Chillbreeze Portable AC: The Best Way to Keep Chill? Read Reviews


With the height of summer approaching, we all want to find relief from this heat somehow. Some products on the internet, such as portable fans or ACs, claim to help you cool down.

Today we will be reviewing the Chillbreeze portable AC by Laynert to see whether or not it is a good product or just another scam.

What is the Chillbreeze portable AC?

According to the product description listed on their website, the Chillbreeze portable ac is a compact, portable, USB-powered air cooler that distributes cool, clean air whenever you want. It draws warm air from the surroundings and cools the air around you with an evaporative water filter.

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What does the Chillbreeze portable AC do?

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The Chillbreeze portable AC is extremely energy efficient, consuming only 10 W, the same as an electric fan, but cooling the air more efficiently and softly. Due to its energy-saving features, It is a safe and environmentally responsible method to stay cool in the summer. It can run for up to 8 hours on a single charge. When the AC runs out of water, it automatically shuts down.

chillbreze legit or scam

How can you use the Chillbreeze portal cooler?

The way to use the Chillbreeze portable cooler is actually extremely simple. In order to use this cooler, you have to first add water to the tank. However, make sure not to exceed the line marked, as that may cause dysfunction of its filter. 

Next, you have to plug the cooler into any wall socket or a USB power source. Finally, all you have to do is switch a button to turn it on. Easy! You can also choose to turn on a color for the background, from among the 8 colors offered. According to their webpage, the Chillbreeze portable ac is ideal for use in parts of the home that can get very hot, such as the kitchen. 

Whenever the cooler shuts down, simply refill the tank and repeat the above steps to get it working in no time.

What do users of the Chillbreeze portable cooler say?

Customer reviews are a good way to figure out whether or not a product is worth buying. 

However, although we tried searching for reviews of the Chillbreeze portable AC on the internet, we were not able to find any. We were not able to find a single review of this product across multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Quora, and even Twitter. If you or somebody you know has used the Chillbreeze portable cooler, please let us know!

Are there any promotions or discounts offered on the Chillbreeze portable cooler?

As per their webpage, the price of the Chillbreeze Portable AC has been slashed from $110 to $59. This is a pretty big discount, close to fifty percent!. To add to this, Laynert is offering free shipping on all of its products. This includes the Chillbreeze portable AC. Between the discounted price and the free shipping, it seems that customers are being offered quite a good bargain.

Frequently asked questions about the Chillbreeze portable AC

How do I make a purchase?

Simply select your Product from the dropdown menu on the product page, then click the “Add To Cart” button and check out.

How can I pay for my order?

Laynert accepts debit and major credit cards. These are some cards it accepts.

  1. MasterCard
  2. Visa
  3. American Express

Is a tracking number provided?

USPS delivers all orders placed in the United States. Tracking information for orders within the United States is available upon request and is typically available in the system 7–10 business days following shipment. Send an email to with your order number and mailing address so that their customer care team can assist you. Laynert says this option is not provided for foreign orders at the moment. However, they promise 100% delivery to all destinations, so there is no need to be concerned. 

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How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Before being dispatched, all items are subject to a handling time. The majority of our items are shipped within 1-2 business days following payment.

I got double-billed, what should I do?

If you only ordered one item and it was double-billed, please provide them with your order ID number so that we may investigate it and issue a refund. You may provide them with your order ID number at

How can I contact Laynert?

Laynert’s contact information is as follows;

Phone:+ 44 7488 87005




  • Excellent battery life
  • Discounts offered
  • Energy saving


  • No customer reviews
  • Orders can not be cancelled
  • Tracking ID is not provided for orders outside of the US

Should you buy the Chillbreeze portable AC?

Although the Chillbreeze portable AC seems like a promising product, the fact that it has no customer reviews of it makes us hesitant. However, aside from this, we found no other sign that might raise red flags regarding this product. If you or anybody who you know has used this product, please do let us know. 

Like with any online purchase, this product also carries a risk of being scammed. However, we do not think this product is untrustworthy. If you would like to buy this product, please go ahead, and do let us know what your experience was.

12 Reviews

  1. Terrible, Total miss represented ADD on you tube. Down right lie.
    It might work in a desert. In Dallas no way. If one fills it with cold water it will work at 6 inches until the water warms up..
    Dont waste your money, if you live in a high humid climate it wont work a bit.

  2. Total scam. Company ad is total BS. Lots of impressive images of high tech, that have nothing to do with this product. Company web site says product has been reviewed by the likes of CNN and Bloomberg – lies. Save your money.

  3. Oh no, it is so innovative that it relies on the same centuries old technology used in greenhouses to cool them during the summer. Evaporative cooling is only useful in dry areas and only as long as you can pull new dry air into the area and get the cooler humid air out of the area. These things do not work in an inclosed area where it is recirculating the same air over and over. Eventually the air becomes saturated with moisture and then you end up circulating humid air that just gets hotter and hotter.

  4. This product did not work at all – had to make multiple calls as it was defective – to return. Plus got stuck with shipping both ways- scam!

  5. Only works in dry climates. The inventor was from Arizona (invented in 1908). If the air is saturated with water (very humid) the device will be useless or actually make the condition worse.
    We live in hot and humid Missouri. My daughter bought a unit like this. She will return it.

    1. Only works in dry climates. The inventor was from Arizona (invented in 1908). If the air is saturated with water (very humid) the device will be useless or actually make the condition worse.
      We live in hot and humid Missouri. My daughter bought a unit like this. She will return it.

      “Where does the heat go?”
      By the evaporation process the liquid water in contact with the airflow will absorb some of the heat in the air to turn into vapor. The caviat: You must start with dry air to get the evaporation process to work. Not going to work in humid regions.

  6. It is a scam? No, it’s not a scam – it’s good old-fashioned puffery. It draws the same current as a fan because it is fan. It’s basically a mini swamp cooler. It’s also prone to mold growth if the water sits in the absorbent material too long. The ad videos are funny though; the claims even stretch the definition of puffery. “Took the market by storm”, “Investors lined up”, “engineering genius”, …these seem unlikely since the swamp cooler or “evaporative cooler” was invented back in 1908 by Oscar Palmer of Arizona. Since it claims to increase humidity I fail to see how it can be called an air conditioner which does the opposite. Hold your money tight, and watch out for the guys next to them selling celery juice that restores lost hair.

    1. Did you actually try the unit? Its only like $ 40.00 .Its not going to break the bank.

    2. I saw an ad that said the inventor was named Martin? I feel like it’s definitely a scam.

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