Dailylifees.com Review – Is This Website Genuine or Fraudulent? Read Review Here Now

dailylifees.com reviews

Do you want to buy reliable trendy summer fashion clothes? Are you looking for a cheap and reliable fashion store to buy the store? If yes, then you must check our comprehensive Dailylifees.com Reviews.

In today’s world, fashion is a need for enthusiastic women. Women love to buy clothes especially when they are cheap and are on sale. Dailylifees.com is also providing exclusive sales on items so let’s start our dailylifees.com reviews so that our readers must not be confused about the authenticity while buying this store.

Table of contents

  1. What is Dailylifees.com?
  2. Specifications
  3. Pros & Cons
  4. Scam or Legit?
  5. Customer Reviews
  6. Final Verdict

What is Dailylifees.com?

Dailylifees.com is an online fashion store for women clothing. The global fashion store claims to sell the latest and fashion-forward clothes for women especially those living in the United States. The website selling platform is powered by the Shoplazza platform. The website creation date of dailylifees.com is 2022-02-19 which makes this website just 57 days old.

Specifications of Dailylifees.com

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  • Website URL: http://dailylifees.com/
  • Products: Women Clothing and pants
  • Email Support id: support@dailylifees.com
  • Contact Number: Not enlisted
  • Address: 3D, Donghao Building, Zhangkeng Community, Minzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen
  • Payment Mode: Paypal Only
  • Order Tracking Service: Available
  • Newsletter Service: Available
  • Shipping Method: DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS and EUB
  • Processing Time: 2-5 Business Days
  • Delivery Time: 20-45 Business Days estimated due to COVID-19
  • Shipping Charges: 7.99$ for orders below 69.98$
  • Refund Policy: Applicable within certain days
  • Return Policy: According to Dailylifees.com Reviews, the items can be returned within 30 days of the receipt.

Now let’s check out some Pros & Cons of Dailylifees.com Reviews



  • Valid SSL certificate
  • Valid HTTPS connection
  • Fashionable Clothing items available
  • Customer support email id matches the store’s name which is a positive sign


  • Bad trust index of 2%
  • Contact number not enlisted
  • Domain age is just 57 days old
  • Limited payment options
  • Late delivery time of items
  • No social media presence

Is Dailylifees.com Scam or Legit?

The legitimacy of Dailylifees.com is very much questionable for many good reasons. The website is just 57 days old which is almost new in today’s online marketing. Besides the trust rate of Dailylifees.com reviews is merely 2% which is an alarming sign. The office address enlisted on the official website seems biased and was nowhere to be found on Google Maps which solidify the suspicions of the buyer’s mind. Moreover, after analysing thoroughly we found out two more emails mentioned on the website, support@settledownes.com and support@fenccio.com which makes it a trap for online buyers as to which one is authentic. This Dailylifees.com company operates from China. All these signs indicate that this website is a huge Scam and is ripping off people their hard-earned money. So our readers must stay away from this website and do not make any purchase from this website.

Dailylifees.com Customer Reviews

We found only negative customer reviews regarding the dailylifees.com website as a buyer are not happy after making a purchase. Many buyers are complaining about the items they are expected to receive but they never arrive. Also, the social media presence of Dailylifees.com reviews is completely missing but icons are enlisted on the official website.

Final Verdict (Dailylifees.com Reviews)

wrapping up these dailylifees.com reviews we can say that this website is a fraudulent website and fortunately most of the online buyers are not even aware of this website. we advised our readers to stay away from this website and make thorough research before buying anything online.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND buying this product from their website.
We suggest you buy from a big marketplace like AMAZON. If you already bought it please share your review and help others.

64 Reviews

  1. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE!!! Bought quite a few items. Never received anything. No money refund and no items received. Cant find phone number or email. Dont get scammed like I did.

  2. I did not recieve my order of the Outdoor Leisure Balkony Sofa Combination Single Double Rattan Furniture Resort Bird Cage Sofa Bed.I am really pissed about it also!!!! I brought it on May 3,2021 Have not recieved anything not even a pillow case,well they can sh–e it! There are to many bad people in this world and Bill Gates probably owns this company also.

    1. I AGREE W/ Kathy Bond. I ordered that same item for $19.95. I never received the item but I did receive a gray and white plaid pillowcase. Literally the pillowcase no stuffing no anything. I
      Can hear my mother telling me from above, if it’s too good to be true Stephanie, don’t do it!!!
      OK Mom, I can hear you and I will listen from now on
      It’s a SCAM DON’T Order anything from this company

  3. I hate to see so many people scammed in the exact same way I was. Just wanting a nice patio set. But at least I know that I’m not alone. I was lost about the stupid pillowcase & pissed I got no real response about not receiving my items after 2 mons. ( I got a fake email with all Chinese characters). I hope Paypal refund works. Any tips? I had never been scammed before but this js the 2nd time in 2 months. The other was $800 I thought was through Ebay & that one was very tricky. Scammers Are getting smarter & I feel like I’m getting dumber. I’m scared to try any new sites now.

    1. I got Screwed 2 times too!
      Don’t buy anything from a company called
      When I saw another seller was selling the same thing, I ordered one of the Pinecone shaped Leisure Bench with the sheets and pillows.
      Of course, I got SCREWED from that company too!
      Thankfully I’m not out that much, but losing any amount is frustrating!
      Dishonest people disgust me!
      Rochelle Snyder

  4. I hate I fell for this. Too good to be true is what I thought, and yet I got a piece of fabric. I didn’t believe that was the item. It had a bogus address and company name that did not match from the company. BUYER BEWARE… DON’T DO IT!!! STAY AWAY!!

    1. I fell for this scam. There’s so many now and they are getting better and better at ripping people off somehow. If it’s looks to good to be true it is. Stay away

    2. Omg, I bought this swing sounds too good to be true too but I fell for it and they never sent it out. I saw a ads about the item on fb and just remember I bought one and never came in for me. I’m so mad then I research and saw this and now I’m angered.

    3. I also got scammed !!!.. I ordered a balcony sofa and I received pillow cases instead ! I emailed with no reply . So no order , no refund . I wish there was something that could be done !

  5. I have also been scammed I’m furious they shouldn’t get away with scamming people. I ordered a garden chair in April still not received it, and when you email them it gets returned with no response. Shocking

  6. Must be a SCAM. Fake tracking number, can’t reach them by email, item never arrived, money gone

  7. Scam! I got the cheesy little pillowcase as well. I laughed when I opened the bag. Cost me $37 Canadian. Notifying my credit card company.

    I bet they sold thousands of them. And I wonder how many people will get their money back?

    Talk about deceptive advertising. Learned my lesson.

  8. I too got scammed by this site. I got the ugly pillowcase as well. If you email them they don’t answer. This site is definitely BUYER BEWARE. Read through the ads very carefully. The daily deals are not what they seem. READ CAREFULLY. The old saying “IF IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN IT PROBABLY IS” is worth remembering when you are on this site.

  9. Did anybody order the green water slide. How was your experience with it. Was it what it was supposed to be ?

  10. Omg!!! I got screwed too. Fuck that bullshit. I’m so bummed. This is so infuriating. I don’t need the money, I need my birdcage sofa and a whole lot of revenge.

    1. Same here. It’s extremely frustrating and I’m passed off about it.

      1. I never received my order either luckily I paid through PayPal and got my money back. Before I did that I emailed several times no answer

  11. Yes, i also fell for the scam. But after a little investigation I concluded that it was my own stupid fault. I too ordered the daily deal – not realising that there was a drop down button on the side of the ‘flash sale bargain’, if i’d have clicked on there I would have seen that the sofa bed bird cage was actually €888. But to be honest I wanted this ‘bargain’. No mention of any pillowcase.
    I ordered, haha, had an email about a week later confirming my order, bird cage sofa bed pillowcase, which I never even noticed – i was getting a bargain.
    I waited patiently for my delivery, i even paid expedited shipping – hilarious!!
    My doorbell went, i was given a small black plastic bag – i opened it and it was the nastiest, tasteless, not even well made fucking cushion cover – not even a pillow case – and not even in cream!! I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself.
    Yes!! I too had been suckered – thought i was getting a bargain, but was done over by some twat who put pillowcase on the end of the sentence. What pissed me off more was the fact i’d paid extra shipping costs and it hadn’t even came internationally, it was delivered by my local Hermes guy from the Uk.
    I wish I was smart enough to come up with something like this.

    1. Yeah. Also just received the ugly dollar store quality pillow case and no furniture which supposedly weighs 37lbs. Pissed that Facebook allows fraudulent merchants to advertise.
      I have sent three dissatisfaction emails to the company. No response. I will not confirm receipt of the package.

      1. Oh my gosh! That is what I received too and had no idea until now that I paid $29 for a 50 cent piece of fabric

      2. Isn’t it something that FaceBook is so high n mighty that they deny freedom of speech on their site yet allow scammers to rip off their users, I’m done with them. Personally I think that everyone who got ripped off by a company selling on FaceBook should get together and file a class action lawsuit against them.

    2. I got the same ugly zippered cover and an email saying what I ordered had been shipped and another saying it was delivered. I ordered the balcony sofa for $19.99 plus shipping. This is definitely a scam and I’m pissed also. I believe I found the ad on Facebook! We should all post to Facebook about it with lots of shares! And yes, definitely don’t confirm receipt!

    3. Yes the CURSED dailylifees are NOTHING but THIEVES I CURSE them With MISERY For ETERNITY

  12. I am ashamed to admit that I fell for such a scam. I am a single income household and was wanting these things as gifts for people I love! I can barely afford groceries right now, was just thinking of people that have loved me and done so much for me. Now..
    No gifts…no groceries either.

  13. Sneaky GARBAGE waits two months Before they Send the MIDGET dwarf piece of old cloth That Smells like cat piss I ran the address 2700 regent Blvd Irving Texas which turns out to be a amazon warehouse !!!!!!!! I never liked amazon and I Will be DUMPING ebay I BETTER GET A FULL REFUND

  14. Sneaky GARBAGE waits two months Before they Send the MIDGET dwarf piece of old cloth That Smells like cat piss I ran the address 2700 regent Blvd Irving Texas which turns out to be a amazon warehouse !!!!!!!! I never liked amazon and I Will be DUMPING ebay

  15. Same as above. Ordered furniture got pillow case. Ordered through PayPal. Contacting them and changed my PayPal and card passwords.

  16. Item: Outdoor Rattan Bird Cage Sofa Bed Price: $19.99 + 7.99 Shipping
    Date: 4/15/2021 SCAM WARNING ALERT!!! Should have know this was too good to be true! Total Scam! Received a little cloth bag with the same tracking # on it. They don’t respond to e-mails Figured if it was a scam then only out 27.00 so gave it a try. Wish there was a way to stop them.

  17. Scam. Ordered the bird cage sofa bed outdoor lounger and all I got was a pillowcase. Scam all the way around. Bait and switch.

    1. Same here. I ordered the liesure balcony sofa with pillows and cushion and all I got was a measly pillowcase. I figured it was a scam. I already filed a complaint with PayPal. It’s total BS!!!

    2. I ordered the same thing in April and I haven’t received it as of today 7/01/21.
      I’d two got one of those cheap pillowcases, but I did not know where they came from. Now I know. I do know, this is the second scam that I have fallen for. That’s my own fault, I did not review this site before ordering. I can promise you it won’t happen again. The first scam I was told to report to the police. I did. They referred me to the FBI. The FBI called me and got the details. I’m going to turn this over to the FBI And let them handle it. If they need the money so badly that they need to steal, if they can live with it I can live without it. God knows!!!!

  18. TOTAL SCAM! DO NOT ORDER! We wanted the Outdoor Leisure Balcony Sofa Combination Single Double Rattan Furniture Resort Bird Cage Sofa Bed and got a single small pillowcase?? WTF? Phone number does not work, no response to emails. RIPOFF….AVOID!

    1. So DID I

      They messed with the wrong one today I am going to file a formal complaint with the attorney generals office I’m going to blast them on every social media outlet possible!!!!!

    2. I also ordered the same thing and recieved a small pillow case..I’m calling my credit card company..they should be stopped from doing this any further…SCAM SCAM SCAM

  19. Same here! I ordered, and have sent two emails. When the tracking number was received I clicked on it, and nothing. I am waiting another week and if not received I will have Paypal investigate.

    1. Same here. Was it listed on Amazon or Facebook? My tracking number was for usps delivery. It showed a ship date and the date the pillow case was delivered. This is an important lesson for me!

    1. Hey, I placed an order a month ago with dailylifees for a peice of patio furniture and haven’t received the product yet either. I paid through PayPal as well. They should band these sights from social media. They are allowing these scammers to target customers and haven’t blocked them, but will put honest people in Facebook jail for speaking the truth. I’ve sent emails as well and have gotten no response.

      1. I am in the same boat as Sonya. I ordered this Balcony Bird Sofa paid for it with Pay
        Pal, the day I placed the order, April 13, 2021. I have not receive the product at all. This is absolutely a Scam. BEWARE OF this site. My next step is to file a complaint with Pay Pal and try to get my money back.

        1. I’m wondering about Pay Pal . I have a link on PayPal that they insisted I give them to my bank account. I don’t think they are on the up n up, probably knowing of this scam. I thought PayPal was a safe and legit company. Not any more!!

  20. Item: Outdoor Rattan Bird Cage Sofa Bed Price: $19.99 + Shipping
    Date: 4/15/2021 SCAM WARNING ALERT!!! After 9 days, I followed up by sending e-mail but No reply. My bank account has been deducted of the payment. Lesson learned.

    1. I believe I am in the same boat! I have emailed twice and have not received a response.

    2. I ordered this item as well….warning I received a package you could put in the mail box, it contains some kind of cushion cover! Email sent but surprise.. No response!


  21. I ordered and they have not shipped anything. I contacted PayPal for my money back. They refuse to answer any emails at all.

  22. This website Dailylifees com is a scam. Do not buy. I ordered on 15 Feb and still did not receive my order and they have stolen money from my bank account.

    1. Yes, I am joining the crowd that never received my Outdoor Leisure Balcony Sofa. Paid $19.99 and $7.99 shipping. DO NOT ORDER FROM DAILYLIFEES!!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

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