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Belky Online
Belky Online Reviews Check Reviews

You cannot buy anything from any random, hyped brand on the internet. Today, the store we are going to review is Belky. The Belky store deals with men’s and women’s clothing, like bottoms, coats, and more. Indeed, the brand has demonstrated many qualities of these products, but we still advise you to read the belky online reviews.

belky has a huge collection of articles. You can find a wide range of XYZ at the best prices here. This brand claims to offer its customers free shipping on a purchase of 34.9 USD and more. Furthermore, they have standardized their shipping and return policies for the ease of international buyers.

For any online store, big or small, shipping, return, and exchange policies are a must. When studying any brand, whether legit or not, one must look for various things. Are the shipping policies too good to be true? Can you get a full refund in the case of faulty items? Is the exchange applicable or not? These are the points that buyers look for.

So, today in this article, we will work on the belky online reviews. We will study the user’s experience with this label. Is this brand legit? Are they selling items at low rates? Related: Cozinen Clothing Reviews

 About the Belky Store 

Belky Reviews
Belky Online Reviews How Much Discount They Have?

In this section, you will find the belky online reviews in detail. The website of this brand seems secure, as it has the padlock sign in the URL address bar. It shows that all the activity on the site is secure. Further, this website has a professional design and a perfect layout. 

If you look at the payment mode, they offer their buyers an online payment method. Hence, it makes it easy for international buyers to get anything for this place. You can make the payment on this store via JCB, VISA, PayPal, and more.

When you visit their Web page, you can see various items like “bottoms,” “coats,” jeans, and more.” When you click on those products, you can see the descriptions of the articles. 

This website and brand have an “about us” section listing their businesses. This store has shared discounts, shipping, and return policies, and we will discuss them in the upcoming part. Don’t Miss: Ulciy Clothing Reviews

It is a factory specializing in producing women’s clothing and shoes, established in 2015. the brand is located in Ireland and offers production to more than twenty companies globally. But now they are selling the items directly on their website.


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Belky Online Reviews Legit Or Scam
Belky Online Reviews Legit Or Scam

Is there a discount?

  • There is a discount on the website.
  • Christmas is over, and there is still a Christmas discount.
  • 4 for $34.9.
  • There are any 7 for $42.9.
  • It is 10 for $49.9.
  •  14 for $54.9.
  • Any 20 for $59.9

What is their return policy?

They have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return. See More: Hairive com Reviews

Do they offer free shipping?

Free shipping on orders over $34.9.

Is it a U.S.-based brand?

It is an Ireland-based brand.

How do you contact them?

  • (this is not a returning address)

Which items can you return?

To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging. You’ll also need the receipt or proof of purchase.

Do they offer a free return?

Original shipping and handling charges are non-refundable, and there is no free return. Explore More: Imagleisur Bra Reviews

What is their mode of payment?  

  • VISA
  • Master Card  

Why Are The Rates Low?

 They will sell the items on this site at factory rates. Hence, no middleman will make any difference, and they will return the top quality and most reasonable price to buyers.

Belky online reviews By Buyers

Customer feedback is a must and is the main portion of our belky online reviews. There are many reviews of this brand on SiteJabber. Let us have a look:

Belk has a buyer’s rating of 1.56 stars from 300 reviews, showing that most consumers are unhappy with their purchases. One buyer stated, “I ordered a dress, the zipper was broken, and I sent it back to Chattanooga, TN, and they said they have no record, and I am very disappointed!”  “Cut up that credit card.” Would Like: Desire Happy Bodysuit Reviews

There are also reviews on Trustpilot. One buyer stated, “I ordered a $100 Belk gift certificate from Amazon, which came with no money.” I need help with Amazon and Belk. Belk says my complaint is a priority, and they promised to credit my Amazon account, but absolutely nothing happened. “Almost two months of being lied to.” is horrible! Another buyer mentioned, “I ordered a pair of shoes that arrived in a crushed box with no top, no invoice, and no shipping documents.” After a week of calling every day for a return label, I sent them back on my dime. “DO NOT SHOP AT!”

Pros And Cons



  • The rates are great
  • They are offering great discounts with free shipping.


  • The buyers need help with customer care and the quality of the products.

The Final Verdict(belky online reviews)

Here is the final verdict about this story. We investigated the belky online reviews and other information. The website is secure with a variety of online payment methods. But other things make this website unusual. 

This website has many red flags. First, the rates need to be higher, and you cannot expect good quality at these prices. Also, the buyers need help with the quality and customer care services provided by Belky.

37 Reviews

  1. Omgoodness. Just saw these comments. I wondered where that ring came from. I ordered in January 2023 also and still nothing. I have emailed and they say something about legistics or they can resend a package. I sent on 2 different orders 55 + and 30+ . I’m calling my bank tomorrow. What a shame the clothes looked so pretty too. I was so happen that I was able to affordable these clothing but now find out it’s a scam. I’m so sad. I thought I wld get some nice clothes for church.

  2. I ordered 12 items in January. I saved all the information of my order so I could track it. I never received it. I emailed asking about my order. They responded that I had received the order and for me to check my mail box. The items I ordered would never fit in my mail box. I contacted my credit card company and the fraud department handled this for me. I sent and email to let them know that I had reported them to the fraud department and I thought this was a scam. I hope they get shut down. They should not be allowed on Facebook or Instagram.

    1. Order on 2/26/23. Still no merchandise. I too say it’s a BIG SCAM. Tracked until 3/23/23, after that I couldn’t track anymore. Tracked from China to Los Angeles international Airport, where it was awaiting pickup from courier for over a week. Please reply with email so I too, can email them and place a Fraudulent claim.

    2. So true. You can only get a refund if you receive another. They say my order was delivered but a 1000+ miles from where I live. Total scam I’m out $39.99

  3. I ordered on January 19/23. I have emailed them several times. With every email, I have been given a sure enough answer to where my package is. With no delivery and a tracking number for China. No USPS tracking number to track in the US.
    Called the postal office they need a USPS tracking number.
    So yes yes yes this is a scam. They are Scammers from the reviews.
    I am putting in a fraudulent claim!

  4. Ordered several items two months ago. I have never gotten anything from them. They have charged my credit card. I have tried several different ways to contact them and have not gotten a hold of anyone! Someone sent a bogus tracking number that the post office could not track. Be cautious about this company

    1. Same happened to me also! Do not trust the site. SCAM, FRAUDULENT, Ne Aware of this site.

      1. Same thing happen to me. I ordered 12 items and paid for it and had a tracking number til it hit the U S then the tracking was gone. Haven’t heard from the company. It’s a scam.

  5. Scam Business/Website

    I placed an order on Jan 28, 2023. I have as of today, 1 March 2023 to receive my order. I was scammed out of $60.40. This company needs to be shut down. I have sent several e-mails and received only negative responses to my inquiries. FACEBOOK is where I first saw this website, it looked legit. It is a scam.

  6. I ordered on 17/ Jan. I did get a e-mail with order and shipping status.
    I checked on this shipping page every day. Yesterday I checked it was still in LA waiting. Today I checked it was delivered 2 day’s ago to Indiana. I never got anything. I send a e-mail but no respond.

    1. This is what happened with me Three days before being a month after ordering, then nothing. Facebook needs to bann this website.

  7. I am having the exact problem as everyone else. Ordered January 18, never received merchadise, given a tracking number from a fake tracking site. I have demanded a refund. I will contact bank to try and recover the money.

    1. That’s the same as me. Ordered clothing, shoes and other items. They say it was delivered On Feb. 26. 2023 But I never received anything from them. Then they gave me a tracking number that no one has. FedX, USPS, the post office says there is no such number. Can’t help me. WHAT A SCAM.
      C. Nilsen

      1. Yes they do and I wish I had read reviews before I ordered from them. 28 days waiting says delivered but never received they asked me if I wanted to wait and they would resend the order yeah right! It’s a scam cut up your card or get a new bank account whatever you got to do I don’t trust them no matter how many emails they send me saying they will help they don’t

  8. I ordered 1/31/23 and used my Discover card. Discover sent mt a notice on 1/31/23 asking if I recognized the charge of $49.90 to HK RICHARD GROUP CO. I did as it was the order placed on However, no shipment received as I placed two orders for a total of $111.73. Today, I put in notice on my Discover card that I would contest the charges, since items have not been received as stated in the offer.

    This is what I get when I search “” per the address on a screenshot I did at the time of order.
    Error 1001 Ray ID: 79d8df185e6b285d • 2023-02-22 15:49:23 UTC
    DNS resolution error
    What happened?

    You’ve requested a page on a website ( that is on the Cloudflare network. Cloudflare is currently unable to resolve your requested domain ( There are two potential causes of this:

    ERROR 1001
    Most likely: if the owner just signed up for Cloudflare it can take a few minutes for the website’s information to be distributed to our global network.
    Less likely: something is wrong with this site’s configuration. Usually this happens when accounts have been signed up with a partner organization (e.g., a hosting provider) and the provider’s DNS fails.

    I’m thinking SCAM????

  9. Definitely a scam…I ordered stuff that was supposed to have been delivered. I never got it. I am seeing if the credit card company will look into this scam. Lesson learned!

  10. What does the Chinese government do to people in their country who steal???? My order was placed January 12, 2023.
    I even have an order # and a tracking # none of which exists. “LETS GO CHINA” you rats! 62 years old and I get tricked by these scum bags!

  11. I ordered 10 dresses from them. No tracking number ever came. I finally turned it over to my bank as fraudulent. After I turned it over to my bank Belky messaged me and said package was delivered check your post office . Needless to say nothing is at post office .

  12. Belky clothing is a
    Joke ! How can we remove this big scam off the internet for us hardworking people who invest and trust these sites that truly is a fraudulent act of crime being done to all !!!! This needs immediate attention and needs to be accounted pay a fine for false advertisement !!!!

  13. Ordered and never received. Tracking number provided showed delivered to somewhere in spain? really? I’m in Canada and paid in Canadian dollars. And customer support was from someone named ‘banana’. Seriously I should gave known this was a scam. I’m reporting them and working on shutting them down. Theives

  14. I bought stuff in January and have not seen a package yet. Just send me my money back!! I thought this might be a scam!!! Send my money back now!!!

  15. I order items for the amount of $54.90 last January 12, 2023. Still I have not received them. According to the tracking number they gave me I already have the package last February 6, 2023, But is not true, since I never received the package. I went to local Post Office looking for it, but they never go it in the office. BAD EXPERIENCE. I sent Belky-Online 4 emails if I do not received in 48 hours any answer I will cancel the payment on my credit card. Do the same if you do not received your items.

    1. So wish I had seen this review before I ordered! I’m dealing with exactly the same thing! Them saying that I received my package Feb 08/2023 and I never received it! I’ve already emailed with 2 different people (Louie & Eve) about 4 times! I have explained numerous times that I have a Ring doorbell and the video shows that no package was delivered to my mailbox or porch! Now I’m out 45$! Lesson learned!!

  16. I ordered items in January and I still have not received them yet. It states it is Ireland company but it is coming from China!! I think this is a scam. Lesson learned!!

    1. I also thought it was based in Ireland! If I had known it was coming from China I would not have ordered!

  17. I ordered 4 dresses and 3 tops. It took forever to get a response from customer service. What I RECEIVED was a cheap, poor quality, ADJUSTABLE RING!!!!! DO NOT ORDER! THEY ARE A CHINA BASED COMPANY!!!

  18. This place is a scam my Daughter and I ordered 57.00 worth of product two month’s ago.
    They sent us a cheap fax ring and that day my tracking number disappeared.
    They will not answer calls or emails..

  19. I now think this is a too good to be true situation. I feel like a fool. I ordered $49.00 worth of the beautiful cheat clothes more than a month ago but still have not received them.
    I can’t track the order as I have no order number.
    Don’t order from the faux company!

  20. They said merchandise within 10 to 13 days. I am have been waiting 3:and 1/2 weeks. When I try to track order, never an update.
    I would like to know where my stuff is or a refund.

  21. Apparently my shipment is coming from China which is iffy indeed. I ordered on 1/17/23 and according to tracking my stuff is delayed in Los Angeles as of today, 2/4/23. Trying not to be worried but last dress shipped from China was not true to size. Site posted receiving within 14 days.

  22. I am having a hard time getting a receipt for what I ordered or a date they will arrive. In my last email I threatened to turn them into my bank. We’ll see what happens.
    I haven’t seen any happy reviews. Its a shame, they have really cute clothes.

    1. Like a lot of the reviews I see I also ordered. What I received was a cheap gum ball machine ring which I sent back the same day! Belkyonline is Not the same as The Belk company. I just talked with them and they are looking into it! I also reported this to FACEBOOK. They were where I first saw this website? Shame on all involved for this giant ripoff!

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