Blackation Reviews: Do They Provide Comfortable Clothes Or Another Online Scam?


Many online stores sell quality articles. Sometimes, when one likes to get some clothes, one needs to be highly detailed. Blackation is one hyped brand that is gaining popularity these days. What is all the hype about? It is an online clothing place for women and men that offers all the fashion essentials. This online brand offers many articles, from bottoms to tops, shoes to outerwear, and much more. Does this trending name also have a particular part for each policy? Are they good enough to trust? So one must first study the reviews and then consider this store. 

So we’ll look for today’s blackmail scam.

Numerous online sites sell clothing, but not all stores are famous. There are many things to consider when buying online. Aside from the item itself, we must investigate the refund and return policies. What are the contact details of the firms? Here, we suggest you check the feedback first, then buy.

In this article, we will check the users’ reviews, pros and cons, and find out whether this site is a scam.

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How do you know if a website is legitimate to buy from?

Here is the main query: how does one know the website is legit? Are there any means to find this out? The following are ways you can do it:

8 Ways to Know If Online Stores Are Safe and Legit

  1. Go for the free McAfee WebAdvisor to check for safe websites. 
  2. Check the sign of the padlock in the URL address bar. 
  3. Verify the SITE trust seal. 
  4. Look for the Google Transparency Report. 
  5. Check the strong social media presence. 
  6. Analyze the entire look of the doubted website.
  7. Read the reviews
  8. Check the company contact data

How do I check if a site is safe?

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How do you mark the website safe? Is the site secure? We recommend that you use the website safety checker.

To check if a link is secure, just copy and paste the URL into your search box and press Enter.  Would Like: Swimshy Reviews

Afterward, Google Safe Browsing’s URL will examine the link and report back on the website’s legitimacy and standing in seconds. It is that simple to use Google’s URL scanner.

About Blackation 

Blackation Reviews1

Before making any online purchases from this store, we recommend that you read through this section of parts. Blackation Clothing is a men’s and women’s fashion website that offers everything from summer to winter clothing. It has sections for all categories, such as mean, bottom, shoes, etc. Hence, it provides an enjoyable buying experience. Further, this site has a distinct section for return policies, shipping policies, and more. Don’t Miss: Burolga Reviews

We have visited their website and found that it does not have an “about us” section. That is an odd part. It means there needs to be clear data about the brand’s origin. They have yet to mention the origin of the name. So, the new website must have all the data about the brand, like the owners’ names, country of origin, motto, and much more. There is also no way to contact the brand.



Is there a discount?

There is a section for 24-hour online sales.

What is their return policy?

We accept product returns. Customers can apply for a return within 14 days of receiving the product.

Do they offer free Shipping?

Enjoy your shopping on order over 39 dollars.

Is it a U.S.-based brand?

There needs to be precise data.

How do you contact them?

Suite 10542, Balmoral Industrial Estate, C15 DD72, Ireland (this address is not a return address).

Which items can you return?

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition, you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.  

Do they offer a free return?

 No restocking fee is to be charged to the consumer for the return of items.

What is their mode of payment?

There is no data about it. Also Like: Allcstatime Bra Reviews

Do they have social media handles?

No, there is no social media handle.

Blackation reviews What are buyers saying?

This website has many red flags and zero feedback from buyers, making it highly unsafe for you to buy from this store. There is also no review about this store on websites like site jabbers and Trust Pilot. Don’t Miss: Tarboroy Bra Reviews



  • There are discounts
  • There is free shipping
  • They offer free return


  • There is no feedback from the buyers
  • The rates are too good to be true
  • There is no information about the owner of the brand


Our overview shows that it has a one percent trust score, which shows that fewer people are using this website. Furthermore, the site demands feedback from buyers. The famous portals have also displayed warning signs. We have checked the rates to determine whether they are too low or high. We suggest doing a detailed review of this site before buying anything. 

  • The contact data is copied
  • There is no review from buyers
  • No data about the owner
  • The rates are too good to be true
  • It has a low trust score

12 Reviews

  1. they use various email address blackation, Aimark , Macy’s all scams ..
    now they are offering 70% refund ..

  2. I fell for this scam to the tune of $78 !!! More the fool, I . The ad started out with the “Macy’s” label at the top and shifted to
    blackation later on. I should have known it was too good to be true. Won’t make that mistake again (I hope).

  3. They stealing my money never received my order it’s definitely a scam they need to stop a investigation need to be made on this crooks

  4. Should have done my homework on you guys .. orders Jan 1,2023 it’s now April . Would like my money back

  5. It’s definitly a scam, I orderad a bunch of clothes and they sent a cheap ring which I did not order, I was afraid it was to good to be true and it was !! Ripped off big time !!

  6. Where is my order dec 30 2023 account 1214…$16.08 Please return my money if you arn”t going to send me my order……

  7. Where is my order January 30 2023 account 1214…$16.08 Please return my money if you arn”t going to send me my order……

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