Mwine English Bulldogs: A Reliable Place To Buy Bulldogs?

mwine english bulldogs reviews

We as humans do love our furry companions, that’s for sure. Therefore, it is only natural that we would want to buy only the best dogs to keep as our pets.

In recent years, the pet sale industry has started moving online and pet-stores have started popping up everywhere on the internet. It is obvious that at least some of these stores would be scams.

Therefore, it is now more important than ever to know the details of where you may be considering buying your pets from, in order to avoid being cheated.

After reviewing all the relevant details of Mwine English Bulldogs, we have presented you with the facts to equip you to make a better decision.

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What is Mwine English Bulldogs?

According to their website, Mwine English Bulldogs claim to be one of the best breeders for English bulldogs. They offer a variety of English bulldog puppies on their webpage. All of these puppies are, according to them, 5th generation pedigrees, who are regularly dewormed and vaccinated. All of their puppies are certified as being purebred by the American Kennel Club, according to their webpage. They also claim that their puppies come with a 2 year insurance.

Are Mwine English Bulldogs a legit place to buy puppies from?

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is mwine english bulldogs legit-or-scam

Using the domain-age checker tool on, we came to know the domain for Mwine English Bulldogs was created less than a month ago, on the 17th of May, 2022. This raises red flags, as generally brands with newer domains are more likely to be scams.

Furthermore, Mwine English Bulldogs’ claim to have been operational since 1998. Hence it does not make sense for a brand that has been in operation for over 2 decades now to only just start a webpage.

Mwine English Bulldog’s does not have a presence on any social media platform. This is also a cause for suspicion as you would expect a firm that retails online to at least have a Facebook page.

Also a cause of concern is the lack of customer reviews on their webpage. Mwine English Bulldog’s has only one review on their website. This places the brand’s legitimacy in doubt.

To add to this, there has been no contact information provided on their webpage to show their address of contact number. Legitimate brands always provide at least some contact information, so this does not reflect well on Mwine English Bulldogs authenticity.

That said, Mwine English Bulldogs does have a valid HTTPS certificate and has not been blacklisted on any search engines as of yet.

Mwine English Bulldogs: Customer Reviews

As already mentioned, despite searching for customer reviews of Mwine English Bulldogs on various platforms, we were not able to find any. There is only one review of Mwine English Bulldogs on their webpage, which obviously cannot be fully trustworthy. If there had been reviews across multiple platforms we would have been able to have a better understanding of what people’s experience with Mwine English Bulldog’s has been.


The Mwine English Bulldog’s shows very reasonable prices for their puppies. The adorable puppies are sold for just $600, and if two are bought together, at just $450 each. This is extremely cheap compared to what other AKC registered English bulldog puppies are sold for, . English bulldog puppies are generally sold at more than $2,000, so this low price also brings Mwine English Bulldog’s authenticity into question in our eyes.


Mwine English Bulldog’s offers for puppies to be delivered to their new homes via airplane, to cities in the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Europe.  They also offer for puppies to be delivered escorted by a nanny within the US. This comes with an added cost of $250. They claim that care will be taken to ensure that the puppies are kept at a comfortable temperature throughout the journey and do not fall ill.


According to their webpage, Mwine English Bulldog’s offer a 2 year warranty for their pups at no additional cost to owners. However for this warranty to be valid, owners of puppies must take them to the vets within 2 days of receiving them. This is to certify whether or not the puppies are in good health. If they are not in good health according to the vet, Mwine English Bulldog’s will replace the puppy with another one of the families own choosing. Furthermore, in order for the warranty to be valid, the puppies should be given NuVet Plus® immune system builder. If this medicine is not fed to the puppies, the warranty will not be honored.



  • Valid HTTPS address
  • Not blacklisted by any search engines
  • 2 year warranty


  • No customer reviews on any platform
  • New domain
  • No contact information provided

Final Verdict

Any brand that has very few customer reviews, such as Mwine English Bulldog’s, will involve a risk being taken by the buyer. There is very little to suggest that Mwine English Bulldog’s are a safe place to shop for puppies from. Anybody that chooses to shop from Mwine English Bulldog’s should do so at their own risk as the authenticity of this brand has a big question mark attached to it.

2 Reviews

  1. I bought an English bulldog puppy from Mwine English Bulldog puppies three days ago. They let me know it was shipped from Nabraska at 2:00 am and would be at my home by 6:00 pm. It would be delivered to my home by a nanny I paid for. At 6:00 no puppy. I wrote and called them, the delivery company they sent the puppy through wrote e-mail to me saying they were in Ohio and needed $800.00 more for a crate that was airline approved. They said that money was refundable at the end of delivery. I tried to contact them by phone and e-mail, never any answer. I tried the seller also, nothing. Nothing since. I contacted Zelle, the company I paid thru, to report. I was helping my adult son get this puppy as he is by-polar and depression.

    1. I had the same thing happen yesterday I paid the initial 600$ flat for the dog then j was hit with a 1450 payment for an airline approved crate and I talked to a guy named Mike Rogers he sounded middle eastern and he said they needed 1450 that would be refunded when the puppy arrives. I had talked to my friend that is a breeder and he had never heard of anything like that they were claiming it was a cautionary fee. I’ve told the shipper and the seller what had happened and I’ve not received a reply.

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