clearance sale on the website.

What is their return policy?

  • There are 30-DAY RETURNS. So, Shop with confidence.
  •  Customers can apply for a return within 14 days of receiving the product. 
  • There is a conflict.

Does Beckcora offer free shipping?

There is FREE SHIPPING on orders over $39

 Is it a USA-based brand?

There is no data about it.

How do you contact them?

  • Email: 

This is not a return address. 

Which items can you return?

It must also be in the original packaging. 

Do Beckcora offer a free return?

Customers will only be charged once at most for shipping costs (this includes returns).

What is their mode of payment?

  • VISA
  • JCB

Pros and Cons



  • There is a free shipping
  • The discounts are there.
  • No return charges


  • There is a conflict in the return days.
  • They have no feedback from the buyers
  • There is no data about the owner of the brand
  • The address is copied from another fake website

Beckcora reviews: What are buyers saying?

Customer feedback is the data, insights, points, and opinions you share about their ventures with the firm, items, or services. The feedback guides the progress of the buyer’s experience and can assign good change to the business—even (and especially) when it’s harmful. You May Also Like: Ousell Clothing Reviews

So, we have tried to get buyers’ reviews about this brand, but we are still waiting for customer reviews. What does it mean? It says no one has reviewed this site on major review sites like Trust Pilot and SiteJabber.

The Final Verdict

Here is an overview of this brand. It is a women’s fashion store and has the property of having everything from boots to accessories. This store has great shipping and returns policies, which is a great thing. It also has contact data, but it looks suspicious. Also, there needs to be more information about the brand’s owner. We attempted but failed to collect data about the brand’s origin. It’s a young website; it is just waiting to share the data.

Also, there are no reviews from customers about the brand. Also, on other platforms like SiteJabber and Trust Pilot, there needs to be data about the feedback from the buyers. 

So we do not recommend this website to you. There are many red flags.

41 Reviews

  1. Do NOT shop from Beckcora! This is a warning! You WILL be ripped off. I placed two orders on January 2nd. I received order confirmation numbers followed by tracking numbers so I could track my orders. Mid February one of the tracked orders said it was delivered that day to a person in the home. NO ONE was home that day to receive the order, yet their tracking said it was delivered. After several emails I placed a fraud complaint with my bank. Late February the second order, according to the tracking number was sent to a state completely different than mine. I have no idea why it was sent to that address and that state. So again I contacted Beckcora. They offered a PARTIAL refund. As of today the tracking number for the order tells me the order is not in their system and there is no such order. Save yourself distress and do not order from them. There’s another online place called Just Fashion Now. It may not be quite as inexpensive, but it is well worth the shopping and their prices are very reasonable.

    1. This is VERY similar to what I experienced. They answer your emails almost immediately and seem very polite but nothing arrives. Then, after three investigations, they shipped me a piece of JUNK jewelry so they could prove a package was tracked to my address

    2. Ordered 9 items from beckcora and 7 items from us ungue. They are the same company. DO NOT ORDER From either one. Even their tracking system is a scam. I received 2 gumball machine rings the tracking number belonged to.


  2. My experience was the same as many of the above. Did not receive my order, a returned email showed a screen shot saying that it was delivered. When I enquired about a return, I was told they were very busy, and could I please wait. They completely contradicted themselves. My credit card company is now investigating. So sad to have this going on. Do not purchase from this company.

    1. OMG the same thing happened to me except I got no communication. I’m mad but more at myself.let me know how that works out for you. This is upsetting

    2. The same has happened to me. My order said it was delivered , but not at my home. I placed the order in on Fed 6,2023 PLEASE PLEASE do not order from this company…..

  3. I ordered a sweater and boots back on 1/2/2023, kept tracking the order then finally on 1/29/2023 it said it was delievered but I never received anything. I have emailed them twice with no response. They were quick to take your money!!! Becareful SCAM

    1. Hi the same exact thing just happened to me. The order was in transit to LA. Then finally it said my order was delivered ,however I never received anything. I have emailed but no response. They are scam artist crooks.

      1. Contact your bank or credit card company. Keep ALL correspondence with them for the bank records.

    2. I ordered from Beckcora on Dec 30th, nothing ever delivered. I have been emailing their Customer Service dept who replies, asks if I want a refund or for them to re-send items. I asked for a refund. They reply with the same thing, would you like a refund? The conversation loop continues, and they will never refund my money. I knew better, but took a chance on this site. I am calling my bank to file a fraud complaint and they’ll refund my money, but the fact that scams like this continue is unbelievable. Don’t order from this site!! They are thieves.

      1. Same, I ordered said delivered but never was. Received 13 emails saying same thing. But I contacted my bank and received my money back.
        Beckcora is definitely a scam don’t bother with if you don’t want the headache.

  4. I too, got scammed. Been writing them every day and each time a different person answers with the same reply. Should have known better, but this was before Christmas so I was trying to get some cute things to give to my family. Buyer beware. Never do this again.

  5. This company will provide a Global Tracking Number to reflect that you are on the right track to receive your order. The tracking indicated that my order was delivered on January 20th. I advised them that I did not receive my order. I was asked to wait a little longer, so I waited until January 27th. No order received. I emailed them to advise that I need them to reship my order. I then received a snarky reply like I failed to check my mailbox or check with my neighbors. I wish I saw these reviews before hand. I hate scammers!

  6. Same thing for me never received anything !!!! I trusted the site because it showed up on Google feed, but I was scammed like everyone else!!!

  7. Definitely a scam! I had a foggy brain during Mercury Retrograde and did a $35 order on Jan 6th. After a bunch of back and forth emails and never receiving anything, on January 27th, I went ahead and disputed the charge and got my money back through my bank.

    Learned my lesson now I’ll let karma get all those involved with that fake website.

  8. Ordered some boots from them before reading the reviews.. they gave me a tracking number and it shows delivered. BUT I did not receive anything. Emailed them and spoke to Jenny who told me to go to the post office and give them the tracking number.. Post office said it was not their tracking number.. called UPS and FED EX .. nope not theirs help in finding out where my package is from Jenny or Mila.. when I asked for a refund.. crickets.. URGH!!

  9. I saw’s advertisement while popping out from my cellphone. While I need to order some coats/jackets for myself and daughter on 1/1/2023 for $48.61. Up today I have not received yet which already 24 days (1/24/2023), there is no email/phone number that I can contact. What is happening here?

  10. I received a tracking number that says delivered but never received even though it says it was emailed with no response been waiting 25 days now I think I got scammed so don’t order from them I found them on Facebook

  11. I have been waiting over 3wks.
    Apparently order is coming from CHINA. Got this from Facebook. Facebook should ban these fake companies.
    I have paid thru PayPal and they did no reply at all. I went thru my bank.

  12. This store is a scam. They will take your money and deliver crap if anything. READ REVIEWS
    ONLINE AND WATCH THE YOU TUBE VIDEO. nobody can sell real items at these prices. They prey on customers, even intelligent ones, who just really really hope it’s for real. It’s not. You can expect your credit and debit information to get stolen and sold as a nice little bonus.

    1. I never received my order either. Emailed beckora their response was that it was delivered they said they checked with their courier and it was delivered when I emailed beckora back I asked who the courier was never got a response but luckily I called my credit card and told them the merchandise was never received they were going to credit my account and they would open a investigation

  13. I purchased from this site before I read all about them. I am so upset to get scammed. I need to find them and give them a peice of my mind. I lost money and now I have to change my card which means taking the time to alert legitimate bills to be paid a call and give them new information

  14. I ordered from uiewey before Christmas and was told on the web site that orders will arrive before Christmas. Never happened. I bought 5 items and it was only $31.98 which included shipping, I emailed them as there was no phone # and of course never received a replay. I checked the reviews and and all customers had said this company is a total scam. So if you bought this store it tells me this is also a total scam.,you even have the same merchandise that I had ordered.
    Although Uiewey was a little cheaper. For all I know those 3 reviews are probably your friends. I just want my money back. I’ll be calling the Better Business Bureau to explain your company is scamming these customers. You take their money but never deliver. I’ll also be calling the news stations that this company is scamming customers. It’s not hard contacting news stations and other states but you can rest assured I will be contacting many of them to let them know that this company is nothing but a scam. So I suggest you return my money ASAP. My name is Judy Kirk
    Email: to let’s me know what you want to do about this.

    1. I ordered some boots but I never received the ordered. Now I have a claim in process through my bank in trying to my money back. I am going to be more careful when I ordered something on the internet and I hope you will do the same.

  15. This is so strange because it has the same merchandise of an online store that I TRIED to buy things from and I never received them… Imagine that. I promptly turned them over to PayPal. I don’t ever buy anything online without using a PayPal card that way if you have a problem they will take care of it. But I would stay away from this store because I think they’re just changing the name of it, because the name they used when I ordered was called “Fashion Essentials” and it was located in Ireland as well.. Why don’t the FCC or the FTC investigate the stores like this? I guess because we don’t turn them in… Too big of a hassle, I’m too busy, yada yada yada.
    But anyway I wouldn’t suggest this website either

    1. I purchased a sweater from Beckcora. com. The website came on my phone. I knew better start looking and clothes were cheap. I looked and looked so I decided to order a sweater without checking them out on Google. It been about a week. I did receive a Global tracking number. I track it to a Shenzhen Processing Center. I did pay with a Prepaid Card. I still want my money back if this is a scam. It only been about a week. I am going to give it about another week and see what happens.

    2. I agree with you Nannyg. I only use Paypal when I purchase something online. I also bought from RH Beckcora which is based in China. I never received the items. I should have known it was too good to be true. I called Paypal and they removed the charge from my account. I bought the items on January 1,2023 and the tracking today said that I received the items on 2/2/23. Google should have a wayfor us to report these companies to them so they don’t use those advertisements again. Just remember the old saying “If it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t.”

  16. Omg in just reading all this about Beckcora and I did read alot of reviews before my dumb*** made two big online orders so now weekday am I suppose to do besides dispute the charges can someone pls get back at me at your earliest convenience.

  17. this site is exactly like uiewey another site i purchased from last week with huge reservations i do have a tracking number and have a little bit of hope.

    1. Yeah, knew it was to good to be true. I did email them about thinking it’s a scam. We’ll see what they email me back if anything.

      1. Hi my name is Tammi & I’m so happy I found this review. I was about to spend over 100$ @ this store beckcora but I couldn’t find a review. Nor did I get a response from them after I email them. Your not dumb. My dumb…was about to do the same. I thought they were like a WISH or something. Which they are legit. This company prices are to good to be true. Wish prices are cheap & there shipping is costly but they do exist. So thank you for this.

      2. I purchased some items on Dec 27th. Been tracking it but on January 20th checked the tracking and it said it had been delivered but I didn’t receive anything. Emailed them and waiting on a response. Sickening.

        1. Hi Kat! I too ordered from Beckcora the same exact day you did and watched the tracking online to see when delivering. I checked again today and they stated it was delivered to my home on 01-20-23 and I was home all day. They stated the time of delivery was 11:34 pm!! NO Fed Ex or UPS or Postal Service trucks deliver that late! Especially in our small town! After reading all the statements from people, This might have been a scam!! RIDICULOUS!! Facebook needs to take them down and all the other ones from China!

        2. Beckora or the scammers have been emailing me telling me my shipment was delivered. I resorted to calling my credit card company they credited my account back and said they would open up a investigation. I wasn’t going to let the scammers have my money. Can’t imagine how many people just don’t go after them they probably make thousands of dollars. If you paid through a credit card please call your credit card company and get your money back

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