Cozi Slides Reviews: The Best Sandals for a Foot Massage or Another piece of Crap?

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About Cozi Slides

The Cozi Slides sandals are the perfect way to relax your feet after a long day. With soft, cushioned straps and a thick EVA platform sole, these slides provide instant pain relief and a soothing foot massage with every step.



  • Pros:
  • Comfortable
  • Anti-odor
  • Works as a foot massager
  • Soft and Squishy
  • Easy to clean


  • High price
  • Late delivery
  • Size problems

Introduce Cozi Slides sandals and explain their purpose

If you’re looking for a new pair of sandals to take your relaxation up a notch, look no further than COZI Slides! These sandals are designed with your comfort in mind, from the extra-thick cushioning to the wave-shaped grip on the soles. Plus, with 100% waterproof construction and a lightweight design, Made of waterproof and durable materials, these sandals can be worn anywhere you go. COZI Slides are perfect for wearing around the house, in the shower, or even by the pool.

How Do Cozi Slides Work?

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cozi slides review

The Cozi Slides sandals work by providing a foot massage with every step. The thick EVA platform sole and padded straps provide cushioning and support, while the acupuncture-style foot massage texture relieves pain and tension. The double anti-slip design keeps your feet in place, and the light, breathable construction ensures that your feet stay cool and dry.

Cozi Slides are the perfect way to relax your feet after a long day. With soft, cushioned straps and a thick EVA platform sole, these slides provide instant pain relief and a soothing foot massage with every step. Made of waterproof and durable materials, these sandals can be worn anywhere you go. COZI Slides are perfect for wearing around the house, in the shower, or even by the pool.

How to Use Cozi Slides

To use Cozi Slides, simply slip them on and enjoy the comfort. They are sized to fit most feet, and have a nonslip surface that helps keep you safe on your feet. They are also easy to clean – simply wipe them down with a damp cloth.

What are the benefits of Cozi Slides?

Cozi Slides offer a number of benefits, including:

  1. A foot massage with every step
  2. Instant pain relief
  3. A soothing and relaxing experience
  4. Waterproof construction
  5. Lightweight and comfortable design
  6. Easy to clean and maintain

Is Cozi slides Legit or a Scam?

is cozi slides legit-or-scam

To know if a website is legit or a scam we consider a lot of factors that include the age of the website, the name of the founder, contact information, is the payment method safe, the quality of the product, and several other factors. All those factors are discussed below in detail. 

It is your own decision whether you consider it a legit or a scam website.

Who is the Founder?

The name of the founder of cozi slides is unknown. We don’t know the exact reason why they are hiding their founder name. A legit company rarely hides its’ founder name.

Who is the Domain Registrar and Date?

The domain registrar is Amazon Registrar, Inc. and the date on which the domain was registered is 2021-07-07. The registrant details are not available due to privacy policy. The registration will expire on 2022-07-07.

How to Contact?

On their website, they have a built-in contact us form to contact them. They have given a phone number that is +1-484-473-2211. They have also mentioned their email address which is

Is The Address Real?

They have not provided their address. This is a red flag while checking if a website is legit or a scam. If no address is mentioned it makes the website suspicious to be a scam.

What are the Payment Options?

The available payment methods include all major credit and debit cards. The payment provider PayPal depends on your country. Other local payment methods also depend on the country in which you live.

What is the Product Quality?

The product quality is the best. It is light and waterproof. It is extra soft and durable. They produce versatile designs. Their shoes are washable. The best thing they offer in their shoes is the comfort they claim it would feel like you are walking on clouds.

Their trendy colors are also a plus point, they claim that colors are durable.

Are the Prices Reasonable?

No, the price is not reasonable. If we compare the price of cozi slides with relatively same product manufacturer then it is costly. As, the relatively same product is available online on amazon for the price range of $15 to $20, whereas, cozi slides offer their shoes for $29.99 at the sale where the original price is $74.99 was mentioned on their website.

Is There A Good Shipping Policy?

From the dealer’s perspective yes they have a good shipping policy, but if you consider the customers then it is not a good shipping policy

They claim to deliver the item within 14 business days. They are not liable for any delays or no delivery if there are some foreseen hurdles. For example strikes, fire, explosions, and other harsh conditions which they say are “Force Majeure”.

Is There a Hassle-Free Return Policy?

They have a 14 days return policy. To be eligible for the return policy you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • It should be in its original packaging with 
  • the tags and labels should be intact

It shouldn’t be 

  • Damaged
  • Stained
  • Altered or washed

If these requirements are complete then you will receive a refund when they will receive the shoes and make the inspection. 

What is the Website Quality?

The website quality is not good. There is very limited information available. Most of the important information is missing. There are no links available for other social media platforms

Another thing that frustrated me was they have build-in response forms everywhere. There was a lot of information that was not maintained properly.

Is Website Secure?

Yes, the website is secured. This website is 256-bit SSL Encrypted. This technology guarantees the complete integrity and confidentiality of any data entered on this website.

Is the Brand Registered?

Cozi slides is not a registered brand in BBB. It mostly has sales on amazon and operates as an online store. It is quite famous due to social media, especially Tiktok.

What are the Ratings on Other Platforms?

They do not have other social media accounts. The reason for their popularity is the trend of such shoes in which cozi slides deal in on Tiktok. That is why a lot of people are buying these shoes.

How is the Customer Service?

The customers said that emails did not receive a timely reply. The website has forms that make the customers go in circles without any good reason. When the customers contacted customer service to track their order they did not receive any good response either.

What are The Customer Reviews?

The customer review on their page seems to be fake. The reviews on their website are too good to be true, while we also go through some reviews in which customers never got their parcel after paying. There were also size issues reported and some said it was costly to send back the shoe to claim for return and refund policy.

Should You Order From Cozi slides? (conclusion)

There are other better options available online to buy this same type of shoes. As a couple of customers lost their money to cozi slides, you should be extremely careful. They got a bigger size and the payment to ship it back to claim a refund was extremely high. 

The customer service is not good. The quality of the website is really poor. Most importantly it is not necessary to follow every trend. So, do not waste your money only following a trend, buy it if you need it.

Please be noted that we only assess a brand’s worth based on its online presence and popularity on social media. If you are a real buyer, please leave your feedback below to assist others.

12 Reviews

  1. I bought 2 pairs of Cozislides regretfully. The quality of the sandals is as hard as a rock, no way comfortable
    Having great difficulty getting a refund, I have only had one email. The tv that promotes Cozislides should be warned.

  2. I called 484-473-2211
    She said they are in Czechoslovakia
    The phone number is out of Pennsylvania
    When I ask Alexa, where does phone numbers from it goes to number
    404-392-4555 and it always has a busy signal
    I asked when I’m gonna get my three items that I pay for on July 15
    And since I was on the boat, she said oh it’ll be there today by 9 PM

    Well, let’s see
    I really doubt it

  3. I got burned from their customer service like many others did. I ordered 1 black pair and 1 pink pair. Invoice came and said I was getting 2 pink. Hour’s later I gave up trying to contact on their disconnected phone number. SCAM ARTISTS !!!!! STAY AWAY.

  4. As I said: I sure wish I had done some research before buying what had appeared to be a decent buy, if indeed a little over priced.
    Almost 2 weeks ago: After placing the order, paying for it (two pair) and receiving an email confirming my payment, that was it.

    Except: I began to receive email advertisements EVERY DAY and requests for me to submit a survey.
    I had not yet- (that was a week after paying)- received so much as a confirmation email.
    I replied to the effect that I did not feel like submitting ANY survey until I at least receive a confirmation of order, tracking number, etc. Of course, the payment was reflected almost immediately in my bank account upon purchase, by the way.

    Now it is almost 2 weeks after paying, and STILL no activity from Cozi Slides. Except for the daily ads, which I unsubscribed from a few days ago but still seem to appear….

    I’m not holding my breath, but my cardholder is my bank, and if I have to, I will have them retract the payment and submit a claim to a different um, organization.

    Thanks for this site and good luck to everyone! 🙂

  5. I bought for my wife BUT since I gave to her nearly 2 weeks later and they were TRASH and hurt her feet. Company PROMPTLY told me sorry but NO support after 14 days !!!! What a pile of crappy customer service… Hopefully American Express will help me out on a claim..

  6. I want to add my review and confirm what others have said. In short, price is good, service is horrible.
    When ordering these shoes, the process was simple. Then I waited weeks before getting confirmation of my order. Then more weeks to get a tracking number that has never been updated. It always shows that order is in preparation. One day I received the shoes. Quality was not at all the one expected, they were looking extremely cheap, like a board copy. In addition, despite ordering my usual size, they were too small. So I ask for a refund and discover that shipment is not covered and I have to pay for it. Shoes $29.99, shipment back $12.70. My fault as I’m not reading the fine prints and expect the same service as main online seller. I still decided to send them back, fortunately the refund was done in a fast manner.
    Conclusion: I’ll definitely not buy anymore from this website. As said before their service is absolutely horrible.
    I’m giving them 1 star, nothing more deserved.

  7. I ordered the cozi slides in June 2022 they charged my credit card June 18 2022 I still haven’t got them I called the number that was on their site but it would not ring also I’ve sent 2 emails still not heard from them this is a scam!

    1. There were the best softest comfortable stylish and complimented slides I have ever purchased. They were not expensive at all.

  8. I’m still waiting for my order from the 10th July 22. I’ve left messages in the chat room but no reply. The most difficult firm to get in touch with , and now I find out some people have never received their order and have lost money to them . Not good will not be recommending them to anyone and will be posting a negative review on their website.

  9. I bought cozi slides. BUT they are poor quality, not anywhere near as cute as pictured (look like something you’d wear in a nursing home), and they do NOT have arch support if you have derived that from other reviews. If you have any foot issues like plantares fasciitis these are not a good choice. As for customer service, I bought their slippers and was prompted to buy their flip flops for $19.99 – so I did. The flip flops came first, and I sent a message back with my dissatisfaction, they offered 40% refund and keep or a 100% refund if I returned them and paid the shipping. So, as they probably banked on, I took the 40%, as shipping a hassle etc. Then the slippers came, and of course same issues. I contacted their customer support three times and heard nothing. Wish I had read this site first.

  10. I purchased cozy slides following the instructions to size down and had to return them. The return process is a nightmare. I had to jump through hoops, and their customer service is a joke. Have not yet received my refund after waiting over two months. Buy at your own risk!

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