Contour Swan Pillow Reviews: Does It Make Sense to Buy It?

contour swan pillow reviews

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep after a long day at work. However, bad posture can leave your body aching rather than fresh. Contour Swan Pillows are the best if you want to relax your body and sleep well. Its unique design supports your whole body and eases restless sleep. 

However, we cannot buy anything online without first researching it. So today, we will be discussing contour swan pillow reviews to find out whether the item is promising or not.

About The Counter Swan Pillow

Body pillows have always been a relief. Why is that so? As they offer support and remove pressure from your arms, spine, hips, and knees, Counter Swan Pillows are the best replacement for standard rectangular-shaped pillows. These pillows are tailored to promote proper body alignment with their ergonomic design. Moreover, the soft curves ease restless sleep. Furthermore, counter swan pillows are suitable for all types of sleepers, including

  • Back sleeper
  • Stomach sleeper
  • Side sleeper 
  • even pregnancy.


  • Counter swan pillows are shaped like swans to support your entire body. Its uniquely designed orthopedic structure supports your head, torso, and legs. 
  • It supports a full body length and has dimensions of 44″ * 25″ * 6″. 

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Features of the Counter Swan Pillow

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contour-swan-pillow legit or scam

Orthopedic design: This pillow supports every body part, including your head, shoulders, hips, and legs. It is designed to fit any body type, including your pregnant belly. Furthermore, it is suitable for all, including back, stomach, and side sleepers.

100% non-allergic: The outer cover of the pillow is made of non-allergic fabric extracted from bamboo plants. You can enjoy comfort and softness without being sweaty in bed, as the fabric keeps you cool. Furthermore, the pillow’s filling is made of hypoallergenic polyester fiber to avoid allergic reactions. Don’t Miss: Reviews

Easy to clean: You can clean your pillow in a washing machine. It’s safe. You can use the mesh bag for easy washing. You can also use the bonus bag to hang the pillow.

Length: The generous length of the pillow is 44 inches, almost 4 feet. One adult can easily fit in as it is that long. The pillow will easily support you from head to toe, even if you are tall. 

How to use

You can use this swan pillow easily. Place the pillow in the shape of an upside-down letter J. You place a longer one next to your face. And the crook is used to support your back. The crook of J will cradle your upper body, including your head and shoulders. And use the tail-like or longer part of the pillow to support your legs and lower body. The soft and comfortable material of the pillow gives a good night’s sleep. And the perfect shape of the pillow will relieve and minimize your body’s pain. So, who does not want to get sound sleep? See More: Daceyl Reviews

Promotion and Discount

If you are up for this contour swan pillow, let me guide you through it. The average price of one pillow is $59.98. You can choose from either two payments of $29.99 or one payment of $59.98. The firm offers free shipping on all orders. Moreover, the firm gives a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can return the product within 30 days. It is not a bad deal for a pillow, but is this item legit?

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Is it genuine: Does it work?

Unlike other body pillows, this pillow has an orthopedically designed shape to offer support and comfort to your body. The unique design supports your whole body from head to toe. Bad sleeping posture can cause aches and pains in the body. But with this contour pillow’s supportive shape, your body will be aligned and help relieve pain and aches. Hence, this pillow works very well for all body types and provides comfort and support. We cannot mark it as a scam as it offers great relief from body aches. But it is important to study the user feedback.

Customer Reviews

Here is one of the reviews from happy buyers available on the official site; it shows the product’s efficiency. The review does look real and legit. 

This full-body pillow is great! I like sleeping curled up but wake up with terrible neck and lower back pain. “The Swan pillow keeps my body aligned as it gives me something to hug and sleep in.  ”  See Also: Huikshop Reviews

On Amazon, there are some mixed reviews. Here, 69% are five stars, and the remaining are a mix.



  • The unique shape of the pillow supports your whole body.
  • The pillow comes with a free bonus washable mesh bag.
  • Swan pillow is made of hypoallergenic fabric to avoid allergic reactions.
  • The pillow is suitable for all body types and sleepers.
  • Swan pillows are washable.


  • Other body pillows are less expensive than this one.
  • The website has mentioned only 2 of the reviews.
  • These pillows are only available on their official site.


  1. What fabric is used in these swan pillows?

This swan pillow is made of hypoallergenic fabric derived from the bamboo plant. And the filling is made of hypoallergenic, premium polyester fiber.

  1. Is this swan pillow washable?

Yes, you can easily wash these pillows. It is 100% safe. And all swan pillows come with a bonus mesh bag for storage and easy machine washing.

  1. What is the length of this pillow?

The dimensions of this pillow are 44” x 25” x 6″. It is enough long that adults can use it easily.

  1. If I don’t like the product, can I return it?

Yes, you can return the product if you want to. The firm gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

  1. ?Which body types should use this pillow?

This swan pillow is suitable for all body types. 

Final Verdict

These contour swan pillow reviews show that the item is good and promising. This product is very useful and efficient. But limited reviews cast doubt on the thing. So, we advise our viewers to do their research before buying it. 

24 Reviews

  1. My Swan Pillow is a big disappointment to me. Purchased two of them opened only one, waited a full day hoping it would inflate to a bulkier device. It never did. The filling is very underdone and feels like it was not filled fully from the factory. The fold from created by the vacuum packing almost has a memory to it and no amount of shuffling the internal filling helps to eliminate. My error is not reading it was not filled with memory foam which would give it more substantial feel.. When trying to sleep with it it feels so, so under filled and crushes down to almost nothing offering no support at all. No value to me at all.

  2. I love my pillow and it does work, best sleep I have ever had. I bought two and gave one to my daughter and she said it’s the best money I ever spent. My issue is I’m 74 and have arthritis in my hands and it’s very hard for me to get the pillowcase off and on. Any suggestions.

  3. This product is terribly made, with very poor workmanship and materials (it’s made in China, which should have alerted me to the problems). Moreover, it is not at all comfortable, and it is also very warm (the latter may be good for someone who wants it, but it is advertised as “cool”, which is what I need). Worst, the customer service is horrible!!!!!!!! It purports to have a 90 day money-back guarantee, but the manufacturer will NOT honor that warranty! I’ve been trying for over a week to get a return authorization number, calling four different phone numbers, only to have no one answer the phone, no one return a message, hang up on me repeatedly, or just flat out refuse to help! Do yourself a favor and run away from these crooks!

    1. try reporting to Better Business Bureau – might help or dispute the charge on your credit card

  4. I object to the use of female models in short nighties to promote this product. I would not buy the contour pillow. There must be other pillows that perform just as well.

  5. Love the pillow it really works for me. I’ve had both hips re placed & could not sleep on my side (better for my back since the lousy $3k adjustable Tempurpedic mattress SUCKS).
    But I set up the 2 payments @ $29.99 ea. They charged me the total price so okay I’d be done with it. Today they charged my card another $29.99

  6. When y’all fix your website and customer service issues,,,, I would like to purchase one of your pillows.

  7. I ordered the swan contour pillow 3 of them. they charged my card almost $170.00 that was 8 weeks ago, now I cant get anybody to return my calls. I have called every number that’s listed, left multiple messages and received no response. Now I’m upset and calling my bank to dispute the charge its a SCAM.

    1. Call your credit card company, they will look into this for you. I do this when I don’t get a response from the company, poor business practices. I have won cases and got a refund in full. Not saying to do this each & every time but when I don’t get a response, that is unacceptable. Keep all of your messages that you have sent the company, the credit card company will need all correspondence. Good Luck!

  8. This is the worst site ever. I cant even get a real person on the phone. Its says they cant find my order but they took my money. I just don’t know what to do now.

    1. Thank you for your review. I was thinking about ordering one myself. Since I have read most of the reviews about their lack of customer service and failing to reach out to customer who have already order, I will decline.

  9. These pillows are too small. Not good for someone over 5’5″ in my opinion. Terrible customer service. Still waiting for response to four requests for return authorization. Will probably have to dispute charge.

  10. I received my pillow but a little disappointed because I feel it doesn’t have enough filler in it. Their communication skills aren’t the best either.

  11. Ordered 2 pillows and two pillow cases. Weeks later received one pillow. Reached out and she said the system went down and they only sent one. So I re ordered 1 pillow and two pillow cases. I got the pillow cases but no pillow and received an email about the order of pillow cases but not the pillow, even though my credit card was charged for both the pillow and the pillow cases. In addition they charged us tax and we live in a state that doesn’t HAVE sales tax.
    So disappointing

  12. I meant to say 9.95 shipping while paying the 59,95 in full up front. My original post said 19,95 – that was a typo. I know that the 19,95 is for two pillows, but I only select one with a 9,95 shipping charge. There was zero option for selecting the single pillow without the additional charge of 29,95. Very strange. If this is a serious offer, then this problem must be fixed. I can’t imagine buying this until these problems are fixed. It just doesn’t feel safe.

  13. There are double charges no matter what you select is if you select one pillow you are still charged 29.95 or half price for a second pillow with a second billing in 30 days adding up to over 100 dollars— what gives?? It feels like a scam. I really wanted to try this pillow but in no way would I authorize 29,95 for a second pillow that I don’t want when I only need one pillow and am willing to pay the full price of 59 95 plus 19,95 shipping.

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