CleanT AutoBrush – Brush Your Teeth in 10 Seconds No Harm

cleant toothbrush review

Want a bright smile? Well, then CleanT Whitening Device is just a perfect fit for you.

Nobody likes yellow teeth, at times you feel very awkward while smiling or while getting clicked. So we came up with our complete CleanT Review. In this review, we’ll discuss the key features, benefits, and other details about CleanT Whitening Device.

Table of contents

  1. What is CleanT?
  2. How it Works?
  3. How to use CleanT?
  4. Real Customer Reviews
  5. Pros & Cons
  6. Wrap up

What is CleanT?

This new teeth whitening device in the market is specially engineered and developed by Dental Experts. It takes just 10 seconds to get instant teeth whitening and a bright smile. Once you start using CleanT you will notice the change in just a few days. See Also: Herbaluxy Teeth Whitening Reviews

How Does CleanT Works?

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CleanT works on the intensity of LED light technology along with 2 brightening plates which helps you to give that confident healthy smile. CleanT has Silicon Brussels that keeps your gums healthy and safe. Blu Teeth Whitening Reviews

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smileactives teeth whitening
luxxenvy stain removal toothpaste

How to use CleanT?

The U shaped device goes into the mouth and then you press the button and it vibrates and it is supposed to clean your teeth in just 10 seconds. CleanT has 3 modes of settings:

  1. Very Mild Mode
  2. Very High Mode
  3. Micro Mode

Would you put toothpaste while using CleanT?

CleanT has an interesting pot at the back of it and it has toothpaste in there. so when you press the button the toothpaste comes side by side and it will start cleaning. Don’t Miss: Teethaid Mouthwash Reviews

What are the Trending Attributes of CleanT?

  1. Allows instant deep 360-degree cleaning with a single push of a button.
  2. Comes with premium quality of antibacterial silicone.
  3. Very easy to clean and made with high-end materials.
  4. Durable and long-lasting
  5. Uses Sonic cleaning and patented technology.
  6. Effortless to use

Does CleanT Register by FDA?

CleanT Device falls under FDA Class 1 medical device regulations and, at this time, is not registered with the FDA nor is it registered with the EMA (Euro equivalent of the FDA). Don’t Forget: Purely White Deluxe Reviews

What are the Real Customers saying about CleanT?

There are mixed reviews about CleanT but mostly people liked this product and called it a revolutionary device and some people are saying that it’s just a waste of money as its battery does not last long and it is not giving the desired results.



  • Easy to use
  • Portable and wireless
  • Free shipping
  • No age restriction
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 2-years warranty


  • Limited Stock Available

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Negative Highlights about CleanT official Website?

  1. The website’s owner is hiding his identity using a paid service
  2. We were unable to find reviews for this website on WebOfTrust (WOT)
  3. The address is anonymous, a PO Box is used
  4. The website has been set-up 101 Days days ago
  5. 4 countries are involved in the set-up

How to Buy CleanT?

You can order CleanT at your doorstep by following the payment and order procedure on their official website. The company is currently offering 50% OFF on CleanT. Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation mail on your email ID. The process of payment and transaction is safe, protected, and quick. Explore More: Lanthome Teeth Whitening Reviews

What are the Payment Methods of CleanT?

CleanT receives payment Via Visa, Master Card, American Express, and PayPal.

Wrap Up

We would recommend this device to everyone who needs their confident white shining bright smile back! CleanT is lightweight so it’s easy for people to maintain the health of their teeth at home.

If you like cleant review or have any experience with this electronic toothbrush please share it with us and help others.

1 Review

  1. I purchase 2 clean T brushes. Only one worked because it would not turn on after charging. I tried to contact the company but when product received there is no receipt and the small brochure inside was poorly written and says nothing about returns or what to do.

    I would strongly recommend NOT TO PURCHASE as if a problem like i am having no where to find out where to return. I only was able to hunt down by many tries a email where to send a request but now two weeks an no response. ( )

    I found this at least but no one answers ;

    Hyperstech – CleanT
    this number I found but not sure if even legit: 909-935-2018 ( mention clean T toothbrush )

    My recommendation is DO NOT BUY since this company does not honor anything the video ad says. I say this is nothing more than faulty advertising and a SCAM

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