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cathego review

At this time, consumers are really getting comfortable with the idea of online shopping.

In fact, people are so hooked to it that they tend to prefer buying from the comfort of their home rather than stepping outside and going to the psychical store.

And really, that does make a lot of sense because by shopping online, you are saving a lot of time, money and effort.

So if you are a girl who would love a great pair of sandals but if you are too busy to step outside and spend hours shopping, we have got you covered her!

What is is an online sandal/shoe shopping site that offers chic and stunning shoes at a really affordable price. about us page about us page content

The website is based in the United States, and you will get lots of variety of shoes, sandals, pumps, and designer heels on it.

In short, it is shoe heaven for girls who like their shoes to be extra classy and chic.

The great thing about is the vast range of products they stock. They have shoes of different types and versatile designs. From flats to heels to wedges to pumps, they cater to all the different tastes.

And the real deal-maker here is the pricing.

They offer incredibly reasonable deals on designer heels and the latest shoe designs, which is a rare thing in the market.

On top of that, with non-stop sales, the customers get even more attracted and just want to hit the purchase button instantly.

But wait a minute, with online shopping, you cannot be too sure whether it is a legit site or just another scam?

Well, that’s what we are here for. Read down below for an unbiased and genuine cathego sandal reviewsand find out if it’s worth spending money on this site.

Is a Legitimate Company?

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According to the reviews on the internet, users have shared negative experiences about the quality of products. You can easily search on Facebook about it.

As an avid online shopper, I have come to stay away from an offer that seems too good to be true!

At, you will find sale offers that appear to be a good bargain that all you want to do is grab the offer and flaunt your chic new shoes in front of your friends.

We get it totally! The temptation is real. But before making any hasty decision, I would like you to take a look at the pros and cons listed down below that will help you reach a rational decision.



  • has some really stylish and latest designs in stock.
  • The discount offer on the website is too good. You can avail from 30-80% discounts at all times.
  • They have an active Facebook page, which is a good thing to have as a company. Moreover, their page has a reasonable amount of likes.
  • They also sometimes offer clearance sales where you can get buy one get one free type offers.


  • Many customers regret buying from According to reviews of buyers, they received low-quality shoes that were mismatched or had horrible quality.
  • Shipping and returning is another issue faced by people who shopped from this site. If you want to return the faulty product, you have to pay the shipping price from your pocket.
  • The customer care is pathetic too. The phone number provided is not legit, and they don’t reply to the email to the queries of consumers. A golden rule of any e-commerce business is to take exceptional care of customers. If a site isn’t able to fulfill the basic rule and is only interested in minting money out of its customers, it’s not worth buying from.
  • Any genuine site will have external links on their website for a better reputation in the online market. The amount of external links on is unusually low.
  • There is no return address listed on the site. Although the site claimed to be US-based, they may be importing products from china and want you to pay the hefty shipping charges if you decide to return their crappy products.
  • The creation date of is not very old. It is newly created, which is suspicious, to be honest. An established website tends to be older than a year, so a customer can trust it easily.

Who is the Owner of

For a good brand, creating an identity is a vital process. domain owner details domain registrar/owner information

In a virtual space, you need to see and know about people to trust them and hand over your money. Brand identity is what makes any brand stand out.

At, I couldn’t find anything about the owner or brand story.

There is literally nothing to give you an idea about people who are behind this website.

In about us section, you will only find a few generic lines, and that’s about it.

I would steer clear of any such website that likes to hide and is not forthcoming with their identity.

Final Verdict

Every day we come across tons of reviews where people are crying over a scam they faced on the internet.

Most of us have been scammed at some point in our life.

We can all learn from our mistakes and also let our family and friends know so they can stay safe too.

Our review is aimed to make online shopping space safer and more enjoyable for you. After reading this review, I hope all your doubts are cleared, and you have arrived on a correct decision. 🙂

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family so they can also steer clear of such websites.

Let us know in the comments about your experience with and help us make online shopping safer.

82 Reviews

  1. I ordered and paid for two pair of sandals on March 24, 2020. It is now July 20th, 2020, and I still have not received my order. I’ve repeatedly emailed them to cancel my order and refund my money. In reply, they told me to wait because of COVID and then sent me a completely bogus tracking number for my shipment. This company is a scam.

  2. It took 2 months for me to get shoes after various back and forth communication via email. When shoes arrived, they are cheaply made and unwearable. I’ve learned my lesson!

  3. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes. I finally got them after about 2 months or so of waiting. They were cheaply made. You can get better quality of shoes at Walmart. I asked for the return address to send the shoes back and for a refund of my money. Several emails later, with the same responses for keeping the shoes, they offered me a $3 gift card for future purchases with them. (Not gonna happen). They told me that the return address was not in my country, that the shipping was very expensive, and that I would have to pay that. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. It’s a waste of your money. Their shoes belong in the trash. I’m gonna donate my shoes to the homeless shelter in my town. Maybe someone can use them for a little while.

  4. This was very helpful. I started to order immediately after seeing a pair of sandals I wanted. Then I remembered Annie Cloth! What a horrible online experience that was, so this time I stopped and checked. Thank you so much for this information. I will be looking some were else.

  5. Ordered 3 pairs of sandals on may 6 2020 an still haven’t received anything FUck all I want to know is where the FUCK IS MY SHIT

  6. My order of 4 pairs of shoes took over a month for me to receive and the quality was so poor I threw them directly into the trash!!!

    Won’t ever order from this company again and would warn anyone else against it as well!!

  7. I ordered 2 pair March 29. Nothing !!
    I feel all of your frustrations! Working with my credit card company now.

  8. I ordered a pair of sandals April 17. Have not received. Wrote many times no response. Today I filed a complaint with Internet Crime Complaint Center. I suggest everyone do the same and shut this site down.

  9. I ordered Sandals for my wife on April 6 and says shipped with a tracking number and as of today June 4 2020 still no sandals. Fuckn theives

  10. I ordered a pair of sandals March 23rd….over 3 months ago…..NOTHING!)!!) WTF??? HOW CAN THEY STEAL FROM US LIKE THIS??

  11. I ordered at the end of March 2 pairs of sandals and still have not received them. Ordered using my American Express so I will have them remove the charge but this is definitely a scam. DO NOT ORDER!!!!!!

  12. I ordered back in April 1st and I still have not received anything!! I hate they are shipped from China 🙁 I know right there they are gonna be cheap shoes… I regret not looking into the reviews. They have shipped my order twice from China to California and it looks like it’s not coming any time soon

  13. I ordered one pair of cute sandals and some bunion pads….on April 21st . It is now May 27th….. no product yet! I have emailed them twice – they responded with their not so proper English. Their process takes 20-25 days – (yes their address definitely seems to be Hong Kong) and my shoes are on a slow boat from China. I did get a tracking number that only shows progress to May 8th and that’s it. I found this site to late! Next time-I will check new to me companies reviews ahead of time!!
    Next action I’m taking is to call the bank to see what I can do there.
    Definitely not worth the hassle to order from – obviously scamming for as long as they can get away with it! Ugh!

  14. I ordered three pairs of shoes 4/30/20 and have not seen one pair of them Im beginning to think I got scammed

  15. Terrible product and customer service. Arrived two and a half months after ordering. Never gave me any shipping info until I expressed how up set I was about having to wait so long. Got the product and the material they are made of is terrible feels like someone cut a piece of fabric and just put it on the shoe. Also when they arrived they smell like smoke, no one in my house smokes so thought this was odd. Lastly when I contacted customer service about these issues they will not let me return them or exchange the. For something else even though I just got these in the mail 1 day ago. Was told that I would not get full refund of my wasted money I couldn’t exchange the item because it would take to long to ship. I mean this is ridiculous!!!!

  16. I got scammed.

    Ordered in March.

    Got an email a few weeks later starting order would arrive in 7-20 days. It’s not like this was a custom order. I should have known then.

    Here it is May 22 and nothing. Not holding my breath. Hope whoever set up this scam is having a nice vacation on everyone else’s money


  18. Ordered from cathego on May 8th five pairs of shoes for 19.99 a piece and have not received 1 pair as of yet; it is now 05/19/2020.

  19. I ordered gray sandals That I thought were suede, And 7 weeks later I Received tan canvas sandals! These are Junk and not worth even the postage. Don’t order- you will regret it. I’m don with ordering ANYTHING. From China. Their workmanship is a joke. Cheap is cheap!

  20. I just received the shoes that I ordered weeks ago. Very poor quality for the price (one strap was ripped off the shoe). They were supposed to be a comfort shoe but they are very uncomfortable. I will not waste my time dealing with Cathego again. I just threw the shoes in the trash. Live and learn.

  21. I ordered a pair of sandals April 8 from a banner that popped up from Cathego and have had no contact and no delivery! This is a shameful scam 😩😡 why?????

  22. I ordered some sandals online from Cathego. Before they were shipped I sent an email to cancel my order. I received a reply trying to get me to go ahead with my order, which I declined. I received a 2nd email and declined again. I didn’t think another thing about it until I received a package in the mail… was the sandals from the order that I had CANCELLED. I have tried for weeks to get a refund and get them to pay for the shipping to send them back as it was THEIR mistake but they refuse. They have said that I would have to pay shipping and apparently it is overseas so the shipping would be more than I would get back. The only other thing that they have offered is a $5.00 giftcard to use on their website. I would DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY.

  23. I’m still waiting on my shoes I ordered last month everyctimeni put my tracking number its says their working on it, pieces of pure sh%t I want my money or the damn shoes even if they’re bad quality give me one or the other. The number doesnt work u cant contact them. I hate companies like these and I hope they burn in hell!!

  24. what is the email address to email about an order. They took my money 2 months ago under the name starlink and i have never received a confirmation or the shoes. I want to cancel my order but I don’t have any contact information. Please help!

  25. Placed and order with these scammers a month ago. Order states shipped but no tracking info available. Really quick to take your money though. Now I’m on the hook for $70 bucks. Let this be a lesson to all if it sounds to good to be true then it is. But mark my words I will get my money back one way or the other. I work hard for my money as I’m sure everyone does and it’s sad when you have company’s like this just waiting to take your money. Very upset customer. I hate a thief!!!

  26. I ordered 3 pairs of shoes. One pair for myself and 1 pair each for my daughter and son’s girlfriend. In error a double order went through and they refused to cancel the second order. So I eventually received 2 orders. It took over a month to receive them. Terrible shoes. Terrible quality. The website said they were suede but they seem to be made of textured paper. Can’t even wear them. One pair was received damaged. Tassels on two pairs missing pieces. They are going straight into the garbage. Total scam.

  27. I wish I had read these reviews before I ordered my shoes. The Facebook pictures were very enticing & I ordered 2 pairs a month ago. No shoes yet & they’re “still processing the order”!! Pretty quick to get my money though!!

  28. I too have been waiting forever for my order. I placed my order March 26th. On April 15th I was told “It normally takes about 10-25 business days to deliver parcel to your address. Please help to wait patiently for some days.” On April 23rd I rec’d a tracking number that shows shipped via China and arrived in Los Angeles. And there it sits. I am reaching out to paypal to get my $$ back.

  29. I bought sandals 3 weeks ago and I have emailed them several times and they finally wrote me back and said they LOST my order!!!! Really??? So they told me to send them all the info so I did and they wrote me back the same message again, that they lost my order!!!! The ones that took it off my credit card is called, “STARLINK”….THATS SOME DAMN OUT OF SPACE THINGS!!!! What is going on with this??.? This is crazy!!!!

  30. I too bought two pairs of sandals on the 4th of April, one of which was part of a gift to my mom for mother’s day, which is tomorrow. No sandals nothing. How can they be in the US and take this long to ship an item sigh.

  31. Do not buy from Cathego. I had no problem receiving my items. The quality of the product is awful. I am not one who posts comments but I really have to because I do not want anyone to waste their money. Please, I repeat, do not buy form Cathego. You will regret that you did.

  32. Do not buy sandals from here!!! They were nothing like the picture, well, they had the same “style” but NOTHING like the picture. The quality is not good AT ALL!!! It took 19 business days to be delivered by US Postal Service from Auburn, Alabama to Jacksonville, Florida. I bought them to wear to work, but I believe they are going to be yard shoes. If they last one wearing I will be super surprised. I would not have bought them if I saw them in a store. They look like they come from the Dollar Store.

  33. Do not buy sandals from here!!! They were nothing like the display picture and way too big. Very disappointed!!!! Took over 4 weeks to get! Threw them away….nothing like expected!!! A waste of money.

  34. Downloader I purchased a pair of sandals and it took 4 weeks to get them and then I doubt the wrong shoe the wrong size nothing even close to what I wanted I need an address or information to be able to send it back add like a refund

  35. Yes I too have been swindled by these crooked, illegitimate, sleezeball con artist.
    May they trip & fall for taking people money when all we want to do is look nice. This is some cruel punishment especially with Mother’s Day coming up. Makes me want to retire online shopping, because it’s never what it appears to be. I lost 90 bucks with these jerk offs, & I hope all of you ladies get your money back double for all that we encountered.

  36. What showed up at the billing name on your credit cards? Mine is Starlink and I can’t find any info on them either.

  37. I placed my order with cathego back in March 2020 and it is now almost May 2020. No item, no shipping/tracking information . i have asked for refund and been denied refund .. Still no item. I have went back and forth with emails from the company and they string you along with excuses after excuses and their replys doesn’t even hit on your concern. Major scam. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT. 🙁

  38. To all those worried about not receiving their product, give it at least a month. I placed my order on March 25 and received it last week (sorry, can’t remember the date it arrived). The sandals are super comfy. The color is not quite what was in the picture, but I can live with that. The sneakers unfortunately don’t fit me, and as noted above, no return address is provided on their website. Let’s see if they respond to my email promptly.

  39. Cathego is a SCAM!! Do NOT purchase from this site. That are out of Hong Kong NOT the USA as they claim the products are complete garbage and they do NOT give refunds!! My credit card company is investigating FRAUD on them .

  40. I got my sandals but the return address is for some gas station in Alabama??? Especially interesting to me because the shipping label with the AL address was obviously put on top of another shipping label. These are shipping from China based on all info above but the company tries to make it look like they’re US-based.

    1. I’ve emailed them as well after ordering a couple pairs. Still no response on the status, tracking number or general customer service. I ordered back on march 20th. Still nothing, no shoes, zero responses from them. Here’s to hoping I get a refund for fraud from my bank.

  41. Same here. I ordered one pair of shoes and was charged twice for the same pair. One was $29.98 and other was $32.98. Can’t get them to respond to my refund. The phone number is bogus. Something needs to be done about this. What or who do we call to get our refund. HELP.

  42. I ordered from this company and they definitely are not from the United States they are from Hong Kong and their products are complete garbage. I have been trying to get a refund by requesting a return merchandise slip for two days now and no one is responding to me. Beware of this company is a scam

  43. Same experience as everyone else. Ordered on 3/31/2020. Never received info about it being shipped. Sent several emails asking for the tracking info or a refund. Got one reply saying to be patient and siting their shipping policy (which they have already exceeded) and would not even touch the question of issuing me a refund. I sent a follow up email when again it was clear no refund had been issued and no tracking information was available, straight up saying I wanted to be refunded. Since the items haven’t even been processed yet, it shouldn’t be difficult. They will not get back in touch with me and still no refund or shipping info.

  44. I ordered 3 pairs of sandals back in March. As I did some research, I learned the sandals are from a boutique shop and the pics were stolen! I was charged almost $50 and just filed a dispute with credit card company. I can not find a phone number to contact company. Do not buy from Cathego, it’s a SCAM!

  45. SCAM I ALSO ORDERED A MONTH AGO N WHEN I TRACT THE NUMBER IT COMES AS NOT FOUND ..$35.00 Down the drain. Can’t reach anyone either.really pisses me off that a company or so called company can do this!

  46. I havent gotten my sandals either. Im goiing to call my credit card asnd get my money back.

  47. I ordered sandals on 3/25/20 and finally, after 7 emails to this Company I received a response from “Lucky”

    2020-04-17 10:07
    Dear customer,

    Thank you for your mail. Hope everything goes well.
    We processes orders between Monday and Friday. Orders will be processed within 6-13 business days from the order date and shipped the next day after the processing day. Please note that we don’t ship on weekends. Please allow extra time for your order to be processed.
    Please feel free to contact if you have any further question.

    If this is their true processing policy, they’ve already failed on my order. I would have had my order by now. I’ve asked for a refund 4 times and as you can see by Cathego’s response, no mention of a refund. They just keep stringing you along.


    1. DO NOT ORDER FROM CATHEGO! My original order link confirmation now shows my order # as invalid. My original log in credentials show my account does not exist. I ordered mine on 3/29 and have yet to receive them. The only responses I have received is that there are delays with no actual specific updates links or new estimated delivery times. I’m concerned Cathego is even a valid co?

  48. Yes I ordered a pair of sandals on 3/4/20 not one email from this company I really believe this company is a scam 😔

    1. I have the same problem, I ordered on March 2, I emailed company, no response. I emailed again but seems like they have blocked me. Took my $78.00!

  49. I ordered a pair of sandals about 10 days ago (unfortunately did not see this post) and have not heard anything from them. Hate that i wasted my money on the shoes but my biggest fear is now they have my cc and other personal info. Would like to give them the benefit of the doubt but think i may have been duped. UUgghhh.

    1. I know the feeling. I just went thru a site called “no white”. Had same kinda shoes as this Co. I went thru the motions , then it said payment pending. When I went to look for the site, it was for sale ! The # they gave was for another site. I called my CC company asap. They said I had to wait 24-48 hrs to call them back
      because they couldn’t do anything while it was pending. If worse comes to worse I will have my cc # changed. Hope this helps u. Just call ur cc company and explain what happened and they will help you.

    2. I did the same, I saw this to late and had ordered 2 pairs of shoes. Hoping they come in and come as expected! If they don’t then it’ll be a whole $50+ down the drain ☹️.

  50. I bought a cute pair of sandals from a banner ad on IG. Clicked the link and went to the website. Selected my size and preferred color and paid with PayPal since it seemed sketchy. That was a month ago and I still haven’t gotten anything, no emails, no shipping info, no product. However I do have a confirmation number and a charge to my account. Whatever that means. Hoping something happens soon.

    1. I am having the exact same experience.. just wondering if you’ve heard anything yet? Or received your sandals?

      1. I ordered March 28th. Emailed them April 25th. They responded on April 27th saying they just sent my sandals. Now it is may 23rd and still nothing! They say 5-20 days to process/ship and 10-25 days I think to send but it’s past and it’s ridiculous.

        1. Me too. These bastards! I ordered 3/23 & today is 5/31 & still nothing! I’m reporting fraud to my bank.

          1. I ordered on March 27th and sent numerous emails getting what seems to be automated responses from the same person (Mia). Ordered 2 pair of sandals and still haven’t received them. It’s been almost 3 months and according to my tracking number still hasn’t shipped. Hope they enjoyed my money because I’ll never see those sandals. is definitely a scam!

    2. I am having the exact same problem. They were quick to take the money but I have not received my shoes. The ad was on Facebook and it was definitely too good to be true.

      1. I ordered shoes on the 28th of March and I haven’t gotten my shoes and they keep telling me they are coming. But so fast to take my money out. I think I’m going to ask for a refund.

        1. I ordered 4 pairs last months and still haven’t received my shoes, and when I type in the order # it just says they are handling it. I have sent many emails and still haven’t had a response. Is there a way to get my money back?

          1. Ask your credit card co. to put a stop payment and explain with as much detail as you can what exactly happened.
            Once I was stupid enough to give $3000 to a beauty place AND with a contract! I explained everything to my CC co. with proof of everything and….I got all back including cancelling the contract. No lawyers, just the CC co.’s quick and most efficient action.
            I hope all others on this thread also try this suggestion. GOOD LICK TO ALL!

    3. You should cancel via PayPal soon… ordering through them protects your purchase, but only for a certain number of days. Learned this the hard way, but I KNOW NOW! They can deal with the company. while your funds are back in your pocket to shop for something else.

      1. I purchased some sandals a month ago. Decided a few days later to cancel the order. They replied via email, asking me to reconsider the cancel order. I responded No, please cancel my order and process a refund.Altogether we went back and forth for days and I have the emails to prove it. To this day I still haven’t received my refund or the product. This place is a rip off and NEVER again will I order anything from this place

    4. Did you ever recieve your order?
      I placed mine on March 26th and have yet to recieve anything.
      Will it ever actually come or do I need to dispute the transaction?
      They were cute sandals and I ordered 3 pair! What a bummer.

    5. I placed my order on April 26th, followed up with an email on May 4th, received email that my order had been shipped on May 6. It is now May 20 and still no shoes 😡😡

    1. Said my order was shipped a month ago and I am still waiting. I have tried to email them reguarding my order and it says my email was blocked so now I have no shoes and no way of contact!! Will never order from here again. Cute shoes but never get what you paid for.

      1. Same here I have been waiting since March to get my shoes says they were received April 22 and nothing since.

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