BeYouth Pro Collagen and Ceramide Lifting Ampoule Serum: Is it Worth the Hype?

Aging is a part of life that we all wish to avoid. Everybody wants to look youthful for as long as they can. All over the internet we can see brands selling miracle cures or quick-fixes to achieve beautiful skin. Today we will be reviewing BeYouth Pro Collagen and Ceramide Lifting Ampoule Serum, to see whether the claims regarding this product hold true, or is it just another scam making false promises?

What is the BeYouth Pro Collagen and Ceramide Lifting Ampoule Serum? What does it do?

beyouth pro collagen reviews

The BeYouth pro collagen and Ceramide lifting ampoule serum is retailed by the brand BeYouth™. According to a dermatologist cited on their website, the serum has been made using only ingredients of the highest quality, and with the most sterile processes. Some of the ingredients used in this serum are; Argireline, Ceramides, and Matrixial 3000. Used together, these ingredients have the combined effect of rejuvenating and turning back the clock on your skin.

According to the webpage for this product on the brand’s official website, using this serum will lead to a 99.2 percent increase in facial firmness and hydration, as well as a 92.7 percent reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

These drastic results were seen in just 7 weeks, according to their website, in over 2000 volunteers. The webpage also boasts that this product is 600 percent more effective at strengthening collagen than other similar products. The webpage says that the products are suitable to be used by all skin types, be it oily, or combination, or dry.

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Does this product hold up to its word? What do the customer’s say?

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Scrolling down the webpage for this serum, we can see many positive customer reviews. Showing drastic before and after photos, the ladies who have used this serum claim it has transformed their skin in just weeks.

According to these satisfied customers, using the serum gave their skin a visibly plumped and hydrated appearance, with a large reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Review after review, the product received 5 star ratings. One customer even compared the results to getting Botox!

These reviews seemed almost too good to be true. So, we inspected some of these before and after pictures on Google lens. As it turns out, some of these photos had been plagiarized from other skincare retailers. This does not reflect well on the product. If the serum was as good as they say, there shouldn’t be a need to copy-past images from other websites, right. However, we can still give the brand the benefit of the doubt.

Is the Brand Legit?

Is beyouth pro collagen reviews legit

Before making any purchase, it is crucial to know whether or not the brand you’re considering buying from is legit. A good place to start is the brand’s webpage. The website for BeYouth has a valid HTTPS. This is good because generally more reputable brands have a valid HTTPS.

BeYouth has also maintained a presence on multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as providing appropriate contact numbers. This means that it is easy to reach out to the brand, and hence, the likelihood of it being a scam is lowered. Furthermore, the brand has a high trust score on

Promotion and Discount

The brand does not offer discounts on single boxes purchased of the BeYouth Pro Collagen and Ceramide Lifting Ampoule Serum. However, increasing discounts are offered on larger orders. Order of 2 boxes, there would be a 14 percent discount applicable. For 5 boxes, there would be a whopping 60% discount. A 70 percent discount would be applicable on 10 boxes, whereas for 15 boxes, an 80% discount is offered. All in all, the brand seems to be offering a pretty good bargain.



  • Valid HTTPS
  • Good discounts
  • High trust score


  • Some customer reviews show plagiarized photos
  • There are no reviews of the product on other platforms
  • Domain age is unknown


beyouth pro collagen reviews 2

What payment options does BeYouth accept?

We accept four types of major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover), as well as PayPal and Apple Pay.

How can I add or remove items from my cart?

First, you should click the cart on the top-right hand side of the computer screen. You should then click remove on the item you wish to order less of.

What is BeYouth’s cancellation policy?

Orders can be cancelled on or before 11:00pm (PDT, -7 GMT) on the same day they were placed. After this cutoff time, cancellation will not be possible and you will not be given a refund. You may contact them at via to request cancellation

What if there are items missing or incorrect products when I receive my order?

If you have received the wrong order, you may contact BeYouth   Providing them with a transaction reference number and a screenshot will suffice. According to their reship you the correct item at no added cost and the wrongly shipped item will not be asked back. It may be kept as a gift.

Should you buy the BeYouth Pro Collagen and Ceramide Lifting Ampoule Serum?

To wrap it up, the BeYouth Pro Collagen and Ceramide Lifting Ampoule Serum seems to show promising results. You may give it a try as BeYouth seems to be a legitimate brand and there aren’t many negative customer reviews for the product.

55 Reviews

  1. The first time I bought this- I LOVED it! It really made a noticeable difference.
    So I bought it again and they had this great offer and I got 15 FREE BOXES.

    Well, when they arrived I noticed that the FREE boxes contained product that was packaged the same but was a different color.
    Upon inspection – the UPC codes were also different and the ingredients.

    The free product did absolutely nothing for my skin except hydrate it.

    It did not give the firming or reduction of spots that the original serum did.

  2. Beyouth serum is not a miracle worker however it is the best serum I have tried so far , I was looking for it again and ordered from a site called nile Santa. What I received was a fake version and not the actual product which was advertised on their site so be very careful it is a great product it leaves your skin refreshed and revitalised but there are way too many websites selling the fake product

  3. I’ve used this product last Summer for 7 weeks and it works. Not as the publicity but it stays one of the best product I’ve used in my life. I’m not ready to say that this is a fraud. I’ve wait maybe 5 weeks before I get it, but I’ve received the right order and the product is good. I broke 1 capsule on 49. This is true that when it break, it’s not funny. But the day after I used their plastic bootle and it was ok.

  4. Optimistic sucker that I am, I thougt I’d try this. I don’t see one single change in my face after 6.5 weeks of faithful use. Maybe it takes the full 7 weeks if usage to see a difference.
    Too late to get my money back???

  5. I had my doubts as it took ages, but my order has finally arrived today.
    That is a positive and I hope to see results over the weeks.

  6. This product does not work. Waste of time and money. All the positive posts have to be fake. You don’t find one negative out of the entire bunch. I tried to post my negative review and they didn’t post it. Hard to believe everyone likes this. I ordered 5 boxes and I am just as wrinkled as I was when I started on week one. I’m sick of being scammed out of my money and don’t understand how these so called companies are allowed to do so. I too would not have purchased this had I known it was coming from China.

    1. So am I Jean B. I saw this advertised on Facebook and to my shame was taken in by all the positive posts. The advert has now disappeared off Facebook but there are lots of other adverts for similar products. You try and report them as scams, and Facebook ignore you. Never again.

  7. I ordered 10 boxes and I use it daily im going on 70 and a lot of people think I’m in my fifties..
    I think it works…fyi ive never had in issue snapping off the top..

  8. Product does nothing! Waste of money. Now let’s see if their money back guarantee is legit.

  9. You never sent my product to my address and paid for it…item4850. Resend now or refund asap

  10. It doesn’t work. Don’t WASTE YOUR MONEY! But, they are easy to open, just a small twist. And yes it took over a month to receive it.

  11. It doesn’t work. Don’t WASTE YOUR MONEY! But, they are easy to open, just a small twist.

  12. Recieved mine 7bottles yesterday 3weeks delivery took so can’t complain really.
    Instructions were a bit odd but finally worked it out no explosion of glass!
    One bottle will last me one day half in morning the other half at bedtime.
    I’m from the uk
    I just thought well why not give it a go.
    After one day my skin is very soft but time
    Will tell.

  13. You don’t give instructions on how often to use. Please do on your packaging.

  14. I brought mine and it arrived a week and a half later to Sydney Australia, so let’s hope it works.

  15. I received my order after I emailed them to check the status of it. Finally received my product. It was the correct order. I have been using it now into the second week. I do believe I am seeing some improvement in my skin, but will do the full 5 weeks till final judgement. The box does come with a soft plastic sleeve that you put the tip into to snap it off. I took it apart and use the small end to break the ampule, then slide the larger part over the tube to save for the second application. No need to try to snap it off with a Kleenex. I am 67 yrs old and have smoked most of my life, and have had sun damage over the years as well, so I guess I am not expecting miracles but will see what the final result really is.

    1. Just wondering how you opened your viles without having shards of glass. The directions are very unclear on how to open it.

      1. Not had a problem opening the vials. No cuts or anything. I have been using this for 2 and half weeks. Quite happy with the results. I queried the delivery time, very prompt reply. I thought 1 vial was not enough for 2 treatments, but I was not doing it correctly. I emailed them and they refunded 20% off my order. Back in my account in 2 days. If that’s not service I don’t know what is. Not expecting miracles but pleased at the improvement at the moment. I’m glad I gave it a go.

  16. Thanks to all of you for your comments, and thanks to this web page. I’ve been tricked before for lots of money, and this seem to be an obvious scam too.
    Typically when it is a scam; You don’t get what you ordered, the items comes after many months, you get something else then you ordered, something very cheap. They don’t give any refund, after a while they don’t even answer your emails. You can’t call them, it no number to reach them, or address.
    Here i see that the ampule also breaks so one would cut one self on the glass. Stay away.

    1. I ordered mine through Amazon, although takes a few weeks to arrive as it comes from China, it did arrive and I could track it, not had any problems and it is good, makes skin so soft and minimises lines, I would recommend

    2. Not true. No problem opening the vials. Use the opener included. I just snap it off with a tissue. No shards, nothing. If the serum works or not( which I have seen a slight improvement in 2 weeks). I don’t No why you have a problem with the vial.x

    3. God why did you have to open with pliers. Ridiculous. I’m 72 and have arthritis, I have no problem. Also every email I sent them were answered promptly. Also I got a 20% refund because I thought there was not enough serum in the via, my mistake there is!!.

  17. Ive ordered also. Still waiting. Dont argue or try to communicate. Instead, place a dispute with your credit card. Ive had too many dealings with international orders. Did not realize when I ordered that the company was out if China. If you have a problem, place your dispute with credit card company. They will deal with them. If the company will not cooperate, you will be refunded. Wish I had known before ordering that the manufacturing company was of China.

    1. Oh my goodness be patient your ordered on the 15th July
      I ordered mine in the 4th it came yesterday

      1. Uh, no, I placed my order July 3. July 15th is when I posted my comment on this site.
        Why people feel the need to comment on other peoples posts is beyond me.

  18. I had the same results, had to open with a pliers and exploded, cut my finger and glass all over!! And they think we are rubbing glass on our faces, how stupid do they think we are!!! Very dissapointed!!!

      1. I ordered this product, and have been using for 4 weeks. I am uncertain how much it’s doing, but it feels nice and doesn’t irritate. There’s some improvement in my wrinkles, but not like the advertisement. I have 1 box left, so I will hope for more results.

    1. Why didn’t you use the plastic top they send to open it with? If used correctly there are no shards of glass. No way should you open with pliers, even if you had used a tissue to snap the top off it won’t explode

    2. God why did you have to open with pliers. Ridiculous. I’m 72 and have arthritis, I have no problem.

  19. I still haven’t received my order I placed almost a month ago. It says on back order from China. They still haven’t refunded my money after several requests.

    1. They do not give money back no matter what.
      We placed our order the same date…
      No luck yet.
      The last email I received from them said that since the order is shipped there is no refund.

      1. I ordered 15 boxes of the BeYouth. (Yes, I’m a real person- in my mid 40s with some really deep wrinkles on my forehead and fine lines around my eyes and mouth).

        It took a while to recieve my order – and I didn’t know this came from China until I read the reviews here.

        All that said, I started using this 3 days ago. Already, I can see a 50% reduction in my deep forehead wrinkles, and some of the fine lines around my eyes and mouth are already gone, as well as some sun spots. I WISH I had taken ‘before’ photos. The ampules seem really small, but a little really does go a long way. It absorbs really fast, and leaves my face soft as a baby’s butt. It’s not oily or greasy in any way.

        I recommend using a washcloth to break the ampule ‘lid’ off, and before doing so, turn the ampule at an angle and flick the ampule ‘lid’ with a fingernail to empty all the product from the lid into the ampule.

        Seeing as I ordered 15 weeks, and am already seeing positive improvement, if I have any that I don’t use left, I’m planning to use what’s left on my husbands face.

        All in all, I’m glad I came across this product and ordered. Hopefully I’ll still feel the same way in a few weeks. Took pictures of my results, today, and sent them to my little sister, who can also see my 3 day results, just from the last time she saw me. I gave her the product name, but I told her to wait a couple weeks before she places an order, so we can see what my results look like a couple weeks into treatment. If my results continue, I’ll be ordering for my mother, as well. Wish us luck! 😂

        1. Oh my goodness that’s great I’m starting today will take before and after pics

        2. Thanks for your review.I received my order yesterday so am hoping I will feel as pleased as you in a few days .
          Will keep you posted 😌

        3. I received my order to Australia within 2 weeks. I have been using this product religiously morning and night and am now seeing really great results. The heavy lines above my top lip have visibly improved. I was sceptical about this product but am so glad that I took the chance to try it. If these results continue for the next 5 weeks then I will be a very happy customer.

    2. Ordered with no mention of on back order. A week later I went on PayPal to complain I did not receive an order confrontation. Company then said it was back ordered, I then asked for a refund. A week later I demanded a refund through an my ordered arrived within 7 days. If I knew it was coming from China I would not have purchased. Too much time and effort!

    3. Mine came yesterday used last night skin glowed…
      Ampoule instructions poor but im a medic so worked it out as deal with Ampoules!
      My order took over a month to arrive.
      I sent them photo shot of my oder and i think this helped my order come quicker.
      They sent me tracking info after and was straight forward after that..
      Hooe this is helpful and will see as i got 5 boxes.
      In hope Anita

  20. This company is FRAUD
    Almost two months and still haven’t received anything.
    I’m suing them.

    1. I was wondering about mine also, because it took a couple of months to get here. They sent regular notifications of the shipping and where my order was on a weekly basis. However, I did not know it came from China and would not have ordered the product if that had been made known.

  21. 0rdered BeYouth serum but received birds nest essenses and despite reaching out to BeYouth received no reply! Don’t be surprised if receive wrong product! BEWARE this may be a scam get rid of older poducts!

  22. I sent my money on 05/16/2022 and I have not received the
    merchandise, I am almost sure that this is a scam!!

    1. The product says everyday. Each ampule is for two uses, one in the morning and one in the evening. It does state you need to use for between 3-7 weeks to see the full impact. That is what I read from the BeYouth website, hope that helps.

    2. Finally received this serum after two months, the files are glass filled with half liquid. When you twist the files to open with a tissue they explode. Glass everywhere so dangerous,I cut myself. Warning be very careful. Not worth it. To dangerous.

      1. Wow for real ?
        I don’t understand how you can explode the ampoule?
        Just snap off the lid it’s soooo easy

      2. I disagree. NO problems with the ampoules, just use the supplied opener or use a tissue to snap off the top.
        Took ages to arrive but worth the wait.

      3. Not true. No problem opening the vials. Use the opener included. I just snap it off with a tissue. No shards, nothing. If the serum works or not( which I have seen a slight improvement in 2 weeks). I don’t No why you have a problem with the vial.x

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