Bunny Eyez Reviews: Are Their Glasses Worth Buying Or A Waste Of Money?

Bunny Eyez Reviews

Have you ever gotten angry while reading in bed because your glasses irritate you? And you don’t want to wear them but still, read clearly? Many people face this issue with their reading glasses. 

Don’t worry!! We have got Bunny Eyez glasses for you. Its glasses are tiltable and flippable. So you can tilt and flip these glasses for a great reading experience.

But is it real? Or is it another scam? We will clear all your doubts with these bunny Eyez reviews to let you know if their items are worth buying or not.

What should you look for when buying glasses? Some tips

Finding the ideal pair of glasses for your needs can be challenging. The glasses you choose for yourself may be either uncomfortable or unsuitable for your face shape. After determining your precise visual acuity, you can choose the best eyewear for yourself using the following advice.

 Always select eyeglasses that complement your facial features. Because specific frames complement particular face shapes. For instance, choose round frames if you have a square face shape. Additionally, your skin should be taken into account when selecting eyewear. If you have a warm skin tone, neutral-colored frames will look good on you; if you have a calm skin tone, choose frames in jewel tones.

About Bunny Eyez

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Bunny Eyez is an online store founded by two sisters, Jenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz. This firm sells sunglasses, reading glasses, and other eyewear. It has the most appealing and functional reading glasses, featuring black diamond hinge technology. This technology allows the wearer to flip the temples while getting their hair colored and tilt the front of the glasses for the best reading experience.

The website also assists its customers by identifying their face shapes and the appropriate frames. It will allow the buyer to get the most suitable frame according to their face.

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How do they work?

Bunny Eyez has very fashionable and functional reading glasses. You can flip one of your glasses’ temples when reading or scrolling on your phone while in bed. Or, if you want to remove your glasses but still need to read, you can flip both temples. Additionally, you can tilt the front of your specs when doing multi-works, such as reading on your phone and watching TV. These glasses are practical, and their chic style draws attention to your facial features. 

 Are Bunny Eyez glasses worth buying? 

Bunny eyez legit or scam

Bunny Eyez glasses are stylish and practical eyewear. These come with exclusive Black Diamond hinge technology. With the aid of this technology, the glasses can be turned and tilted for optimal reading. These features allow users to read in bed or get their hair colored while wearing their Bunny Eyez glasses. 

These traits of Bunny Eyez glasses make them more demanding and worthwhile. You can get your pair of specs from their Facebook, Instagram, or Amazon pages.

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Bunny Eyez affiliate program

You can also earn some extra cash by joining its affiliate program. And every time someone buys from Bunny Eyez through your link. You’ll get a 10% commission on every sale via your affiliate link. You can join their affiliate program by signing up for the form and begin sharing your favorite Bunny spec while earning money.

Bunny Eyez Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

If you are planning to buy from Bunny Eyez, these buyer reviews will assist you with their product’s validity. 

One of the buyers from Amazon states, “Comfortable and doesn’t give me headaches like lots of other readers do. Love the color. Get compliments a lot on the style and color.

Here is a video featuring Bunny Eyez glasses and their quality. Go and watch it out here.


Who is the founder of Bunny Eyez? 

Two sisters named Jenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz found this brand. This brand is named after their mother, who died of cancer. You can read more about their story here.

Where is its warehouse? 

The warehouse is located in Bethpage, NY.

What payment options do they accept?

They accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

Do they offer international delivery? 

Yes, you can also order if you are an international buyer. They offer worldwide shipping.

Do you offer free shipping?

Free shipping will be provided when your order is over $50.

Final verdict 

After examining the bunny Eyez reviews, we discovered that this site is legit and has some good reading glasses. There are a lot of positive reviews about their products on different platforms like Amazon, Facebook, and Smart Reviews. These reviews advocate buying their items. Hence, we recommend this site and its products to our viewers.