Bird Buddy Reviews: Is It Reliable?

Bird Buddy Reviews

Do you love having birds in your yard? Bird Buddy is the best option to connect you with these beautiful creatures in your backyard. It comes with a high-resolution camera. This camera connects to an online application that provides you with instant notification in such cases.

Bird Buddy helps users to capture high-quality pictures whenever a bird arises within the premises. It notifies you on your phone with a picture and the details. However, we still need to look at the bird buddy reviews to find their legitimacy.

We will discuss its specifications and benefits in our everyday lives. Every product has pros and cons, which we will discuss below. We would further put light on the facts and find out if it’s worth it or not. 

About bird buddy 

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Bird Buddy is one of the most popular crowdfunding projects on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. This is an amazing camera that helps you locate birds in your backyard. This product is designed specifically for animal lovers. It beautifully connects you with nature and these pretty birds by capturing every moment.

You can easily install it outside your house. However, it works on a Wi-Fi connection to provide updates on your phone. The application also hints at attracting new and different species in the area. 

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Specifications of Bird Buddy 

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The Bird Buddy is an amazing product that comes with some great features. Let us have a look at them below.

High Resolution

The bird buddy camera has very high-resolution power. It ultimately clicks a clear picture of every bird that lands. 

Arrival Notification 

As soon as a bird lands in front of it, it quickly sends you a notification on your phone. 

Specie Recognition

It can capture and then recognize both the species and the bird. It informs you of the complete name of this bird. 


It comes with a built-in microphone to record everything pretty clearly. It records that those pretty birds came after landing in front of it.

Features of Bird Buddy

It has some of the following features.

  • You can check all the recent history of birds that have arrived in the past.
  • It comes with a solar roof as well. You can choose it as an add-on.
  • You can even take close-up shots and adjust the camera with your phone.
  • It captures pictures from a selfie-like perspective. 
  • You can even order a water fountain with it. It will help to attract birds and even be beneficial to them.

Available Colors

The Bird Buddy comes in two different colors, as listed below.

  • Prussian Blue
  • Summer Yellow

These are bright and beautiful colors that would complement your house as well. 

Available Mounts

You can choose from two different mounts as follows.

  • Wall mounts are attached to the wall, and you can place a bird buddy on them. You can rotate in any direction.
  • Fence mounts are pretty easy to handle, and you can adjust them to different sizes of fences. It is also able to rotate in any direction. 

Customer Reviews: Are they satisfied? 

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The official website shows some amazing reviews from its customers. One of the clients says that “I love my Bird Buddy already! I get so excited when I see I had a visitor at my feeder.” Another one says that the bird buddy has exceeded all expectations.

We also looked on Trustpilot to find some more reviews. It shows about 2.8 ratings with some poor reviews. One of the buyers says that he never received his order. It later indicated cancellation, but he never did. Another one says that it has been 6 months since she gave a pre-order but hasn’t received it yet. 

Pros and Cons



  • It has the highest-resolution camera.
  • You can easily control it with your phone.
  • The color scheme is beautiful.


  • It has poor delivery service.
  • Customer care is not responsive to emails.


What is the spec of the bird buddy camera?

This camera has a 5MP with WDR and a 720p video stream. It also has a very good battery life.

Can it easily get damaged?

It is manufactured by keeping squirrels and other animals in mind. Thus, it is pretty strong and doesn’t get damaged easily.

Can you share this app?

Yes, you can share this experience with your friends and family.

Final Verdict

We bring our reader’s bird buddy reviews to find a new source of happiness for bird lovers. It helps you connect with these precious creatures and observe them closely. You can now listen to their sounds, get up-close pictures, and even learn about the species. People are pretty happy with this product. However, there are frequent complaints about late delivery. Some buyers have not received it even after months. Thus, we recommend you go for bird buddy but beware of late delivery.